Mr. Fanta Fufa Gashe

Mr. Fanta Fufa Gashe

Assistant Professor
Jimma University, Ethiopia

Highest Degree
M.Sc. in Pharmaceutics from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

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Mr. Fanta G is an assistant professor of Pharmacy in Jimma University, Ethiopia. He has published more than 12 manuscripts in pharmaceutical and medical sciences. Moreover, a number of students have done researches under his supervision. He won some grants and conducted various researches along with other professionals. He is teaching different pharmaceutics courses. In addition he has actively involved in social activities and community services. He is a member of Red Cross society, family guidance association and Ethiopian pharmaceutical association. He is a coordinator of continuing education of the department and team leader of Pharmaceutics team.

Area of Interest:

Pharmacology and Toxicology
Formulation Development
Preformulation Study
Medicinal Plants
Drug Resistance

Selected Publications

  1. Seifu, M., F. Gashe, A. Jemal, S. Tessema and W. Amelo, 2016. Assessment of the knowledge, attitude and practice of EC and barriers to its use among the antenatal care seekers of Sululta Health Centers, Oromia region, Ethiopia. Int. J. Sci. Rep., 2: 29-35.
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  2. Kassahun, A., F. Gashe, E. Mulisa and W.A. Rike, 2016. Nonadherence and factors affecting adherence of diabetic patients to anti-diabetic medication in Assela General Hospital, Oromia Region, Ethiopia. J. Pharm. Bioallied. Sci., 8: 124-129.
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  3. Yenesew, A., F. Gashe and R. Tatiparthi, 2015. Prevalence of non-adherance and its associated factors of hypertensive patients at Jimma University Specialized Hospital in Southwest Ethiopia. Indian J. Health Sci., 8: 18-23.
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  4. Worku, M. and F. Gashe, 2015. Non Adherence of Antidepressant Drugs and Their Effect on Relapse and Recurrence of Depression. Pharmanest, 6: 2760-2764.
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  5. Midaksa, B., F. Gashe, M.W.M. Anshebo and R. Yarlagadda, 2015. Labeling and Patient Knowledge of Dispensed Drugs as Patient Care Indicators in Adulala Health Center Outpatient Pharmacy, Adulala, Ethiopia. J. Appl. Pharma. Sci., 5: 45-51.
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  6. Mekuria, A., D. Kebebe, R.R. Tathpati and F. Gashe, 2015. Misunderstandings of dosage instructions in Dilla Referral Hospital in Ethiopia. Med. Data, 7: 27-31.
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  7. Mekonnin, D. and F. Gashe, 2015. Evaluation of Prophylactic Use of Cotrimoxazole for People Living with HIV/AIDS. Int. J. Pharm. Teach. Pract., 6: 1598-1602.
  8. Krishna, S.R. and F.G. Fufa, 2015. Preparation and evaluation of piroxicam tablets by direct compression method employing prepared lactose-starch and lactose-sucrose directly compressible vehicles. Int. J. Pharm. Technol., 6: 7896-7900.
  9. Getahun, H. and F.G. Fufa, 2015. Emergency Contraception: Awareness, Knowledge, Attitude and Practice among Female University Students in South-East Ethiopia. Res. Rev. J. Pharmacol., .
  10. Fufa, F.G., D. Mirkano and R. Tipathi, 2015. Prescription pattern and potential drug-drug interactions of anthypertensive drugs in a general hospital, south Ethiopia. Cucurova Med. J., 40: 698-706.
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  11. Fikadu, M., D. Kebebe, W. Amelo and F. Gashe, 2015. Drug Utilization Pattern and Potential Teratogenicity Risk among Pregnant Women Visiting Antenatal Clinic: The Case of a Primary Hospital. Indian J. Pharm. Pract., 8: 27-33.
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  12. Feyissa, B. and F. Gashe, 2015. Utilization pattern of antibiotics in urinary tract infection patients in Jimma Hospital, Ethiopia. Albania Med. J., 2: 14-19.
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  13. Erba, B., W. Amelo, G. Zeleke and F. Gashe, 2015. Assessment of dispensing practice and quality of pharmaceutical service in various drug retail outlet. Med. Data, 7: 195-199.
  14. Gashe, F., A. Belete and T. Gebre-Mariam, 2012. Evaluation of Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activities and formulation studies on the leaf extracts of Psidieum guajava L. Ethiopian Pharma. J., 28: 131-142.
  15. Gashe, F. and F. Worku, 2008. Ethno-pharmacological survey of medicinal plants used for the treatment of human diseases in Abay-Chomen District, Eastern Wollega Zone, Western Ethiopia. Ethiopian J. Health, 17: 131-146.