Dr. Jajang Sauman Hamdani
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Dr. Jajang Sauman Hamdani

Padjadjaran University, Indonesia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Horticulture Production from Padjadjaran Univerisity, Indonesia

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Area of Interest:

Plant and Soil Sciences
Horticulture Production
Vegetable Production
Crops Science

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Qosim, W.A., Y. Yuwariah, J.S. Hamdani, M. Rachmadi and S.M. Perdani, 2016. Effect of ethyl methane sulphonate mutagent to shoot regeneration on two genotypes derived from purwakarta and pandeglang. J. Hort., 25: 9-14.
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  2. Mariana, M. and J.S. Hamdani, 2016. Growth and yield of Solanum tuberosum at medium plain with application of paclobutrazol and paranet shade. Agric. Agric. Sci. Procedia, 9: 26-30.
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  3. Hamdani, J.S., Sumadi, Y.R. Suradinata and L. Martin, 2016. [Effects of shading and plant growth regulator on growth and yield of potato Atlantik cultivar planted in medium altitude]. Jurnal Agronomi Indonesia, 44: 33-39, (In Indonesian).
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  4. Arifin, H.R., I.S. Setiasih and J.S. Hamdani, 2016. Effect of glycerol addition to the coating characteristics edibel gel, aloe (aloe vera). J. Aplikasi Teknologi Pangan, 5: 6-10.
  5. Suradinata, Y.R. and J.S. Hamdani, 2015. Effect of paclobutrazol and 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) application on rose (Rosa hybrida L.). Asian J. Agric. Res., 9: 69-76.
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  6. Hamdani, J.S. and Y.R. Suradinata, 2015. Effects of row intercropping system of corn and potato and row spacing of corn on the growth and yields of Atlantic potato cultivar planted in medium altitude. Asian J. Agric. Res., 9: 104-112.
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  7. Suradinata, Y.R., R. Rahman and J.S. Hamdan, 2013. Paclobutrazol application and shading levels effect to the growth and quality of Begonia (Begonia rex-cultorum) cultivar Marmaduke. Asian J. Agric. Rural Dev., 3: 566-575.
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  8. Hidayat, C., D.H. Arief, A. Nurbaity and J. Sauman, 2013. Rhizobacteria selection to enhance spore germination and hyphal length of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in vitro. Asian J. Agric. Rural Dev., 3: 199-204.
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