Mr. Jumadi Muhammadong
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Mr. Jumadi Muhammadong

Universitas Dayanu Ikhsanuddin, Indonesia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Community Nutrition and Public Health from Hasanuddin University, Indonesia

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Area of Interest:

Public Health
Human Ecology
Population Genetics
Health Behavior

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Muhammadong, J., R. Malimpo, D. Karim, Y. Muriman and A.T. Mahmud, 2023. Determinants of stunting children under five of age during the COVID-19 in the working area of the Liwuto-Primary Public Health Center, Baubau City-Indonesia: A community-based unmatched case–control study. Open Access Maced. J. Med. Sci., 11: 70-75.
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  2. Muhammadong, J., 2023. Iron biofortified mize: A new strategy improving body weight of anemic wistar. Curr. Perspect. Agric. Food Sci., 2: 118-126.
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  3. Muhammadong, J., S. Sirajuddin, M.N. Djide and A. Mallongi, 2021. Improving body weight of female Wistar rats anemia by using iron biofortified maize. Curr. Res. Nutr. Food Sci., 9: 184-189.
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  4. Muhammadong, J., S. Sirajuddin, M.N. Djide and A. Mallongi, 2020. Erythrocyte formation rate in wistar anemia induced 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine through intake maize biofortified iron. Open Access Maced. J. Med. Sci., 8: 468-471.
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  5. Jumadi, S. Sirajuddin, M.N. Djide and A. Mallongi, 2019. Root inoculation with Pseudomonas putida IFO 14796 for improving iron contents in maize grain. J. Food Resour. Sci., 10.3923/jfrs.2019.1.5.
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  6. Jumadi, W.O.A. Azis, Barfila and H. Mimi, 2016. Macroinvertebrates analysis and assesment water pollution of Baubau river, Southeast Sulawesi-Indonesia. Int. J. Curr. Res., 8: 25970-25974.
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  7. Jumadi, W.O.A. Azis and Nursinta, 2016. Total coliform and pollution index of water from domestic wells in umalaoge village-buton regency-Southeast Sulawesi-Indonesia. Am. Scient. Res. J. Eng. Technol. Sci., 15: 177-185.
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  8. Moazzami, A., V. Hosseinitoudeshkr and M.H.N. Gheidari, 2012. Evaluating the gypsum solubility mechanism beside salt in the structure of storage dams. Ecol. Environ. Conservation, 18: 739-748.