Mr. Fudou  Zhang
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Mr. Fudou Zhang

Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China

Highest Degree
M.Sc. in Agriculture from Yunnan Agricultural University, China

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Area of Interest:

Plant and Soil Sciences
Seed Biochemistry
Plant Adaptation
Ecological Indicators
Green Farming

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Zhang, F.D., G.F. Xu, T.L. Li, D.Y. Tao, P. Xu and Y.H. Zhang, 2011. Allelopathy and weed-suppression of Oryza longistaminata under water-nitrogen interactions in the field. Acta Agron. Sin., 37: 170-176.
  2. Zhang, F., T. Li, G. Xu, D. Wu and Y. Zhang, 2011. Comparative analysis of growth types and reproductive characteristics of Mikania micrantha. Chin. Bull. Bot., 46: 59-66.
  3. Zhang, F.D., G.F. Xu, Q.L. Shan, D. Wu, T.L. Li and Y.H. Zhang, 2010. Interactive effects between four phenolic allelochemicals with butachlor on barnyard grass. J. Nanjing Agric. Univ., 33: 62-66.
  4. Xu, G.F., F.D. Zhang, T.L. Li, D. Wu and Y.H. Zhang, 2010. Induced effects of exogenous phenolic acids on allelopathy of a wild rice accession (Oryza longistaminata, S37). Rice Sci., 17: 135-140.
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  5. Xu, G., F. Zhang, T. Li, Q. Shan, Y. Zhang and D. Wu, 2010. Biological characteristics, influence on growth of wheat and its economical threshold of Phalaris paradoxa L. and Phalaris minor Retz. Sci. Agric. Sin., 43: 4409-4417.
  6. Shen, S., A. Wilkes, J. Qian, L. Yin, J. Ren and F. Zhang, 2010. Agrobiodiversity and biocultural heritage in the Dulong valley, China: Impacts of and responses to the sloping land conversion program. Mountain Res. Dev., 30: 205-211.
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  7. Xu, G.F., F.D. Zhang, T.L. Li, Y. Zhang and Y.H. Zhang, 2009. Allelopathy of 5 associated species on Mikania micrantha H.B.K. S. China J. Agric. Sci., 22: 1439-1443.
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  8. Xu, G.F., F.D. Zhang, T.L. Li, Y. Zhang and Y.H. Zhang, 2009. Allelopathic autotoxicity effects of Mikania micrantha HBK and its ecological significance. Acta Agric. Boreali-Sin., 24: 220-225.
  9. Zhang, F.D., T.L. Li, Q.L. Shan, Y.Q. Guo, P. Xu, F.Y. Hu and D.Y. Tao, 2008. Weed-suppression ability of Oryza longistaminata and Oryza sativa. Allelopathy J., 22: 345-352.
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  10. Shan, Q., F. Zhang, T. Li and H. Yu, 2008. Study on the toxicity and selectivity of herbicides to Rumex nepalensis. Southwest China J. Agric. Sci., 21: 608-612.
  11. Zhang, F.D., T. Li and D. Wu, 2005. Application technique of control Eupatorium odoratum L. with Glyphosate and 2,4-D butylaet. Chin. J. Pesticides, 44: 565-567.
  12. Zhang, F., Y. Guo and Y. Zhu, 2005. Evaluation of rice cultivars in suppression of barnyardgrass and reducing rates of herbicides applied. Southwest China J. Agric. Sci., 18: 50-54.
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  13. Yiqing, G., Z. Fudou, T.  Dayun, Y.  Liuqing and G. David, 2005. Preliminary studies on the allelopathic potential of wild Rice (Oryza) germplasm. Allelopathy J., 15: 13-20.
  14. Zhang, F., Y. Guo and L. Yu, 2004. The study on bioassay for rice allelopathy to barnyardgrass. J. Huazhong Agric. Univ., 23: 203-207.
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  15. Zhang, F., Y. Guo and L. Yu, 2004. Evaluation and detection of the resistance effect of wild Rice (O.ryza) and african cultivars germplasm on barnyardgrass. Acta Crop Sci., 30: 1144-1148.
  16. Guo, Y., F. Zhang and D. Tao, 2004. A preliminary study on wild rice germplasm naturally suppresses barnyardgrasss. Southwest China J. Agric. Sci., 17: 295-298.
  17. Zhang, F., Y. Guo and L. Liu, 2003. Study on weeds occurrence and technique of chemic controlling in Yunnan tobacco planting area. Chin. J. Pesticides, 42: 33-36.
  18. Guo, Y. and F. Zhang, 2003. The influence of soil moisture on the bioactivity of soil-applied herbicides. Southwest China J. Agric. Sci., 17: 77-81.
  19. Zhang, F., Y. Guo and T. Li, 2002. The effect of soil moisture on weed control efficacy of triazine herbicides and the optimal scheme. Acta Phytophylacica Sin., 29: 177-182.
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  20. Zhang, F., Y. Guo and H. Xu, 2000. The effect of soil moisture on different solubility herbicides. J. Huazhong Agric. Univ., 19: 437-441.
  21. Zhang, F., Y. Guo and T. Li, 1999. Study on application technique of controlling dry rice seeding weeds with Pendimethalin. Pesticides, 38: 13-16.
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