Dr. Elizabeth  Omolola Omotosho
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Dr. Elizabeth Omolola Omotosho

Senior Lecturer
Covenant University, Nigeria

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Covenant University, Nigeria

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Dr. OMOTOSHO Omolola Elizabeth is working as Lecturer II at Covenant University, P.M.B., Idiroko Road, Canaanland, Ota. She is PhD/MD degree holder. Her main area of interests is Biophysical Chemistry, Food and Nutritional Biochemistry. She published 8 research articles in national and international peer-reviewed journals.

Area of Interest:

Physical Biochemistry
Protein Chemistry
Food Chemistry

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Adebayo, A.H., L.B. John-Africa, A.G. Agbafor, O.E. Omotosho and T.O. Mosaku, 2014. Anti-nociceptive and anti-inflammatory activities of extract of Anchomanes difformis in rats. Pak. J. Pharm. Sci., 27: 265-270.
  2. Omotosho, O.E., C.N. Shalom, R.O. Solomon, O.T. Victor and K.O. Okonjo, 2013. Tertiary conformational transition in horse hemoglobin induced by inositol hexakisphosphate. FASEB J., Vol. 27. .
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  3. Omotosho, O.E., 2013. Nigerian Vegetables and Nutraceuticals: Powerful Antioxidant and Functional Properties in Vegetables from West Africa. LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany, ISBN-13: 978-3659359286, Pages: 112.
  4. Omotosho, E.O., S.O. Rotimi, F.C. Onwuka and P. Nwakpa, 2013. Chrysophylum albidum fruit juice reverses erythrocytes ethylene glycol-induced toxicity in male Wistar rats. Ann. Biol. Res., 4: 247-252.
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  5. Odesanmi, O.S., O. Ayepola, O.E. Omotosho, O.O.Ogunlana, F.C. Onwuka and P. Nwakpa, 2013. Influence of ethanolic extracts of Blighia sapida and Xylopia aethiopia co-administration on progesterone, estrogen and lipid profile levels on pregnant rabbits. Acad. J. Scient. Res. Essays, 8: 969-972.
  6. Omotosho, O.E., 2012. Nutritional Effects and Biochemical Studies of food On Rats: Effect of Coagulants on the Nutritional Quality and Biochemical Response of Rats to Food. LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany, ISBN-13: 978-3848426874, Pages: 112.
  7. Rotimi, S.O., O.E. Omotosho and O.A. Rotimi, 2011. Persistence of acidosis in alloxan-induced diabetic rats treated with the juice of Asystasia gangetica leaves. Pharmacogn. Mag., 7: 25-30.
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  8. Omotosho, O.E., G. Oboh and E.E.J. Iweala, 2011. Comparative effects of local coagulants on the nutritive value, in vitro multienzyme protein digestibility and sensory properties of Wara cheese. Int. J. Dairy Sci., 6: 58-65.
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  9. Iweala, E.E.J., I.C. Obichi and O.E. Omotosho, 2011. Biochemical and histological responses of hepatotoxic rats fed Musa paradisiaca L. supplemented diet. Int. J. Pharmacol., 7: 471-477.
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  10. Oboh, G. and O.E. Omotosho, 2005. Effect of types of coagulant on the nutritive value and in vitro multienzyme protein digestibility of Tofu. J. Food Technol., 3: 182-187.
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