Dr. Mohammed Hamed Mohammed
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Dr. Mohammed Hamed Mohammed

Associate Professor
Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, University of Kordofan, Sudan

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Forestry from Technical University Dresden, Germany

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Area of Interest:

Environmental Sciences
Forest Growth
Yield Modeling
Forest Ecosystem
Strategic Planning

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Mohammed, M., S.O. Tutu, H.E. Adam, A.O. Koli and A.N.O. Abdalla, 2021. Assessment of climate change adaptation strategies and mitigation among agrarian communities in north kordofan, Sudan. J. Ilmu Kehutanan, 15: 42-51.
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  2. Tutu, S.O., H.E. Adam, M.H. Mohammed, A.O. Koli, I.A. Juumma, M.E.S. Eltahir and H.A. Abdelrahman, 2019. Species composition, structure and diversity of woody vegetation at el-salam locality, west kordofan, Sudan.
    Species, 20: 172-180.
  3. Mohamed Hammad, Z. and M. H. Mohammed 2018. Management Practices of Gum Arabic-Producing Trees. In: Gum Arabic: Structure, Properties, Application and Economics, Mariod, A.A. (Ed.), Academic Press, United States, ISBN: 978-0-12-812002-6, pp: 13-21.
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  4. Mohammed, M.H. and S.A. Elelaigy, 2016. Assessment of vegetation cover status in dry lands of North Kordofan State, Sudan, using social and terrestrial data. J. Forest Sci., Vol. 10. .
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  5. Sulieman, H.M. and M.H. Mohammed, 2014. Patterns of woody plant species composition and diversity in Dinder National Park, Sudan. Univ. Kordofan J. Nat. Resour. Environ. Stud., 1: 26-36.
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  6. Zaied, M.B., O.E. Adlan and M.H. Mohammed, 2013. Computer simulation to study deformations and stresses distribution on some Sudanese local wood materials under constant external load. PRO LIGNO, 9: 340-346.
  7. Koli, A.O., A.M. Eltayeb, E.M. Sanjak and M.H. Mohammed, 2013. Socio-economic aspects of gum arabic production in Dalanj area, South Korodofan, Sudan. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 16: 1407-1410.
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  8. Mohammed, M.H. and H. Rohle, 2011. Studying the competition in natural stands of Acacia seyal Del. variety seyal. Forestry, 17: 34-44.
  9. Mohammed, M.H. and H. Rohle, 2011. Gum talha from Acacia seyal Del. variety seyal in South Kordofan, Sudan. Res. J. Forest., 5: 17-26.
  10. Mohammed, M.H. and H. Rohle, 2011. Evaluation of height functions for Acacia seyal Del. variety seyal in natural stands, South Kordofan Sudan. Int. J. Sustain. Agric., 3: 88-96.
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  11. Mohammed, M.H. and H. Roehle, 2011. Analyzing the effect of management strategies on gum talha yield from acacia seyal, South Kordofan, Sudan. J. Forest Sci., 27: 135-141.
  12. Al-Zahrani, H. and S. Al-Robai, 2007. Allelopathic effect of Calotropis procera leaves extract on seed germination of some plants. J. King Abdulaziz Uni.-Sci., 19: 115-126.
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