Dr. Vladimir  Miklic
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Dr. Vladimir Miklic

Principal Researcher
Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops, Serbia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Agriculture from University of Novi Sad, Serbia

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Area of Interest:

Plant and Soil Sciences
Plant Genetics
Vegetable Crops
Seed Production
Plant Breeding

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Urumbayev, K., V. Miklic, U. Almishev and J. Ovuka, 2017. Testing of some ns-sunflower hybrids in the northeast of kazakhstan. Helia, 40: 211-222.
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  2. Balalic, I., A. Marjanovic-Jeromela, J. Crnobarac, S. Terzic, V. Radic, V. Miklic and D. Jovicic, 2017. Variabilty of oil and protein content in rapeseed cultivars affected by seeding date. Emir. J. Food. Agric., 29: 404-410.
  3. Kaya, Y., I. Balalic and V. Miklic, 2015. Eastern Europe Perspectives On Sunflower Production And Processing. In: Sunflower: Chemistry, Production, Processing, and Utilization. Martínez-Force, E., N.T. Dunford and J.J. Salas, AOCS Press, Urbana, USA,ISBN 978-1-893997-94-3 PP:575-638,.
  4. Hladni, N., V. Miklic, S. Jocic, M. Kraljevic-Balalic and D. Skoric, 2014. Mode of inheritance and combining ability for plant height and head diameter in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.). Genetika, 46: 159-168.
  5. Canak, P., M. Jockovic, M. Ćiric, M. Mirosavljevic and V. Miklic, 2014. Effect of seed priming with various concentrations of KNO3 on sunflower seed germination in in vitro drought conditions. Res. Crop., 15: 154-158.
  6. Vujakovic, M., V. Radic, V. Miklic, D. Jovicic, S. Baleševic-Tubic, J. Mrđa and D. Skoric, 2012. Seed dormancy of hybrids and parent linesof sunflower (Helianthus annuus l.). Helia, 35: 111-118.
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  7. Terzic, S., J. Atlagic, I. Maksimovic, T. Zeremski, M. Zoric, V. Miklic and I. Balalic, 2012. Genetic variability for concentrations of essential elements in tubers and leaves of Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.). Sci. Hortic., 136: 135-144.
  8. Mrđa, J., J. Crnobarac, V. Radic and V. Miklic, 2012. Sunflower seed quality and yield in relation to environmental conditions of production region. Helia, 35: 123-134.
  9. Miklic, V., J. Mrda, R. Modi, S. Jocic, N. Dušanic, N. Hladni and D. Miladinovic, 2012. Effect of location and harvesting date on yield and 1,000-seed weight of different sunflower genotypes. Roman. Agric. Res., 29: 219-225.
  10. Brankovic, G., I. Balalic, M. Zoric, V. Miklic, S. Jocic and G. Surlan-Momirovic, 2012. Characterization of sunflower testing environments in Serbia. Turk. J. Agric. For., 36: 275-283.
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  11. Mrđa, J., J. Crnobarac, N. Dusanic, S. Jocic and V. Miklic, 2011. Germination energy as a parameter of seed quality in different sunflower genotypes. Genetika, 43: 427-436.
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  12. Jocic, S., G. Malidža, S. Cvejic, N. Hladni, V. Miklic and D. Skoric, 2011. Development of sunflower hybrids tolerant to tribenuron methyl. Genetika, 43: 175-182.
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  13. Hladni, N., S. Terzic, V. Miklic, S. Jocic, M.K. Balalic and D. Skoric, 2011. Gene effect, combining ability and heterosis in sunflower morphophysiological traits. Helia, 34: 101-114.
  14. Hladni, N., S. Jocic, V. Miklic, D. Saftic-Pankovic and M. Kraljevic-Balalic, 2011. Interdependence of yield and yield components of confectionary sunflower hybrids. Genetika, 43: 583-594.
  15. Cvejic, S., R. Afza, S. Jocic, S. Prodanovic, V. Miklic, D. Skoric and S. Dragin, 2011. Radiosensitivity of sunflower inbred lines to mutagenesis. Helia, 34: 99-108.
  16. Balalic, I., M. Zoric, V. Miklic, S. Terzic and V. Radic, 2011. Non-parametric stability analysis of sunflower oil yield trials. Helia, 34: 67-78.
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  17. Mrda, J., J. Crnobarac, N. Dusanic, V. Radic, D. Miladinovic, S. Jocic and V. Miklic, 2010. Effect of storage period and chemical treatment on sunflower seed germination. Helia, 33: 199-206.
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  18. Jocic, S., S. Cvejic, N. Hladni, D. Miladinovic and V. Miklic, 2010. Development of sunflower genotypes resistant to downy mildew. Helia, 33: 173-180.
  19. Hladni, N., S. Jocic, V. Miklic, Z. Sakac and D. Skoric, 2010. Assessment of quality of new Rf inbred lines resistant to broomrape rase E (Orobanche cumana Wallr.) developed from H. Deserticola by interspecific hybridization. Helia, 33: 155-164.
  20. Hladni, N., S. Jocic, V. Miklic, A. Mijic, D. Saftic-Pankovic and D. Skoric, 2010. Effect of morphological and physiological traits on seed yield and oil content in sunflower. Helia, 33: 101-116.
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  21. Dimitrijevic, A., I. Imerovski, D. Miladinovic, S. Tancic, N. Dusanic, S. Jocic and V. Miklic, 2010. Use of SSR markers in identification of sunflower isogenic lines in late generations of backcrossing. Helia, 33: 191-198.
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  22. Radic, V., M. Vujakovic, A. Marjanovic-Jeromela, J. Mrda, V. Miklic, N. Dusanic, I. Balalic, 2009. Interdependence of sunflower seed quality parameters. Helia, 32: 157-164.
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  23. Hladni, N., S. Jocic, V. Miklic, D. Saftic-Pankovic and D. Skoric, 2009. Using new rf inbred lines originating froman interspecific population withh. deserticola for development of sunflower  hybrids resistant to broomrape. Helia, 32: 81-90.
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  24. Hladni, N., D. Skoric, M. Kraljevic-Balalic, Z. Sakac and V. Miklic, 2007. Heterosis for agronomically important traits in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.). Helia, 30: 191-198.
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  25. Jocic, S., N. Lacok, V. Miklic, D. Skoric and Y. Griveau, 2004. Testing two isolates of diaporthe phomopsishelianthi in a population of sunflowerrecombinant inbred lines. Helia, 27: 129-136.
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  26. Vasic, D., D. Skoric, G. Alibert and V. Miklic, 2001. Micropropagation of helianthus maximiliani (Schrader) by shoot apex culture. Helia, 24: 63-68.
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  27. Miklic, V., N. Dusanic, J. Crnobarac and J. Joksimovic, 2001. Effect of time of desiccation on oil content in different sunflower hybrids. Helia, 24: 95-104.
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  28. Doi, T., K. Yoshida, Y. Tamai, K. Kono, K. Naito and T. Ono, 1999. Modeling and feedback control for vibratory feeder of electromagnetic type. J. Rob. Mechatron., 11: 367-373.
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