Dr. Md.  Amir  Hossain
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Dr. Md. Amir Hossain

Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from The University of Suwon, Korea

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Area of Interest:

Plant and Soil Sciences
Plant Pathology
Plant Production
Plant Analysis
Crop Production

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Sontosh, C., A.K.M. Chanda, G. Sarwar, P.B. Park and M.A. Hossain, 2018. Multivariate analysis for seed and seedling attributes of Sesbania genotypes. Scholars J. Agric. Vet. Sci., 5: 199-204.
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  2. Rahman, M., A. Hoque, M.A. Hossain and M.A. Bari, 2018. Variability and trait association analyses in Maize (Zea mayes L) genotypes. Agriculturists, 15: 101-114.
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  3. Nafis, M.H., W. Afrin, M.A. Hossain, M.A.K. Azad and M.A. Hossain, 2018. Assessment of genetic variability for short duration and high yielding NERICA rice mutant lines. Scholars J. Agric. Vet. Sci., 5: 277-282.
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  4. Hossain, M.A., A. Chul-Hyun, I.S. Lee, J.S. Jeon, G. An and P.B. Park, 2018. Isolation of a novel protein phosphatase2C in rice and its response to gibberellins. Bioch. Biophy. Research Commun., 503: 1987-1992.
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  5. Chul-Hyun A., M.A. Hossain, E. Lee, P.B. Park, 2018. Increased salt and drought tolerance by D-pinitol production in transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana. Bioch. Biophys. Res. Commun., 504: 315-320.
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  6. Afrin, W., M.H. Nafis, M.A. Hossain, M.M. Islam and M.A. Hossain, 2018. Responses of rice (Oryza sativa L.) genotypes to different levels of submergence. C. R. Biol., 341: 85-96.
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  7. Huda, M.M., A. Ferdausi, L. Hassan and M.A. Hossain, 2017. Evaluation of genetic variability and genetic advance for salt tolarance in rice genotypes. Progressive Agric., 28: 262-270.
  8. Alam, M.A., M. Farhad, M.A. Hakim, N.C.D Barma and P.K. Malaker, 2017. AMMI and GGE Biplot analysis for yield stability of promosing bread wheat genotypes in Bangladesh. Pak. J. Bot., 49: 1049-1056.
  9. Afrin, W., M.A. Hossain and M.M. Islam, 2017. Evaluation of yield and yield contributing traits for submergence tolerance of rice. Progressive Agric., 28: 7-11.
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  10. Hossain, M.A., C. Henríquez-Valencia, M. Gomez-Páez, J. Medina, A. Orellana, J. Vicente-Carbajosa and J. Zouhar, 2016. Identification of novel components of the unfolded protein response in arabidopsis. Front. Plant Sci., 10.3389/fpls.2016.00650.
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  11. Jani, M.M.A., M.A. Hossain, M.M. Karim and A.K. Hasan, 2015. Performance of Maize-Lentil/ Chickpea intercropping as influenced by raw arrangement. Int. J. Sustainable Crop prod., 10: 1-7.
  12. Islam, M.A., S.A. Raffi, M.A. Hossain and A.K. Hasan, 2015. Character Association and path coefficient analysis of grain yield and yield related traits in some promising early to medium duration rice advanced lines. Int. J. Exp. Agric., 5: 8-12.
  13. Islam, M.A., S.A. Raffi, M.A. Hossain and A.K. Hasan, 2015. Analysis of genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance for yield and yield associated traits in some promising advanced lines of rice. Progressive Agric., 26: 26-31.
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  14. Begum, M., M.A. Hossain, F.M.M. Hossain and A.K. Hasan, 2015. Genetic variability for yield and yield associated traits in transplant Aman rice (Oryza sative L). Res. Agric. Livestock Fish., 2: 207-213.
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  15. Asaduzzaman, M.J.H. Bhuiyan, M.A. Hossain and S.A. Raffi, 2015. Genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance of yield and yield contributing characters of lablab bean (Lablab purpureus L.). Progressive Agric.., 26: 22-25.
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  16. Asaduzzaman, M.J.H., Bhuiyan, M.A. Hossain and S.A. Raffi, 2014. 16. Correlation and path coefficient analysis of fourteen different genotypes of Lablab bean (Lablab purpureus L.). Bangladesh J. Plant Breed. Gen., 27: 37-44.
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  17. Hossain, M.A.,Y.J. Lee, J.I. Cho, C.H. Ahn, S.K. Lee, 2010. The bZIP transcription factor OsABF1 is an ABA responsive element binding factor that enhances abiotic stress signaling in rice. Plant Mol. Biol., 72: 557-566.
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  18. Hossain, M.A., J. Cho, M. Han, C.H. Ahn, J.S. Jeon, G. An and P.B. Park, 2010. The ABRE-binding bZIP transcription factor OsABF2 is a positive regulator of abiotic stress and ABA signaling in rice. J. Plant Physiol., 167: 1512-1520.
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  19. Rahman, M.M., A.K.M. Shamsuddin, M.A. Hossain and, A.K. Hasan, 2009. Effects of source-sink manipulation of grain yield in spring Wheat. Bangladesh J. Progressive Sci. Technol., 7: 89-92.
  20. Hossain, M.A., A.B.M.A.H.K. Robin, M.A. Hossain and S.A. Raffi, 2007. Screening of Oilseed Brassica varieties for drought tolerance at the early stage of plant growth. J. Bangladesh Agric. Univ., 5: 23-30.
  21. Islam, M.Z., A.K. Hasan, M.A. Hossain, A.K.M.M. Rahman and M.Z. Ferdous, 2006. Effects of seed size and harvesting method on the yield of three summer mungbean (vigna radiate L.) Cultivars. Bangladesh J. Crop Sci., 17: 203-210.
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  22. Datta, A.K., M.A. Hossain, A.B.M.A.H.K. Robin, S.A. Raffi and M.A. Hossain, 2006. Screening of Soybean genotypes for salinity tolerance at seedling stage. Bangladesh J. Crop Sci., 17: 155-161.
  23. Hossain, M.A., M.A. Newaz, M.A. Hamid and S.A. Raff, 2005. Stability analysis for seed yield and yield contributing characters in Mungbean (Vigna radiate L). Bangladesh J. Crop Sci., 16: 339-344.
  24. Hossain, M.A., M.A. Newaz and M.A. Hamid, 2005. Studies on mixing ability from Uniblends and Biblends of eight Mungbean genotypes. Bangladesh J. Crop Sci., 16: 95-100.