Dr. Shahriar  Zaman
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Dr. Shahriar Zaman

University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Cytogenetics from University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh

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Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences
Genetic Engineering
Molecular Genetics

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Saleh, M.A., S. Zaman, S. Uddin, A.E. Ekram and M.A. Mazid, 2012. In vitro clonal propagation from nodal explants of neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss.). Bangladesh J. Environ. Sci., 23: 143-146.
  2. Azad, A.K., S. Zaman, M.A. Mazid and G. Kabir, 2012. Karyotype analysis of two epiphytic ferns from Bangladesh. J. Life Earth Sci., 7: 99-104.
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  3. Zaman, S., M.A. Mazid, M.M. Ud-Deen and G. Kabir, 2011. Meiotic abnormality and pollen sterility in translocatedheterozygotic lines of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Bangladesh J. Environ. Sci., 20: 53-56.
  4. Zaman, S., M.A. Mazid and G. Kabir, 2011. Quantitative analysis of meiotic configurations in tip sterile lines of hexaploid wheat. J. Life Earth Sci., 6: 13-18.
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  5. Zaman, S., M.A. Mazid and G. Kabir, 2011. Effect of Rhizobium inoculant on nodulation, yield and yield traits of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) in four different soils of Greater Rajshahi. J. Life Earth Sci., 6: 45-50.
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  6. Mazid, M.A., S. Zaman, M. Salah Uddin, A.E. Ekram, M.A. Salehand and M.M. Ud-Deen, 2011. High frequency regeneration of Dahlia pinnata through in vitro culture. J. Bangladesh Soc. Agric. Sci. Technol., 8: 93-98.
  7. Ekram, A.E., M.A. Saleh, S. Uddin, M.A. Mazid and S. Zaman, 2011. Screening of bioactive properties of Aphanamixis polystachya for cytotoxic and repellent potentials against Artemia salina nauplii and Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) adults. Bangladesh J. Environ. Sci., 21: 31-35.
  8. Salah Uddin, M., Z. Jiti, M.A. Saleh, A. Ekram, B. Sikdar and S. Zaman, 2010. Role of large plasmid DNA in salt tolerance of a novel strain Gracilibacillus sp. GTY. J. Bio-Sci., 18: 34-39.
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  9. Abida, Y., F. Tabassum, S. Zaman, S.B. Chhabi and N. Islam, 2010. Biological screening of Circuma longa L. for insecticidal and repellent potentials against Tribolium casteneum (Herbst) adults. Univ. J. Zool. Rajshahi. Univ., 28: 69-71.
  10. Nikkon, F., M.R. Habib, Z.A. Saud, M.R. Karim, A.K. Roy and S. Zaman, 2009. Toxicological evaluation of chloroform fraction of flower of Tagetes erecta L. on rats. Int. J. Drug Dev. Res., 1: 161-165.
  11. Zaman, S., M.A. Mazid and G. Kabir, 2008. Quantitative karyotypic analysis in tip sterile lines of hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Plant Environ. Dev., 2: 149-160.
  12. Zaman, S. and G. Kabir, 2008. Protein profiles and amino acids in seeds of tip sterile wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Plant Environ. Dev., 2: 119-123.
  13. Islam, M.R., S. Zaman and K. Nasirujjaman, 2007. Regeneration of plantlets from node-derived callus in Aegle marmelos Corr. Biotechnology, 6: 72-75.
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  14. Islam, M.R., S. Zaman and K. Nasirujjaman, 2006. Production of plantlets from in vitro cultured cotyledons of Aegle marmelos corr. J. Life Earth Sci., 1: 31-33.
  15. Zaman, S. and M.A. Saleh, 2005. Mutagenic effect of ethylene glycol on somatic cells of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). J. Life Earth. Sci., 1: 43-49.
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  16. Salah Uddin, M., K. Nasirujjaman, S. Zaman and M.A. Reza, 2005. Regeneration of multiple shoots from different explants viz. shoot tip, nodal segment and cotyledonary node of in vitro grown seedlings of Peltophorum pterocarpum (DC.) backer EX K. Heyne. Biotechnology, 4: 35-38.
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  17. Nasirujjaman, K., M. Salah Uddin, S. Zaman and M.A. Reza, 2005. Micropropagation of turmeric (Curcuma longa Linn.) through in vitro rhizome bud culture. J. Biological Sci., 5: 490-492.
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  18. Saud, Z.A., S. Razzaque, S. Zaman and N. Absar, 2000. Changes in some biochemical parameters and enzyme contents of guava after infected with fruit-rot disease. Bangladesh J. Genet. Biotechnol., 1: 85-90.
  19. Rahman, A., M.A. Reza, S. Zaman, Z. Ferdousi, O.I. Joarder and N.K. Paul, 2000. In vitro embryogenesis of a highly priced spiced black pepper (Piper nigram). Bangladesh J. Genet. Biotechnol., 1: 121-122.
  20. Absar, N., M. Misbahuddin and S. Zaman, 1997. Effect of different doses of antimony on the liver and kidney functions of guinea-pig. Bangladesh J. Biochem., 3: 31-34.