Dr. Wulan Tri Wahyuni
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Dr. Wulan Tri Wahyuni

Department of Chemistry, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of Indonesia, Indonesia

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I finished my PhD in chemistry on 2015 from University of Indonesia. On 2014 I joint sandwich program at Keio University Japan. Since 2012, I work as lecturer at Department of Chemistry Bogor Agricultural University

Area of Interest:

Separation Science
Analytical Chemistry

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Wahyuni, W.T., I. Batubara and D.Y. Tambunan, 2017. Antibacterial and teeth biofilm degradation activity of curcuma aeruginosa essential oil. J. Bio. Sci., 17 : 84-90.
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  2. Wahyuni, W.T., B.R. Putra, C. Harito, D.V. Bavykin and F.C. Walsh et al., 2017. Electroanalysis in 2D-TiO2 nanosheet hosts: Kinetic selectivity effects in ferroceneboronic acid-saccharide binding. Electroanalysis. 10.1002/elan.201700617.
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  3. Mufarriqoh, N.M., W.T. Wahyuni and B.R. Putra, 2017. Detection of vitamin B1 (thiamine) using modified carbon paste electrodes with polypyrrole. IOP Conf. Seri. Earth Environ. Sci., 58: 1-11.
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  4. Wahyuni, W.T., A.I. Tribidasari, S. Endang and E. Yasuaki, 2016. Development of neuraminidase detection using gold nanoparticles boron-doped diamond electrodes. Anal. Biochem., 497: 68-75.
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  5. Batubara, I., T.W. Wulan and S. Mieke, 2016. Antibacterial activity of zingiberaceae leaves essential oils against spteptococcus mutans and teeth-biofilm degradation. Int. J. Pharm. Bio. Sci., 7: 111-116.
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  6. Wahyuni, W.T., A.I. Tribidasari, K.J. Prastika, S. Endang, G. Jarnuzi and E. Yasuaki, 2015. Electrochemical behavior of zanamivir at gold-modified boron-doped diamond electrodes for an application in neuraminidase sensing. Electrochem., 83: 357-362.
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  7. Wahyuni, W.T., K.D. Latifah and H.W. Aji, 2014. Optimization and validation of high performance liquid chromatographic fingerprint of phyllanthus niruri. Indonesian J. Chem., 14: 168-173.
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  8. Syaefudin, W.T. Wahyuni, I.M. Artika and Sulistiyani, 2014. Antioxidant activity of flavonoid from Guazuma ulmifolia Lamk. leaves and apoptosis induction in yeast cells. J. Biol. Sci., 14: 305-310.
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  9. Sulistiyani, S. Falah, W.T. Wahyuni, T. Sugahara, S. Tachibana and Syaefudin, 2014. Cellular mechanism of the cytotoxic effect of extracts from Syzygium polyanthum leaves. Am. J. Drug Discov. Dev., 4: 90-101.
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  10. Darusman, L.K., T.W. Wulan and A. Farahdina, 2013. Acetylcholinesterase Inhibition and Antioxidant Activity of Syzygium cumini, S. aromaticum, and S. polyanthum from Indonesia. J. Biol. Sci., 13: 412-416.
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  11. Darusman, L.K., R. Mohamad, T.W. Wulan and A. Rizna, 2012. First order ultraderivative spectrophotometric methods for determination of reserpine in antihypertension tablet. Indonesian J. Chem., 12: 268-272.