Dr. Chua  Kein Huat
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Dr. Chua Kein Huat

Assistant Professor
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Engineering from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia

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Area of Interest:

Power Components
Power Cycles
Power Over Fiber
Atomic Force Microscopy

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Chok, E.T., Y.S. Lim and K.H. Chua, 2019. Novel fuzzy-based control strategy for standalone power systems for minimum cost of electricity in rural areas. Sustainable Energy Technol. Assess., 31: 199-211.
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  2. Lim, Y.S., E.T. Chok, K.H. Chua, K.H. Chua and S.M.S. Liew, 2018. Innovative fuzzy controller on island power systems with energy storage and renewable for minimum fuel consumption. Int. J.Electr. Electr. Eng. Telecommun., 7: 38-42.
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  3. Lim, Y.S., K.H. Chua and J. Wong, 2017. GHG Emissions: Drivers, Sources and Impacts, Nova Publishers, USA. ISBN: 978-1-53612-191-9,.
  4. Lee C.H., Y.S. Lim and C.K. Huat, 2017. Active control strategy of energy storage system for reducing maximum demand charges under limited storage capacity. J. Energy Eng., Vol 143 .
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  5. Chua, K.H., Y.S. Lim and S. Morris, 2017. A novel fuzzy control algorithm for reducing the peak demands using energy storage system. Energy, 122: 265-273.
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  6. Chua, K.H., Y.S. Lim and J.X. Chew, 2017. Economic assessment of standby diesel generator for peak reduction in commercial and industrial buildings: A case study in Malaysia. J. Electr. Sci. Technol., 15: 400-406.
  7. Kein H.C., Y.S. Lim and M. Stella, 2016. Energy storage system for peak shaving. Int. J. Energy Sect. Manag., 10: 3-18.
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  8. Lim, K.Y., Y.S. Lim, J. Wong and K.H. Chua, 2015. Distributed energy storage with real and reactive power controller for power quality issues caused by renewable energy and electric vehicles. J. Energy Eng., Vol 142. .
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  9. Chua, K.H., Y.S. Lim and S. Morris, 2015. Cost-benefit assessment of energy storage for utility and customers: A case study in Malaysia. Energy Convers. Manage., 106: 1071-1081.
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  10. Chua, K.H., Y.S. Lim, P. Taylor, S. Morris and J. Wong, 2012. Energy storage system for mitigating voltage unbalance on low-voltage networks with photovoltaic systems. IEEE Trans. power delivery, 27: 1783-1790.
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  11. Chua, K.H., Y.S. Lim, J. Wong, P. Taylor, Morris, E. and S. Morris, 2012. Voltage unbalance mitigation in low voltage distribution networks with photovoltaic systems. J. Electr. Sci. Technol., 10: 1-6.
  12. Chua, K.H., W.P. Hew, C.P. Ooi, C.Y. Foo and K.S. Lai, 2011. “A comparative analysis of PI, fuzzy logic and ANFIS speed control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor”. Int. J. Electr. Electr. Eng. Technol., 1: 10-22.