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Dr. Tinghuai Ma

Kyung Hee University, South Korea

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Computer Software and Theory from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China

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Dr. Tinghuai Ma is currently working as Professor at Nanjing University of Information & Science Technology, China. He has completed his Ph.D. in Computer Software and Theory from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China. His main area of interest focuses on Data Mining, Social Computing, Privacy preserving, and Cloud Computing. He has published 45 research articles in journals as well as 30 conference papers contributed as author/co-author.

Area of Interest:

Computer Sciences
Software Engineering
Data Mining
Cloud Computing

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Zhang, Y., T. Ma, J. Cao and M. Tang, 2016. K-anonymisation of social network by vertex and edge modification. Int. J. Embedded Syst., .
  2. Tinghuai, M.A., Y. Wang, M. Tang, J. Cao, Y. Tian, A. AlDhelaan and M. Al-Rodhaan, 2016. LED: A fast overlapping communities detection algorithm based on structural clustering. Neurocomputing, .
  3. Ma, T., H. Rong, C. Ying, Y. Tian, A. Al Dhelaan and M. Al Rodhaan, 2016. Detect structural-connected communities based on BSCHEF in C-DBLP. Concurrency Comput. Pract. Exp., 28: 311-330.
  4. Lv, Y., T. Ma, M. Tang, J. Cao, Y. Tian, A. Al Dhelaan and M. Al Rodhaan, 2016. An efficient and scalable density-based clustering algorithm for datasets with complex structures. Neurocomputing, 171: 9-22.
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  5. Xue, Y., S. Zhong, T. Ma and J. Cao, 2015. A hybrid evolutionary algorithm for numerical optimization problem. Intell. Autom. Soft Comput., 21: 473-490.
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  6. Tinghuai, M.A., Z. Jinjuan, T. Meili, T. Yuan, A.D. Abdullah, A.R. Mznah and L.E.E. Sungyoung, 2015. Social network and tag sources based augmenting collaborative recommender system. IEICE trans. Inf. Syst., 98: 902-910.
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  7. Tian, W., T. Ma, Y. Zheng, X. Wang, Y. Tian, A. Al Dhelaan and M. Al Rodhaan, 2015. Weighted curvature-preserving PDE image filtering method. Comput. Math. Appl., 70: 1336-1344.
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  8. Ma, T., Y. Zhang, J. Cao, J. Shen, M. Tang, Y. Tian, A. Al Dhelaan, M. Al Rodhaan, 2015. KDVEM: a k-degree anonymity with vertex and edge modification algorithm. Comput., 97: 1165-1184.
  9. Ma, T., Y. Lu, S. Shi, W. Tian, X. Wang and D. Guan, 2015. Data resource discovery model based on hybrid architecture in data grid environment. Concurrency Comput. Pract. Exp., 27: 507-525.
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  10. Jin, C., T. Ma, R. Hou, M. Tang, Y. Tian, A. Al Dhelaan and M. Al Rodhaan, 2015. Chi-square statistics feature selection based on term frequency and distribution for text categorization. IETE J. Res., 61: 351-362.
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  11. Bo, Z., Z. Yu, Z. Zhengyu, N. Ying and M. Tinghuai, 2015. Automatic reconstruction of cross-cut chinese documents using information quantity. J. Comput. Aided Des. Comput. Graphics, 27: 1039-1046.
  12. Zou, L., T. Ma and J. Yang, 2014. A replica selection algorithm in data grid. Inf. Technol. J., 13: 32-41.
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  13. Ying Hua, L., M. Ting Huai, Z. Shui Ming, C. Jie, W. Xin and A. Al Dhelaan, 2014. Improved locality-sensitive hashing method for the approximate nearest neighbor problem. Chin. Phys. B, .
  14. Xu, Y., T. Ma, M. Tang and W. Tian, 2014. A survey of privacy preserving data publishing using generalization and suppression. Appl. Math. Inf. Sci., 8: 1103-1116.
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  15. Ma, T., Y. Chu, L. Zhao and O. Ankhbayar, 2014. Resource allocation and scheduling in cloud computing: policy and algorithm. IETE Tech. Rev., 31: 4-16.
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  16. Ma, T., L. Li, S. Ji, X. Wang, Y. Tian, A. Al Dhelaan and M. Al-Rodhaan, 2014. Optimized laplacian image sharpening algorithm based on graphic processing unit. Phys. A Stat. Mech. Appl., 416: 400-410.
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  17. Ma, T., C. Wu, W. Tian and W. Shen, 2014. The performance improvements of highly-concurrent grid-based server. Simul. Modell. Pract. Theory, 42: 129-146.
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  18. Guan, D., W. Yuan, T. Ma and S. Lee, 2014. Detecting potential labeling errors for bioinformatics by multiple voting. Knowledge Based Syst., 66: 28-35.
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  19. Ma, T., Q. Yan, W. Tian, D. Guan and S. Lee, 2013. Replica creation strategy based on quantum evolutionary algorithm in data gird. Knowledge-Based Syst., 42: 85-96.
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  20. Ma, T., H. Cao, J. Wang, W. Tian and K.W. Dickson, 2013. Optimization of large scale of files transfer in meteorological grid. Int. J. Grid Distrib. Comput., 6: 25-34.
  21. Lu, Y., T. Ma, C. Yin, X. Xie, W. Tian and S.M. Zhong, 2013. Implementation of the fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm in meteorological data. Int. J. Database Theory Appl., 6: 1-18.
  22. Li, L., S. Ji, T. Ma and J. Wang, 2013. A circle-based data dissemination algorithm for wireless sensor networks with mobile sink. Int. J. Smart Home, 7: 35-46.
  23. Ma, T., S. Shi, H. Cao, W. Tian, J. Wang, 2012. Review on grid resource discovery: models and strategies. IETE Tech. Rev., 29: 213-222.
  24. Ma, T., D. Guan, S. Lee and H. Cao, 2012. An efficient distributed weather data sharing system based on agent. Int. Arab J. Inf. Technol., 9: 170-178.
  25. Wang, J., T. Ma, J. Cho and S. Lee, 2011. An energy efficient and load balancing routing algorithm for wireless sensor networks. Comput. Sci. Inf. Syst., 8: 991-1007.
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  26. Ma, T.H., W. Tian, B. Wang, D.H. Guan and S.Y. Lee, 2011. Weather data sharing system: an agent-based distributed data management. Software IET, 5: 21-31.
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  27. Ma, T., W. Tian, D. Guan and S. Lee, 2011. Quantizing personal privacy in ubiquitous computing. Trans. Internet Inf. Syst., 5: 1653-1667.
  28. Ma, T., S. Yan, J. Wang and S. Lee, 2011. Privacy preserving in ubiquitous computing: Classification & hierarchy. Comput. Sci. Inf. Syst., 8: 1185-1206.
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  29. Ma, T., Q. Yan, W. Xuan and B. Wang, 2011. A comparative study of quantum evolutionary algorithm and particle swarm optimization for numerical optimization problems. Int. J. Digital Content Technol. Appl., 5: 182-190.
  30. Ma, T., Q. Yan, W. Liu, D. Guan and S. Lee, 2011. Grid task scheduling: algorithm review. IETE Tech. Rev., 28: 158-167.
  31. Ma, T., Q. Yan, W. Liu and C. Mengmeng, 2011. A survey on grid task scheduling. Int. J. Comput. Appl. Technol., 41: 303-309.
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  32. Guan, D., T. Ma, W. Yuan, Y.K. Lee and A.M.J. Sarkar, 2011. Review of sensor-based activity recognition systems. IETE Tech. Rev., 28: 418-433.
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  33. Zhao, Y., T. Ma and F. Liu, 2010. Research on index technology for group-by aggregation query in XML cube. Inform. Technol. J., 9: 116-123.
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  40. Ma, T., J. Leng, M. Cui and W. Tian, 2009. Inducing positive and negative rules based on rough set. Inform. Technol. J., 8: 1039-1043.
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