Dr. Mosad Zineldin
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Dr. Mosad Zineldin

Department of Medicine and Optometry, Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Health and Medicine from Stockholm University, Sweden

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Dr. Mosad Zineldin is a Professor at Faculty of Health and Life Sciences-Department of Medicine and Optometry. He have a multidisciplinary background in Health Science, Psychology, sexology, medical, psychiatry studies, etc. His Major research interest was/is about how to reduce medical errors, improve medical and healthcare quality and increase patient safety. He is working at Linnaeus University-Sweden since 15 years and Taught at Stockholm University for many years.

His latest major research interests and publications are on Cognitive and Bran Reserve Interventions to reduce the risk of Dementia; Preventive medicine and Divorce on Physical and Mental Health; Brain Arteriovenous Malformations (BAVMs) and Endovascular Catheter Embolization; e.health and digitalization of medical and health education.

Has held many visiting professor appointments in several countries at many high ranked Universities such as George Town University in USA, Beijing Normal University and Shanghai Universities in China and Universities in France, Italy, Netherlands, etc. He is International Expert in university accreditation and establishing of higher education quality assurance systems.

He is head of an international academic group to develop a new master program in among others Applied Health Sciences in some Arab countries in cooperation with universities in Sweden, Italy, Slovakia and Czech Republic as well as a master program in Applications of Nano- Technologies.

Engaged in a considerable number of research and consulting activities. Responsible for a number of EU projects in medical and health sciences, quality assurance in higher education and curricula development. Has participated in different international conferences as a presenter and a keynote speaker. Organizer and chairman of different international conferences.

Wrote and published several books and numerous articles in many different international journals. He has invented new concepts, models and theories related to medical and health sciences such as 5qs model (5 qualities model) which is empirically tested and verified in medical and health sector and education sectors by many worldwide students, researchers and scholars at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Technologicalship relationships (e.everything) is a pioneer invention since 2000 there he was argues that almost all kind of relationships (e.g. between functions, people, organizations, patients and healthcare sittings, etc) will be based on technology . His published work (2014) on new approaches of reducing medical errors has been awarded with highly rated and excellent scientific research. TRM is also another concept of his inventions which is a holistic multifunctional perspectives of how to control and manage any kind of interrelations which are often impacted and impacting by different internal (controllable) and external (non-controllable) variables.

Area of Interest:

Medical Sciences
Public Health
Stress Physiology
Infectious Diseases

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Zineldin, M., T. Hassan and V. Vasicheva, 2020. Emotional support and its medical and healthcare implications: a mind and body approach. J. Med. Sci., 20: 60-65.
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  2. Zineldin M., 2019. Tcs is to blame: the impact of divorce on physical and mental health. International Journal of Preventive Medicine 10: 141-141.
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  3. Zineldin M. and V. Vasicheva, 2019. Patient emotional support and healthcare organisational performance and effectiveness. International Journal of Work Organisation and Emotion 10: 19-19.
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  4. Zineldin M. and V. Vasicheva, 2019. Patient emotional support and healthcare organisational performance and effectiveness. Int. J. Work Organ. Emotion, 10: 19-27.
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  5. Zineldin, M., 2018. Cognitive and brain reserve (CBR) tools to reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer. Adv. Alzheimer's Dis., 7: 93-102.
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  6. Zineldin M., 2017. Transformational leadership behavior, emotions, and outcomes: health psychology perspective in the workplace. Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health 32: 14-25.
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  8. Zineldin M., J. Zineldin and V. Vasicheva, 2014. Approaches for reducing medical errors and increasing patient safety: trm, quality and 5 qs method. The TQM Journal 26: 63-74.
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  9. Zineldin M. and V. Vasicheva, 2014. The implementation of trm philosophy and 5qs model in higher education - an exploratory investigation at a swedish university. Nang Yan Business Journal 1: 65-75.
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  10. Zineldin M. and M. Amsteus, 2014. Negativity hurts your style? a study of leaders' negative emotions and their leadership style. International Journal of Work Organisation and Emotion 6: 327-327.
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  11. Zineldin M. and A. Hytter, 2012. Leaders' negative emotions and leadership styles influencing subordinates' well-being. The International Journal of Human Resource Management 23: 748-758.
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