Dr. Wanzila Usyu Mutinda
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Dr. Wanzila Usyu Mutinda

Pwani University, Kenya

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from Pwani University, Kenya

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Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences
Biological Sciences
Biotechnological Applications
Chronic Disease

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Mbato, P.A., W.U. Mutinda, N.K. Maritim and N.E. Odongo, 2023. Free-range production system can improve bone strength in broilers. Int. J. Poult. Sci., 22: 119-125.
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  2. Bwana, M.O., L.W. Njagi, P.N. Nyaga, P.G. Mbuthia and L.C. Bebora et al., 2018. Stinging nettle and neem enhance antibody response to local killed and imported live infectious bursal disease vaccines in indigenous chicken in Kenya. Poult. Sci., 97: 447-454.
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  3. Bwana, M.O., L.W. Njagi, P.N. Nyaga, P.G. Mbuthia and L.C. Bebora et al., 2017. Effects of different infectious Bursal disease vaccination regimes on biochemical and haematological parameters of indigenous chicken in Kenya. Livest. Res. Rural Dev., Vol. 29, No. 5. .
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  4. Mutinda, W.U., P.N. Nyaga, L.C. Bebora and P.G. Mbuthia, 2016. Vaccination against infectious Bursal disease fails to yield protective antibody titers in chickens in Kwale Kenya. Kenya Veterinarian, 39: 33-33.
  5. Mutinda, W.U., L.W. Njagi, P.N. Nyaga, L.C. Bebora and P.G. Mbuthia et al., 2015. Isolation of infectious bursal disease virus using indigenous chicken embryos in Kenya. Int. Scholarly Res. Notices, Vol. 2015. 10.1155/2015/464376.
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  6. Mutinda, W.U., P.N. Nyaga, P.G. Mbuthia, L.C. Bebora and G. Muchemi, 2014. Risk factors associated with infectious bursal disease vaccination failures in broiler farms in Kenya. Trop. Anim. Health Prod., 46: 603-608.
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  7. Mutinda, W.U., P.N. Nyaga, L.W. Njagi, L.C. Bebora and P.G. Mbuthia, 2013. Gumboro disease outbreaks cause high mortality rates in Indigenous chickens in Kenya. Bull. Anim. Health Prod. Afr., 61: 571-578.
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