Dr. Ifo  Suspense Averti
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Dr. Ifo Suspense Averti

Assistant Professor
Universite Marien Ngouabi, Congo

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Forest Ecology from Marien Ngouabi University, Congo

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Area of Interest:

Plant and Soil Sciences
Forest Ecology
Functional Ecology
Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Eucalyptus Plantations

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Ifo, S.A., F. Koubouana, S. Binsangou, A. Parfait and B. Marcelle, 2017. Amount of soil carbon stock within primary and secondary forest in the North of the Republic of Congo. Sustainability Environ., 2: 159-170.
  2. Dargie, G.C., S.L. Lewis, I.T. Lawson, E.T. Mitchard, S.E. Page, Y.E. Bocko and S.A. Ifo, 2017. Age, extent and carbon storage of the central Congo Basin peatland complex. Nature, 542: 86-90.
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  3. Koubouana, F., S.A. Ifo, J.M. Moutsambote and R. Mondzali-Lenguiya, 2016. Floristic diversity of forests of the Northwest Republic of the Congo. Open J. For., 6: 386-403.
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  4. Ifo, S.A., J.M. Moutsambote, F. Koubouana, J. Yoka and S.F. Ndzai et al., 2016. Tree species diversity, richness and similarity in intact and degraded forest in the tropical rainforest of the Congo basin: Case of the forest of Likouala in the Republic of Congo. Int. J. For. Res. 10.1155/2016/7593681.
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  5. Hansen, M.C., A. Krylov, A. Tyukavina, P.V. Potapov and S. Turubanova et al., 2016. Humid tropical forest disturbance alerts using Landsat data. Environ. Res. Lett., Vol. 11. http://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1748-9326/11/3/034008/meta.
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  6. Koubouana, F., S.A. Ifo, J.M. Moutsambote, R.R.F. Banzouzi and A. Akobe et al., 2015. Structure and flora tree biodiversity in Congo basin: Case of a secondary tropical forest in southwest of Congo-Brazzaville. Res. Plant Sci., 3: 49-60.
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  7. Ifo, S.A., F. Koubouana, D. Nganga, Y. Bocko and A. Mantota, 2015. Fine roots dynamics in a tropical moist forest: Case of two forest Groves in the Congo basin. Baltic Forestry, 21: 204-211.
  8. Ifo, A.S., F. Koubouana, C. Jourdain and D. Nganga, 2015. Stock and flow of carbon in plant woody debris in two different types of natural forests in Bateke Plateau, Central Africa. Open J. For., 5: 38-47.
  9. Ekoungoulou, R., S. Niu, J.J. Loumeto, S.A. Ifo and Y.E. Bocko et al., 2015. Evaluating the carbon stock in above-and below-ground biomass in a moist central African forest. Applied Ecol. Environ. Sci., 3: 51-59.
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  10. Liu, X., R. Ekoungoulou, J.J. Loumeto, S.A. Ifo, Y.E. Bocko and F.E. Koula, 2014. Evaluation of carbon stocks in above-and below-ground biomass in Central Africa: Case study of Lesio-louna tropical rainforest of Congo. Biogeosci. Dis., 11: 10703-10735.
  11. Ekoungoulou, R., X. Liu, S.A. Ifo, J.J. Loumeto and F. Folega, 2014. Carbon stock estimation in secondary forest and gallery forest of Congo using allometric equations. Int. J. Sci. Technol. Res., 3: 465-474.
  12. Ekoungoulou, R., X. Liu, J.J. Loumeto, S.A. Ifo, Y.E. Bocko, E.K. Fleury and S. Niu, 2014. Tree allometry in tropical forest of Congo for carbon stocks estimation in above-ground biomass. Open J. For., 4: 481-491.
  13. Ekoungoulou, R., X. Liu, J.J. Loumeto and S.A. Ifo, 2014. Tree above-and below-ground biomass allometries for carbon stocks estimation in secondary forest of Congo. J. Environ. Sci. Toxicol. Food Technol., 8: 9-20.
  14. Mbile, P., F. Stolle, G. Boundzanga, L. Mane and J. Loumeto et al., 2013. Readiness for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation under uncertain, national circumstances. Int. J. Ecol. Dev., 24: 27-48.
  15. Ifo, A. and D. Nganga, 2011. Litterfall, accumulation and decomposition in the forest groves established on savannah in the plateau Teke, central Africa. J. Environ. Sci. Technol., 4: 601-610.
  16. Casale, P. and D. Margaritoulis, 2010. Sea Turtles in the Mediterranean: Distribution, Threats and Conservation Priorities. IUCN, Switzerland, ISBN-13: 9782831712406, Pages: 294.
  17. Epron, D., Y. Nouvellon, P. Deleporte, S. Ifo and G. Kazotti et al., 2006. Soil carbon balance in a clonal Eucalyptus plantation in Congo: Effects of logging on carbon inputs and soil CO2 efflux. Global Change Biol., 12: 1021-1031.