Dr. Jakir Hossen
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Dr. Jakir Hossen

Senior Lecturer
Multimedia University (MMU), Melaka, Malaysia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Smart Technology and Robotics Engineering from University Putra, Malaysia

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Area of Interest:

Computer Sciences
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data Analysis

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Rahman, M.A., H. Abid, C. Venkataseshaiah, B. Thangavel and S. Aziza, 2019. Towards machine learning-based self-tuning of hadoop-spark system. Indonesian J. Elect. Eng. Comput. Sci., 15: 1076-1085.
  2. Jesmeen, M.Z.H., H. Abid, R. Emerson, T. Bhuvaneswari, S. Sayeed and K. Tawsif, 2019. AUTO-CDD: Automatic cleaning dirty data using machine learning techniques. Telkomnika, 17: 2076-2086.
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  3. Em, P.P., J. Hossen, I. Fitrian, E.K. Wong and S. Ubaidillah, 2019. Experimental of vision- based lane markings segmentation methods in lane detection application. J. Eng. Sci. Technol. Rev., 12: 185-195.
  4. Bhuvaneswari, T., H.A.A. Nor, H. Jakir and V. Chinthakunta, 2019. Field programmable gate array (FPGA) based microwave oven. Applied Mech. Mater., 892: 120-126.
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  5. Arif, E.M.H., J. Hossen and G. Ramana, 2019. An efficient microcontroller based on sun tracker controls for solar cell systems. Int. J. Elect. Comput. Eng., 9: 2742-2750.
  6. Rahman, R., J. Hossen and C. Venkataseshaiah, 2018. A Survey of machine learning techniques for self-tuning hadoop performance. Int. J. Electr. Comput. Eng., 8: 1854-1862.
  7. Jesmeen M.Z.H., J. Hossen, S. Sayeed, C.K.H. Tawsif, R. Armanur and E.M.H. Arif, 2018. A survey on cleaning dirty data using machine learning paradigm for big data analytics. Indonesian J. Elect. Eng. Comput. Sci., 10: 1234-1243.
  8. Geok, T.K., F. Hossain, M.N. Kamaruddin, J. Hossen and C.P. Liew, 2018. A comprehensive review of efficient Ray-tracing techniques for wireless communication. Int. J. Commun. Antenna Propag., 8: 123-136.
  9. Emerson J.R., M.N.E. Ervina and J. Hossen, 2018. CNN based tool wear classification using emitted AE signal with empirical mode decomposition. Far East J. Electron. Commun., 18: 1015-1025.
  10. Devadas, A., N. Umar and J. Hossen, 2018. Investigation into mechanical & tribological performance of kenaf fibre particle reinforced composite. Cogent. Eng., 5: 1-23.
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  11. Arif, E.M.H., J. Hossen, and G. Ramana, 2018. A survey on neuro-fuzzy controller based solar panel tracking system. Far East J. Electron. Commun., 18: 981-1003.
  12. Velrajkumar, R.M., E. Raja, J. Hossen and L.K. Jong, 2017. Controlling and tracking of mobile robot in real-time using android platform. J. Eng. Appl. Sci., 12: 929-932.
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  13. Sayeed, S., J. Hossen, S.M.A. Kalairasi, V. Jayakumar, I. Yusof and A. Samraj, 2017. Real- time face recognition for attendance monitoring system. J. Theor. Applied Inform. Technol., 95: 24-30.
  14. Peeterson, E.J., J.R. Emerson, J. Hossen, M.N. Ervina and P. Velrajkumar, 2017. Design of a three phase buck type PFC PWM rectifier. J. Eng. Applied Sci., 12: 1040-1049.
  15. Hossen, J., S. Sayeed, T. Bhuvaneswari, C. Venkataseshaiah and J. Emerson et al., 2017. An automated fuzzy logic based low cost floor cleaning mobile robot. J. Eng. Appl. Sci., 12: 119-126.
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  16. Bhuvaneswari, T., J. Hossen, C. Venkataseshiah and L.W. Xiong, 2017. Wireless sensor network(WSN) based smart and safe home. J. Eng. Sci., 12: 127-132.
  17. Ramana, M., K.S. Ajay, J. Hossen and P. Velrajkumar, 2017. Performance analysis of electrical characteristics for short channel effects (SCE) in carbon nano tube field effect transistor (CNTFET) devices. J. Eng. Applied Sci., 12: 5116-5120.
  18. Sayeed, S. and J. Hossen, 2015. Performance analysis of biometric data processing by distributed hadoop framework. Aust. J. Basic Applied Sci., 9: 182-188.
  19. Hossen, J., S. Sayeed, M. Saleh, P. Velrajkumar and C. Venkatasessiah, 2015. An improved low cost automated mobile robot. Aust. J. Basic Applied Sci., 9: 224-230.
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  20. Hossen, J., S. Sayeed and A.K.M. Parvez, 2015. A modified hybrid fuzzy controller for real-time mobile robot navigation. Procedia Comput. Sci., 76: 449-454.
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  21. Sayeed, S., J. Hossen, A. Hudaya, M.F.A. Abdullah, N. Muhaiman and I. Yusof, 2014. Glove based communication system for hearing and speech impaired community using sign language interpretation. J. Theor. Applied Inform. Technol., 59: 232 -242.
  22. Sayeed, S., I. Yusof, H.K. Bashier, J. Hossen and M.A. Fikri, 2013. Plant identification based on leaf shape and texture pattern using local graph structure (LGS). Aust. J. Basic Applied Sci., 7: 29-35.
  23. Hossen, J.,S. Sayeed, A. Hudaya, M.F.A. Abdullah and I. Yusof, 2013. A novel adaptive fuzzy inference system for mobile robot navigation. J. Theor. Applied Inform. Technol., 57: 569-578.
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  24. Hossen, J., S. Sayeed, I. Yusof and S.M.A. Kalaiarasi, 2013. A framework of modified adaptive fuzzy inference engine (MAFIE) and its application. Int. J. Comput. Inform. Syst. Ind. Manage. Appl., 5: 662-670.
  25. Sayeed, S., A.A.A. Al-habsi, I. Yusof, J. Hossen and S.M.A. Kalaiarasi, 2012. Securing Asp. Net applications against sql injections attacks. Aust. J. Basic Applied Sci., 6: 394-400.
  26. Abusham, E.E.A., H.K. Bashier, F. Khalid, S. Sayeed, J. Hossen and S.M.A. Kalaiarasi, 2012. Illumination normalization using eimad-housam technique. Trends Applied Sci. Res., 7: 692-700.
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  27. Sayeed, S., L.I. Purnomo, J. Hossen, S.M.A. Kalaiarasi and A.A.E. Eimad, 2011. Location priented service frame work using mobile technology for tourism services. Aust. J. Basic Appl. Sci., 5: 201-209.
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  28. Samraj, A., S. Sayeed, J.E. Raja, J. Hossen and A. Rahman, 2011. Dynamic clustering estimation of tool flank wear in turning process using SVD models of the emitted sound signals. World Acad. Sci. Eng. Technol., 80: 1322-1326.
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  29. Roshidul, H., A.R.M. Shariff, B.S. Blackmore, I.B. Aris, A.R.B. Ramli and J. Hossen, 2011. Deploying natural language with topological relations for robotics behavior. J. Applied Sci., 11: 2993-3000.
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  30. Kalaiarasi, S., S. Sayeed and J. Hossen, 2011. Comparison of Network Pruning and Tree Pruning on Artificial Neural Network Tree. Aust. J. Basic Appl. Sci., 5: 1093-1098,.
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  31. Hossen, J., A. Rahman, S. Sayeed, K. Samsuddin and F. Rokhani, 2011. A Modified Hybrid Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm for Data Partitions. J. Appl. Sci. Res., 7: 674-681.
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  32. Hossen, J., A. Rahman, K. Samsudin, F. Rokhani and S. Sayeed et al., 2011. A Novel Modified Adaptive Fuzzy Inference Engine and its Application to Pattern Classification. World Acad. Sci. Eng. Technol., 75: 1201-1207.
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  33. Hossain, A., A. Rahman, J. Hossen, A.K.M.P. Iqbal and M.I. Zahirul, 2011. Prediction of aerodynamic characteristics of an aircraft model with and without winglet using fuzzy logic technique. Aerosp. Sci. Technol., 15: 595-605.
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  34. Sayeed, S., A. Samraj, R. Besar and J. Hossen, 2010. Online hand signature verification: A review. J. Applied Sci., 10: 1632-1643.
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  35. Roshidul, H., A.R.B.M. Shariff, B.S. Blackmore, I.B. Aris, A.R.B. Ramli and J. Hossen, 2010. High adoption of behavior based robotics in the autonomous machines. J. Inf. Syst.Technol. Plan., 3: 30-41.
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  36. Hossain, A., A. Rahman, J. Hossen, A.K.M.P. Iqbal and S.K. Hasan, 2010. Application of fuzzy logic approach for an aircraft model with and without winglet. Int. J. Mech. Ind. Aerosp. Eng., 4: 78-86.
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  37. Hossen, J., A. Rahman, A. Hossain and R. Hasan, 2009. A novel extended anfis: application in an inverted pendulum control system. J. Inf. Syst. Technol. Plan., 2: 1-14.
  38. Hossain, A., A. Rahman, M. Rahman, H.K. Hasan and Z. Hossain, 2009. Prediction of power generation of small scale vertical axis wind turbine using fuzzy logic. J. Urban Environ. Eng., 3: 43-51.
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