Dr. Feng Tian
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Dr. Feng Tian

Post-doctoral Fellow
China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, China

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Clinical and Post-Marketing Methodology from China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, China

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Area of Interest:

Clinical Methodology
Post-Marketing Methodology

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Xie, Y.M., X. Liao and F. Tian, 2013. Translation and introduction of the guide on methodological standards in pharmacoepidemiology. China J. Chinese Materia Med., 38: 2949-2957.
  2. Xie, Y.M. and F. Tian, 2013. Regulations and guidelines should be strengthened urgently for Re-evaluation on Post-marketing medicines in China. Chinese J. Integrative Med., 19: 483-487.
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  3. Xie, Y.M. and F. Tian, 2013. Interpretation on the guideline on good pharmacovigilance practices for the European Union. China J. Chinese Materia Medica, 38: 2963-2968.
  4. Li, Y., Y. Qin, Y. Xie, F. Tian, 2013. Grouped penalization estimation of the osteoporosis data in the traditional Chinese medicine. J. Applied Stat., 40: 699-711.
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  5. Zhou, X.H., S.L. Li, F. Tian, B.J. Cai and Y.M. Xie et al., 2012. Building a disease risk model of osteoporosis based on traditional Chinese medicine symptoms and western medicine risk factors. Stat. Med., 31: 643-652.
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  6. Zhou, X.H., B. Chen, Y.M. Xie, F. Tian, H. Liu and X. Liang, 2012. Variable selection using the optimal ROC curve: An application to a traditional Chinese medicine study on osteoporosis disease. Stat. Med., 31: 628-635.
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  7. Yang, W., D.H. Yi, Y.M. Xie and F. Tian, 2012. Statistical identification of syndromes feature and structure of disease of western medicine based on general latent structure model. Chinese J. Integrative Med., 18: 850-861.
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  8. Xie, Y., J. Li, Q. Cui, W. Lv and D. Yi et al., 2012. Analysis on risk factors of postmenopausal women with High-risk of osteoporosis based on multinomial logit model. World Sci. Technol.-Modern. Traditional Chinese Med., 14: 1835-1840.
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  9. Xie, Y., B. Cai, F. Tian, D. Yi and Z. Yu et al., 2012. Establishment of a discriminant model for 40-65 years old postmenopausal osteoporosis women based on generalized partial linear model. Chinese J. Health Stat., 29: 837-839.
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  10. Tian, F., Y.M. Xie, D.H. Yl, K. Yu, S. Kang, J.P. Li and Q.R. Cui, 2012. Reliability and validity analysis on risk factor and syndrome questionnaire of postmenopausal osteoporosis in 40-65 years' old women. Chinese J. Basic Med. Traditional Chinese Med., 18: 609-611.
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  11. Tian, F., Y. Xie, S. Li, D. Yi and K. Yu et al., 2012. A screening tool for community high risk population with postmenopausal osteoporosis based on TCM theory. J. Traditional Chinese Med., 53: 1012-1015.
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  12. Tian, F., J. Du, Y.M. Xie, Y. Pei and H. Liu et al., 2012. Reliability analysis of 40-65 years old women osteoporosis risk factors and TCM syndromes questionnaire based on generalizability theory. China J. Traditional Chinese Med. Pharmacy, 27: 193-195.
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  13. Liao, X., Y.M. Xie, F. Tian and H. Shen, 2012. Overview of design, implementation and analysis of comparative effectiveness research China. J. Chinese Materia Medica, 38: 930-936.
  14. Xie, Y., Y. Wang, F. Tian and Y. Wang, 2011. Basic requirements on post-marketing clinical Re-evaluation of chinese medicine and phase IV clinical trials. China J. Chinese Materia Med., 36: 2764-2767.
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  15. Xie, Y., W. Yang, F. Tian, D.H. Yi and K. Yu et al., 2011. Latent tree model analysis on TCM syndrome factors of primary osteoporosis among 40-65 years old women. Chinese J. Basic Med. Traditional Chinese Med., 17: 731-734.
  16. Tian, F., Y. Fu and Y. Xie, 2011. Discussion on methods of sample size estimation in conducting clinical reevaluation of postmarketing Chinese medicine. China J. Chinese Materia Med., 36: 1097-1102.
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  17. Tian, F. and Y. Xie, 2011. Research on postmenopausal osteoporosis related risk factors, prediction models and screening tools. Chinese J. Osteoporosis, 17: 166-171.
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  19. Xie, Y. and F. Tian, 2010. Translation and introduction of European Union's pharmacovigilance system of medicinal products for human use. Chinese Traditional Patent Med., 32: 119-122.
  20. Xie, Y. and F. Tian, 2010. A discussion of key issues on Post-marketing reevaluation of Chinese medicine. China J. Chinese Materia Med., 35: 1494-1497.
  21. Tian, F. and Y.M. Xie, 2010. Real-world study: A potential new approach to effectiveness evaluation of traditional Chinese medicine interventions. J. Chinese Integrative Med., 8: 301-306.
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  22. Tian, F. and Y. Xie, 2010. Thought and suggestions on development of stroke rehabilitation. Modern J. Integrated Traditional Chin. Western Med., 19: 1483-1486.
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