Mr. Xiaoying  Duan
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Mr. Xiaoying Duan

Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China

Highest Degree
MS in Chinese Medicine from Henan University of Science and Technology, Henan, China

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Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences
Drug Discovery
Cancer Research

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Niu, X., J. Shi and X. Duan, 2018. Quality evaluation of shuwei mixture based on multi-index constituents. Herald Med., 37: 1396-1400.
  2. Niu, X., J. Lu, G. Sun, X. Duan and L. Xu, 2018. Establishment of HPLC fingerprints of total flavonoid extract from epimediumbrevicornu and content determination of 8 components. China Pharm., 29: 3376-3380.
  3. Jing, L.U., X.J. Niu and X.Y. Duan, 2018. Simultaneous determination of six constituents in Tuiyin mixture by HPLC. Chinese Trad. Patent Med., 40: 1093-1096.
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  4. Duan, X., X. Xin, H. Zhai, X. Niu, P. Pan and L. Xu, 2018. Optimization of ethanol extraction process of Panax quinquefolium L. based on analytic hierarchy process and multi index uniform experiment. China J. Chinese Med., 33: 1318-1321.
  5. Duan, X., X. Liu, C. Wu and H. Zhang, 2018. Optimization of extraction process of radix notoginseng by uniform test. Acta Chinese Med., 33: 2171-2173.
  6. Duan, X., P. Pan, H. Zhai, X. Niu, L. Fan and L. Xu, 2018. Optimization of extraction and purification of polysaccharide from Panax quinquefolium L. J. Jinan Univ. (Natural Sci. Med.), 39: 87-92.
  7. Duan, X., L. Fan, Q. Ma, X. Niu, J. Guo and L. Xu, 2018. Optimization of extraction and purification process of total triterpenoids of ganodermalucidum. Trad. Chinese Med. Res., 31: 59-63.
  8. Duan, X., J. Guo, Q. Ma, J. Lu, X. Xin and L. Xu, 2018. 2018. Studies on extraction and purification of polysaccharide from Ganoderma lucidum. Lishizhen Med. Mater. Med. Res., 29: 58-60.
  9. Duan, X., H. Xing, X. Liu and Y. Peng, 2018. Optimization of spray drying process for JiangtangTongluo granules. Chinese Trad. Patent Med., 40: 2317-2320.
  10. Duan, X., Q. Jia and Y. Hao, 2017. Comparison of release mechanism in vitro of Paeonol. Indirubin Borneol Yukuimo, 35: 1823-1826.
  11. Niu, X., J. Lu, X.Y. Duan and L.R. Xu, 2016. Quality evaluation of flavonoids in Herba epimedii based on cluster analysis. China J. Trad. Chinese Med. Pharm., 31: 2386-2389.
  12. Niu, X., H. Zhang, X. Liu, W. Zhang and X. Duan, 2016. Optimization of water extraction technology for Shenqi Yiqi capsules with multi-index comprehensive score-orthogonal test. China Pharm., 27: 3139-3141.
  13. Duan, X., S. Fan, J. Ping, M. Niu and H. Han, 2016. Study on extraction technology of Changkuining microtablets of biological adhesion for targetng colon. Lishizhen Med. Mater. Med. Res., 27: 1634-1637.
  14. Duan, X., M. Niu, Y. Yan, Y. Hao, S. Fan and H. Han, 2016. Purification process on total flavonoids of Flos Chrysanthemi Indici. China J. Chinese Med., 31: 567-569.
  15. Duan, X., M. Niu, J. Ping and S. Fan, 2016. Study on quality standards of Changkuining Bioadhesive Colon-Specific Minitablets. China J. Chinese Med., 319: 250-254.
  16. Duan, X., H. Han, Y. Hao, H. Zhang, S. Fan and M.X. Niu, 2016. Compare in vitro release mechanism of picroside and borneol in Yukui one-way release membrane. Lishizhen Med. Materiamedica Res., 27: 1124-1126.