Dr. Md. Rostom Ali
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Dr. Md. Rostom Ali

Department of Farm Power and Machinery, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Agricultural Science from Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Bangladesh

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Area of Interest:

Plant and Soil Sciences
Agricultural Biology
Farm Machinery
Production Agriculture
Protected Cultivation

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Noby, M.M., M.K. Hasan, M.R. Ali, C.K. Saha, M.M. Alam and M.M. Hossain, 2018. Performance evaluation of modified BAU self-propelled reaper for paddy. J. BAU, 16: 171-177.
  2. Chowdhury, M., M.R. Ali, M.D. Hussain and A. Ishida, 2018. Present status and future opportunity of agar cultivation in Bangladesh. DIWPA Lett., 38: 4-9.
  3. Ali, M.H., M.H. Islam, M.S. Huda and M.R. Ali, 2018. Arsenic removal from drinking water using wood charcoal. Fund. Applied Agric., 3: 591-595.
  4. Kiran, I.K.M., M.A. Awal and M.R. Ali, 2017. Development and performance evaluation of a battery operated small-scale reaper. Agric. Eng. Int.: CIGR J., 19: 217-223.
  5. Amin, R., M. Alam and M.R. Ali, 2017. Design and development of a digital dynamometer for manually operated agricultural implements. AMA-Agric. Mech. Asia Afr. Latin Am., 48: 45-52.
  6. Hossain, M.A., M.A. Awal, M.R. Ali and M.M. Alam, 2016. Use of moisture meter on the post-harvest loss reduction of rice. Progr. Agric., 27: 511-516.
  7. Ansari, M.S., M.H. Islam, M.M. Hossain, M.R. Ali and M.I. Hossain, 2016. Zero-till drill for wheat establishment and comparison of performance with Power Tiller Operated Seeder (PTOS) and conventional method. J. Agric. Mach. Bio-Resour. Eng., 7: 55-61.
  8. Ali, M.R., B. Das, M.H. Islam, M.A. Momin and O. Kozan, 2016. Solar energy based lighting and ventilation system for rural poultry house in Bangladesh. J. Agric. Mach. Bio-Resour. Eng., 7: 25-31.
  9. Nur-A-Alam, M., M.R. Ali and M. Alam, 2015. Nondestructive approach to evaluate defects in elements of agricultural machinery. AMA-Agric. Mech. Asia Afr. Latin Am., 46: 43-52.
  10. Karim, M.F., M. Alam, M.R. Ali and O. Kozan, 2015. Design and development of a drum seeder cum granular urea applicator for rural farmers in Bangladesh. Agricult. Eng. Int.: CIGR J., 17: 61-71.
  11. Gulandaz, M.A., M.R. Ali, M.M. Hasan, M. Nur-A-Alam, N. Jahan and M.M. Rahman, 2015. Performance evaluation of modified hybrid solar dryer for paddy seed. Int. J. Postharvest Technol. Innov., 5: 105-124.
  12. Ali, M.R., O. Kozan, A. Rahman, K.T. Islam and M.I. Hossain, 2015. Jute retting process: Present practice and problems in Bangladesh. Agric. Eng. Int.: CIGR J., 17: 243-247.
  13. Razaq, A. and S. Shahzad, 2014. Feasibility study of coconut coir dust briquette. J. Bangladesh Agric. Univ., 12: 369-376.
  14. Nur-A-Alam, M., M.R. Ali and M.A. Rahman, 2014. Eco-friendly status of domestic refrigerators available in bangladesh. Eco-Friendly Agric. J., 7: 32-36.
  15. Kamruzzaman, M., M.E. Haque and M.R. Ali, 2014. Hyperspectral imaging technique for offal quantification in minced meat. J. BAU., 12: 189-194.
  16. Chowdhury, M., S.N. Hossain, M.R. Ali and A. Rahman, 2014. Improvement and evaluation of star-cum-cono weeder for wetland. J. Agric. Eng., 41: 1-7.
  17. Kabir, E., M.R. Ali, L. Rahman and A. Rahman, 2013. Socio-economic impact of Solar Home System (SHS) in rural Bangladesh. J. Agril. Eng. IEB, 40: 21-27.
  18. Hussain, M.D., M.R. Ali and H. Habib, 2013. Small oil expeller for rural farmers in Bangladesh. J. Agric. Mach. Bioresour. Eng., 6: 23-31.
  19. Hussain, M.D. and M.R. Ali, 2013. Production of bio-ethanol from sweet gourd and cassava. J. Agric. Eng. IEB, 40: 1-9.
  20. Aktaruzzaman, M., M.R. Ali, M.M. Rahman and M.S. Ahamed, 2013. Drying tea in a Kilburn vibro fluid bed dryer. J. BAU., 11: 153-158.
  21. Ali, M.R., M. Saka and H. Tohmyoh, 2012. A time-dependent direct current potential drop method to evaluate thickness of an oxide layer formed naturally and thermally on a large surface of carbon steel. Thin Solid Films, 525: 77-83.
  22. Ali, M.R., M. Saka, H. Tohmyoh and M.A.S. Akanda, 2010. Evaluation of electrical resistivity of oxide scale formed under different conditions. J. Solid Mech. Mater. Eng., 4: 1732-1741.
  23. Ali, M.R., M. Saka and H. Tohmyoh, 2010. Checking surface contamination and determination of electrical resistivity of oxide scale deposited on low carbon steel by DC potential drop method. Mater. Trans., 51: 1414-1419.
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  24. Haque, M.E., M.R. Ali, M.R. Islam and M.A. Islam, 2008. A computer program for precision calculation of journal bearing system parameters in agricultural machinery. B. J. Progress. Sci. Technol., 6: 325-328.
  25. Alam, M., D. Islam, M.R. Ali and R. Islam, 2008. Improvement of performance of a drum seeder. B. J. Progress. Sci. Technol., 6: 329-334.
  26. Rahman, M.M., M.J. Abedin and M.R. Ali, 2007. Support needs for capacity building of small agricultural machinery manufacturers in Bangladesh. B. J. Progress. Sci. Technol., 5: 393-396.
  27. Islam, M.P., M.D. Hussain and M.R. Ali, 2007. Present status of waste water utilization in Bangladesh: A case study in Mymensingh periurban area. Agric. Trop. Subtropica, 40: 65-70.
  28. Hasan, S.M.K., M.M. Alam, M.S.H. Sarker and M.R. Ali, 2007. Performance evaluation of a direct seeder imported from Vietnum. Int. J. Biores., 2: 6-10.
  29. Zaman, M.A., M.A. Momin and M.R. Ali, 2006. Commercial processing of roasted rice (Muri) in Bangladesh. B. J. Agric. Sci., 33: 167-174.
  30. Hussain, M.D., M.R. Ali and M. Ahiduzzaman, 2006. Test performance of small diesel engine suitable for small scale farming in Bangladesh. J. Agric. Mach. Bioresour. Eng., 4: 57-60.
  31. Alam, M., M.R. Ali, M.A. Rabbani and A.B.M.M.H. Khan, 2006. Design and development of drum seeder. J. Progress. Agric., 17: 203-212.
  32. Basunia, M.A., T. Abe and M.R. Ali, 2005. Diffusion coefficients for predicting barley re-wetting behavior. J. BAU., 31: 317-326.
  33. Ali, M.R., M.D. Hussain and M. Alam, 2005. Sustainability of wind energy for small-scale electricity generation in selected areas of Bangladesh. B. J. Agric. Eng., 16: 67-76.
  34. Moniruzzaman, M., M.R. Ali and M.A. Basunia, 2004. The selection of sorption isotherm for rough rice. B. J. Agric. Eng., 15: 19-30.
  35. Ali, M.R. and M.E. Haque, 2004. Developing a software tool for designing flexible power transmitting element-flat belt. J. BAU., 2: 159-164.