Dr. Puteri Nor Ellyza binti Nohuddin
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Dr. Puteri Nor Ellyza binti Nohuddin

Research Scientist
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Liverpool, UK

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Area of Interest:

Computer Sciences
Time Series Mining
Social Network Mining
Software Engineering
Computer Application

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Sharip, R.M., P.N.E. Nohuddin, N.H. Radzi, M.A.U. Amir and Ching, 2016. An analysis of energy mix in peninsular Malaysia in line with the Malaysia's existing energy policy. J. Eng. Technol., 7: 49-64.
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  2. Noor, N.F.M., O. Zakaria and P.N. Nohuddin, 2016. A proposed framework to control rumour propagation on twitter for critical national information infrastructure (CNII) organisations. Int. J. Software Eng. Comput. Syst., 2: 1-9.
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  3. Nohuddin, P.N.E., Z. Zainol and M.A.U. Amir, 2016. Trend cluster analysis of wave data for renewable energy. Adv. Sci. Lett. J., .
  4. Nohuddin, P.N.E, Z. Zainol, F.C. Kuan, A. Nordin, S. Marzukhi and M.T. James, 2016. Keyword based clustering technique for collections of hadith chapters. Int. J. Islamic Applic. Comput. Sci. Technol., .
  5. Nohuddin, P., F. Coenen and R. Christley, 2016. The application of social network mining to cattle movement analysis: Introducing the predictive trend mining framework. Social Network Anal. Min., Vol. 6. 10.1007/s13278-016-0353-x.
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  6. Alkhred, F., P.N.E. Nohuddin, Z. Zainol and O. Zakaria, 2016. Sharing explicit knowledge: Designing a peacekeeping operation databank. Adv. Sci. Lett. J., .
  7. Noor, N.F.M., O. Zakaria and P.N. Nohuddin, 2014. Semantic attack through social media: A case study of the employees provident fund (EPF). Zulfaqar Int. J. Defence Sci. Eng. Technol., Vol. 1. .
  8. Noor, N.F.M., O. Zakaria and P.N. Nohuddin, 2014. Rumour propagation on twitter: A case of Malaysian critical national information infrastructure (CNII) organisations. Infrastruct. Univ. Kuala Lumpur Res. J., 2: 51-56.
  9. Nohuddin, P.N., W. Sunayama, R. Christley, F. Coenen and C. Setzkorn, 2014. Trend mining in social networks: From trend identification to visualization. Expert Syst., 31: 457-468.
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  10. Nohuddin, P.N.E., M.R.M. Isa and M.A.M. Shukran, 2012. Information technology knowledge management in Malaysian armed forces. J. Convergence Inform. Technol., 7: 178-184.
  11. Nohuddin, P.N., F. Coenen, R. Christley, C. Setzkorn, Y. Patel and S. Williams, 2012. Finding ''interesting'' trends in social networks using frequent pattern mining and self organizing maps. Knowledge-Based Syst., 29: 104-113.
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