Dr. Ngoula  Ferdinand
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Dr. Ngoula Ferdinand

University of Dschang, Cameroon

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Animal Physiology from University of Yaounde I, Cameroon

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Area of Interest:

Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Animal Physiology
Animal Production

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Herman, N.V., N. Ferdinand, N.K.O. Bebe, K. Augustave and N.T. Ghislaine et al., 2017. Oxidative damage and reproductive toxicity associated with antouka super® in male japanese quail (Coturnix sp): The protective effects of hydroethanolic leaves extract of Persea Americana. Annual Res. Rev. Biol., 14: 1-12.
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  2. Herman, N.V., N. Ferdinand, K. Augustave, M.B. Valence and N.T. Ghislaine et al., 2017. Effects of oxidative stress induced by antouka super® (Insecticide) on some reproductive parameters of male japanese quail (Coturnixcoturnix japonica) and mitigation strategies using aqueous leaves extract of Persea Americana. Global Vet., 18: 242-249.
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  3. Ferdinand, N., N.V. Herman, N.K.O. Bebe, K. Augustave and M. Valence et al., 2017. Antouka Super® induced oxidative stress and reproductive toxicity in male Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica). Heliyon, 3: e00410-e00410.
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  4. Ferdinand, N., G.T. Maryvonne, K. Augustave, T.T.C. D'Alex and N. Sandrine et al., 2017. Effects of heat stress on some reproductive parameters of male cavie (Cavia porcellus) and mitigation strategies using guava (Psidium guajava) leaves essential oil. J. Ther. Biol., 64: 67-72.
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  5. Kenfack, A., A.E. Nantia, F. Ngoula, N.B. Vemo, P. Kamtchouing and J. Tchoumboue, 2016. Effects of in utero exposure to chlorpyriphos-ethyl on male rat fertility. Asian J. Pharmacol. Toxicol., 5: 1-6.
  6. Ngoula, F., G.R.K. Ndonfack, A. Kenfack, M.M.M. Chongsi and V.H. Goumtsop et al., 2015. Effects of amprolium (anticoccidial) on some productive and reproductive parameters of rabbit doe (Oryctolagus cuniculus). Jacons J. Agric., 1: 1-5.
  7. Kenfack, A., J.K. Chombong, F. Ngoula, N.B. Vemo and A.M.M. Tsambou et al., 2015. Effect of feeding cottonseed cake on male fertility in rabbit. Bang. J. Anim. Sci., 44: 16-20.
  8. Kenfack, A., F. Ngoula, D.D.P. Dzeufiet, T. Megniemeza and N. Zeukeng et al., 2015. Persistence of the reproductive toxicity of chlorpiryphos-ethyl in male Wistar rat. Asian Pac. J. Reprod., 4: 37-40.
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  9. Kenfack, A., B.N. Vemo, F. Ngoula, F.F. Anyangwe, J.K. Chombong, A.M.M. Tsambou and J. Tchoumboué, 2015. Caractéristiques de la production laitière chez la lapine locale camerounaise (Oryctolagus cuniculus). Livestock Res. Rural Dev., Vol. 27. .
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  10. Tadondjou, C.D., F. Ngoula, J.R. Kana, H.K. Mube and A. Téguia, 2014. Characterization of reproduction of local barred male chicken of the western highlands of Cameroon: Sexual maturity, Fertility and sperm storage term in female. J. Phys. Pharm. Adv., 4: 323-331.
  11. Ngoula, F., Y.P. Djinoutche, A. Kenfack, C.D. Tadondjou and H.R. Zambou et al., 2014. Effets de l’amprolin-300 Ws sur quelques paramètres de croissance et de reproduction chez le lapin mâle (Oryctolagus cuniculus). J. Applied Biosci., 79: 6788-6798.
  12. Ngoula, F., P. Watcho, A. Kenfack, J.M. N’Zouk, H.D. Fualefack, P. Kamtchouing and J. Tchoumboue, 2014. Effects of dimethoate (an organophosphate insecticide) on the reproductive system and fertility of adult male rat. American J. Pharm. Toxicol., 9: 75-83.
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  13. Ngoula, F., D.T. Ngwa, A. Kenfack, H.D.B. Pougoue and W.B. Ojong et al., 2014. Effect of egg yolk concentration in semen extender, pH adjustment of extender and semen cooling methods on bovine semen characteristics. Global Vet., 12: 292-298.
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  14. Kouatcho, F.D., F.C.N. Nsee, F. Ngoula, J.R. Kana and A. Teguia, 2014. Effect of the diet fat type on some biochemical, growth and semen characteristics of Muscovy ducks. Int. J. Innovation Applied Stud., 8: 1462-1469.
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  15. Kouatcho F.D., F. Ngoula, J.R. Kana, T.C.D. Tadondjou and A. Teguia, 2014. Effect of dietary crude protein level on growth parameters and carcass characteristics of quail (Coturnix sp) at starter stage in western highland of Cameroon. Asian Acad. Res. Assoc., 1: 501-514.
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  16. Kenfack, A., F. Ngoula, J.K. Chombong, N.B. Vemo and J.A. Ndukum et al., 2014. Effects of propoxur on male fertility in wistar rat exposed neonatally. Int. J. Reprod. Contraception, Obstetrics Gynecology, 3: 898-902.
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  17. Kana, J.R., F. Ngoula, H. Tchoffo, C.D. Tadondjou, Y. Sadjo, A. Teguia and J.B.G. Ghemenou, 2014. Effect of biocharcoals on hematological parameters in broiler chickens fed aflatoxin B1-contaminated diets. J. Animal Sci. Adv., 4: 939-948.
  18. Fualefac, H.D., N.D. Ndang, J.R. Kana, A. Teguia, F. Ngoula, J. Tchoumboué and Y. Manjeli, 2014. Performance of broilers finisher hens as affected by fermentation duration of Bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranean (L.) Verdc.) meal. Int. J. Agric. For. Fish., 2: 29-34.
  19. Fualefac, H.D., A. Kenfack, F. Ngoula, J. Awah-Ndukum, Z. Manfouo and J. Tchoumboué, 2014. Effect of graded levels of full-fat toasted soya bean meal (Glycsine max) on the performance of grower cane rats (Thryonomys swinderianus) under captivity. Int. J. Sci. Technol., 3: 492-495.
  20. Ferdinand, N., N.S. Christiane, K. Augustave, T.C. D’Alex and K.J. Raphae et al., 2014. Effect of guava (Psidium guajava) leaves essential oil on some reproductive parameters in male guinea pig (Cavia porcellus). Biol. Syst., 3: 1-4.
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  21. Tadondjou, C.D., F. Ngoula, J.R.R. Kana, H.D. Fualefac, H.M. Kuetche and A. Teguia, 2013. Effects of dietary energy level on body weight, testicular development and semen quality of local barred chicken of the Western highlands of Cameroon. Adv. Reproductive Sci., 1: 39-43.
  22. Kenfack, A., F. Ngoula, J.P. Yombi-Malonga, F. Tendonkeng and Y.L. Nyuysemo et al., 2013. Efficiency of alfaprostol in heat and pregnancy synchronization in African dwarf goat (Capra hircus hircus) under extensive management. J. Vet. Adv., 4: 358-363.
  23. Kenfack, A., F. Ngoula, J.P. Yombi-Malonga, F. Tendonkeng and H.D. Fualefac et al., 2013. Prominent signs of oeustrus in the West African Goat. Iran. J. Applied Animal Sci., 3: 791-795.
  24. Fualefac, H.D., J.R. Kana, F. Ngoula, T.C. Keambou, A. Teguia and N. Emene, 2013. Reproductive performance of local rabbit does on sweet potato concentrate meal to forage combinations under tropical conditions. Wayamba J. Animal Sci., 57: 647-653.
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  25. Ngoula, F., T.T. Tebug, A. Kenfack, F.H. Defang, F. Tendonkeng and T.E. Pamo, 2012. Effects of buck age, storage duration, storage temperature and diluent on fresh west african dwarf buck semen. J. Reprod. Infertil., 3: 58-66.
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  26. Ngoula, F., F.A. Kemassong, H.D. Fualefac, A. Kenfack, A. Téguia, and J. Tchoumboué, 2012. Effects of feed supplementation period on some reproductive parameters of female cane rats (Tryonomys swinderianus). Int. J. Livestock Prod., 3: 78-82.
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  27. Fualefac H.D., A. Teguia, F. Ngoula, A.T. Niba and A. Kenfack et al., 2011. Effect of incorporating maize cobs (Zea mais) as a source of crude fïbre on the growth performance of grower rabbits. Sci. Agrononiques Dev., 6: 5-11.
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  28. Ntiendjui L.G., S.A. Tamungang, F. Ngoula, G. Ateufack and J. Tchoumboué, 2009. Effets de la toxicité des pesticides Maneb et Chlorpyriphos Ethyl sur un poisson d’eau douce, Oreochromis niloticus. Int. J. Biol. Chem. Sci., 3: 48-53.
  29. Ngoula, F., Z. Manfouo, A. Kenfack, F. Meutchieye and J. Tchoumboué, 2009. Reproductive performance of captive cane rat in the soudano-guinean highlands of West Cameroon. Archivos de Zootechnia, 58: 441-449.
  30. Ngoula, F., J. Tchoumboué, B. Boukila, L.N. Mbenga and B. Ninzéko et al., 2008. External signs of heats in Djallonke ewes. Bull. Anim. Hlth. Prod. Afr., 56: 144-153.
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