Dr. Chairul Mahmud
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Dr. Chairul Mahmud

Universitas Andalas, Indonesia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Ecology from Kagoshima University, Japan

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Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences
Ecological Zoology
Forest Ecology
Plant Pathology

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Zakaria, I.J., A. Yanti, A. Arbain and Chairul, 2016. Study of Dinoflagellate species in the waters of Bayur Gulf and Bungus Gulf, Padang City, West Sumatera, Indonesia: Diversity and morphological variations. Asian J. Applied Sci., 4: 906-919.
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  2. Vauzia, Syamsuardi, M. Chairul and A. Syarif, 2016. Stomata characteristics and chlorophyll content in two plant species regenerating with sprout and seeds after burning at Peat Swamp Forest in Batang Alin-Indonesia. J. Chem. Pharmacetut. Res., 8: 356-361.
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  3. Murni, P., Syamsuardi, Nurainas, E. Mansyah and Chairul, 2016. Genetic variability and out-crossing rate in open pollinated Duku 'Kumpe' (Lansium parasiticum (osbeck) K.C.Sahni & Bennet.), a potential type of duku from Jambi, Indonesia. Der Pharmacia Lettre, 8: 185-191.
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  4. Goembira, F., C. Mahmud and A. Fitriani, 2015. Study on the potential of land utilization for energy plantation as biodiesel feedstock: Case study of Andalas University campus at Limau Manis. J. Agron., 14: 146-151.
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  5. Chairul, T.Y. and J. Yamauchi, 2010. Phenological study on a tropical secondary forest in west Sumatra, Indonesia. Tropics, 18: 211-220.
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  6. Chairul and T. Yoneda, 2006. Leaf longevity of tropical shrub species in an open forest in Sumatra. Tropics, 15: 201-207.
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  7. Chairul, T.Y., 2002. Comparative study on decomposition of leaf litter between a warm-temperate evergreen oak forest and a tropical rain forest. Tropics, 11: 59-68.
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  8. Yoneda, T., S. Nishimura and Chairul, 2000. Impacts of dry and hazy weather in 1997 on a tropical rainforest ecosystem in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Ecol. Res., 15: 63-71.
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