Dr. Dimitrios Bilalis
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Dr. Dimitrios Bilalis

Assistant Professor
University of Athens, Greece

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Organic Agriculture from Agricultural University of Athens, Greece

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Area of Interest:

Plant and Soil Sciences
Organic Agriculture
Soil Biology
Soil Management

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Bilalis, D., S. Patsiali, A. Karkanis, A. Konstantas and M. Makris et al., 2010. Effects of cultural system (organic and conventional) on growth and fiber quality of two cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) varieties. Renewable Agric. Food Syst., 25: 228-235.
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  2. Bilalis, D., P. Papastylianou, A. Konstantas, S. Patsiali, A. Karkanis and A. Efthimiadou, 2010. Weed-suppressive effects of maize-legume intercropping in organic farming. Int. J. Pest Manage., 56: 173-181.
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  3. Bilalis, D., A. Karkanis, V. Triantafyllidis, A. Ladavos and D. Bizos et al., 2010. Effects of organic and inorganic fertilization on growth, yield and nicotine content of flue-cured and oriental tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) seedlings grown in organic and conventional float system. J. Food Agric. Environ., 8: 585-589.
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  4. Efthimiadou, Α., D. Bilalis, A. Karkanis, B. Froud-Williams and I. Eleftherochorinos, 2009. Effects of cultural system (organic and conventional) on growth, photosynthesis and yield components of sweet corn (Zea mays L.) under semi-arid environment. Not. Bot. Horti. Agrobot. Cluj., 37: 104-111.
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  5. Efthimiadou, A., A. Karkanis, D. Bilalis and P. Efthimiadis, 2009. Review: The phenomenon of crop-weed competition; a problem or a key for sustainable weed management. Int. J. Food Agric. Environ., 7: 861-868.
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  6. Dellaporta, L., E. Vavoulidou-Theodorou, D. Bilalis and I.E. Tzortzi, 2009. Effects of alluminum soil content, on earthworm`s bioaccumulation on organic fields. Proceeding of the 2nd International Conference on Environmental Management, Engineering, Planning and Economics, June 21-26, Mykonos Island, Greece, pp: 173-176.
  7. Bilalis, D., P. Kanatas, S. Patsiali, A. Konstantas and K. Akoumianakis, 2009. Comparison between conventional and organic floating systems for lettuce and tomato (Lactuca sativa and Lycopersicon esculentum) seedling production. Int. J. Food Agric. Environ., 7: 623-628.
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  8. Bilalis, D., N. Sidiras, E. Vavoulidou and A. Konstantas, 2009. Earthworm populations as affected by crop practices on clay loam soil in a mediterranean climate. Acta Scand. Plant Soil, 59: 440-446.
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  9. Bilalis, D., I. Stathis, A. Konstantas and S. Patsiali, 2009. Comparison between HACCP and ISO 22000 in Greek organic food sector. J. Food Agric. Environ., 7: 237-242.
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  10. Bilalis, D., A. Karkanis, A. Efthimiadou, A. Konstantas and V. Triantafyllidis, 2009. Effects of irrigation system and green manure on yield and nicotine content of virginia (flue-cured) organic tobacco (Nicotiana tabaccum), under Mediterranean conditions. Ind. Crops Prod., 29: 388-394.
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  11. Papatheohari, Y., D. Bilalis, E. Alexopoulou, P. Papastylianou and C. Avgoulas, 2008. Effect of different rates of inorganic fertilization on some agronomic characteristics with emphasis in roots and yield in four flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) varieties. J. Food Agric. Environ., 6: 256-259.
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  12. Bouchagier, P., A. Efthimiadou, A. Katsileros, D. Bilalis and P. Efthimiadis, 2008. Adverse effect of bermudagrass on physiological and growth components of cotton. J. Agron., 7: 49-55.
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  13. Akoumianakis, Κ. and D. Bilalis, 2008. Production of certified tomatoes, peppers and eggplants with reference to existing legislation. Eur. J. Plant Sci. Biotechnol., 2: 74-87.
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  14. Karkanis, A., D. Bilalis and A. Efthimiadou, 2007. Tobacco (Nicotiana tabaccum) infection by branched broomrape (Orobanche ramosa) as influenced by irrigation system and fertilization, under east Mediterranean conditions. J. Agron., 6: 397-402.
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  15. Karkanis, A., D. Bilalis and A. Efthimiadou, 2007. The effect of green manure and irrigation on morphological and physiological characteristics of virginia (Flue-Cured) organic tobacco (Nicotiana tabaccum). Int. J. Agric. Res., 2: 910-919.
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  16. Triantafyllidis, V., D. Bilalis, D. Hela, P. Dimopoulos, T. Albanis and A. Efthimiadou, 2006. Combination effect of soil slope and rimsulfuron action on weed flora and phytotoxicity on maize crop under mediterranean conditions. Int. J. Food Agric. Environ., 4: 167-170.
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  17. Hadjigeorgiou, Ι., V. Sagou, D. Sagos, D. Bilalis and N. Moustakas, 2006. A comparative study of organic lupine and fava bean crops in a Mediterranean environment. Proceeding of the Organic Farming and Rural Development, May 2006, Odense, Denmark, pp: 262-263.
  18. Bilalis, D., N. Sidiras, I. Kakampouki, A. Efthimiadou, Y. Papatheohari and P. Thomopoulos, 2005. Effects of organic fertilization on maize/legume intercrop in a clay loam soil and mediterranean climate-Can the Land Equivalent Ratio (LER) index be used for root development? J. Food Agric. Environ., 3: 117-123.
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