Mr. Teklu Gebretsadik Wana
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Mr. Teklu Gebretsadik Wana

Associate Researcher
Southern Agricultural Research Institute, Hawassa, Ethiopia

Highest Degree
M.Sc. in Natural Resource Economics and Policy from Hawassa University, Ethiopia

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Area of Interest:

Agricultural Sciences
Natural Resource Management
Food and Nutrition Sciences
Environmental Economics

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Gebretsadik, T., B. Bekele and A. Tera, 2017. Demonstration and participatory evaluation of different honey bee queen rearing techniques at Ramada station of Shebedino Woreda, Sidama Zone, SNNPR, Ethiopia. Int. J. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 2: 18-21.
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  2. Gebretsadik, T., 2017. Enhancing rural food security and conserving natural environment through improved Beekeeping in Asano Koto Watershed, Ethiopia. Eur. J. Agric. For. Res., 5: 35-48.
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  3. Wana, T.G., 2016. A review on the causes for the loss of major fishes and prospects for future research in Ethiopia. J. Biol. Agric. Healthcare, 6: 30-40.
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  4. Gebretsadik, T.W., 2016. Survey on honeybee pests and predators in Sidama and Gedeo Zones of Southern Ethiopia with emphasis on control practices. Agric. Biol. J. North Am., 7: 173-181.
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  5. Gebretsadik, T., D. Negash, B. Zeleke, T. Berhanu, A. Tera and T. Zema, 2016. A review on swine production system and its status in Ethiopia: Challenges and future prospective. Int. J. Nutr. Agric. Res., 3: 93-99.
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  6. Gebretsadik, T., 2016. Theories of unemployment and its application in Ethiopia: A review. IJRDO-J. Agric. Res., 2: 37-55.
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  7. Gebretsadik, T., 2016. Causes for biodiversity loss in Ethiopia: A review from conservation perspective. J. Nat. Sci. Res., 6: 32-40.
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  8. Gebretsadik, T. and D. Negash, 2016. Honeybee production system, challenges and opportunities in selected Districts of Gedeo Zone, Southern nation, nationalities and peoples regional state, Ethiopia. Int. J. Res. Granthaalayah, 4: 49-63.
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  9. Debara, M. and T. Gebretsadik, 2016. Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practice of the local community on watershed management at Kindo Koysha Woreda of Wolayta Zone, Southern Ethiopia. Int. J. Community Dev., 4: 74-84.
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  10. Hadush, M., 2015. The role of community based watershed management for climate change adaptation in Adwa, Central Tigray Zone. Int. J. Weather Clim. Change Conserv. Res., 1: 11-35.
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