Mr. Melaku Tafese Awulachew
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Mr. Melaku Tafese Awulachew

Ethiopian institute of Agricultural research, Ethiopia

Highest Degree
M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

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B.Sc. in Chemical engineering specialization of Process engineering from Adama science and Technology University and MSc. in Chemical engineering specialization of Food engineering from Addis Ababa institute of technology of Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.

Researcher| Ethiopian institute of agricultural research.

Area of Interest:

Food Science and Nutrition

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Awulachew, M.T., 2021. Fruit jam production. Int. J. Food Sci., Nutr. Diet., 10: 532-537.
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  2. Awulachew, M.T., 2021. Food product shelf stability overview of sourdough-risen flatbread. J. Food Technol. Nutr. Sci., Vol. 3. 10.47363/jftns/2021(3)123.
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  3. Awulachew, M.T., 2021. A systematic review of encapsulation and control release technology in food application. Int. J. Agric. Sci. Food Technol., 7: 292-296.
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  4. Awulachew, M.T., 2021. A survey of kocho processing practice and challenges to scientific developments. Adv. Nutr. Food Sci., 6: 65-71.
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  5. Awulachew, M.T., 2021. A review of non-gluten components in gluten-free bread characteristics keep the dough`s baking quality and viscoelastic qualities. Adv. Nutr. Food Sci., 6: 72-76.
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  6. Awulachew, M.T., 2020. Understanding basics of wheat grain and flour quality. J. Health Environ. Res., 10.11648/j.jher.20200601.12.
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  7. Awulachew, M.T., 2020. Teff (eragrostis abyssinica) and teff based fermented cereals: review article. J. Health Environ. Res., 6: 1-9.
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  8. Awulachew, M.T., 2020. Overview to potential sources, soil salinization and expansion level of lake basaka, central rift valley region of Ethiopia. J. Water Resour. Ocean Sci., 9: 71-76.
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  9. Awulachew, M.T., 2020. Evaluation of proximate composition and sensory quality acceptability of Ethiopian flat bread (<i>Injera</i>) prepared from composite flour, blend of maize, Teff and Sorghum. Int. J. Food Eng. Technol., 4: 18-24.
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  10. Melaku T.A., 2019. Environmental impact on processing quality of wheat grain. International Journal of Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics 02: 1-8.
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  11. Awulachew, M.T., 2019. Energy recovery from solid waste for Nazareth/Adama City, Ethiopia. Int. J. Energy Environ. Sci., 4: 35-46.
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  12. Awulachew, M.T., 2019. Effects of blended fertilizer (nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and boron) rates on yield, yield components and grain quality of crop, (durum wheat). Acta Sci. Agric., 3: 91-99.
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