Dr. Engin Eroglu
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Dr. Engin Eroglu

Associate Professor
Duzce University, Turkiye

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Landscape Architecture from Karadeniz Technical University, Turkiye

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Dr. Engin Eroglu is currently working as Assistant Professor in Duzce University since 2012. He has completed his PhD from Faculty of Forestry, Department of Landscape Architecture., Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey. His main area of research interest focuses on Plant in the Landscape, Planting Design and Visual Perception, Ground Cover Plants, Native Plants, Alpine and Subalpine Plants, Rural Landscape. He has published 1 book chapters, 12 research articles in journals and 20 papers in conference and symposium contributed as author/co-author.

Area of Interest:

Plant and Soil Sciences
Native Plants
Planting Design

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Meral, A., N. Basaran, E. Yalcınalp, E. Dogan, M.A.K. Kıvanc and E. Eroglu, 2018. A comparative approach to artificial and natural green walls according to ecological sustainability. Sustainability, Vol. 10, No. 6. 10.3390/su10061995.
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  2. Eroglu, E., S. Kaya,T.G. Dogan,A. Meral,S. Demirci, N. Basaran and O.L. Corbacı, 2018. Determination of the visual Preferences of different habitat types. Preprints, 10.20944/preprints201807.0243.v1 .
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  3. Eroglu, E., C. Acar and A. Meral, 2018. Ecological and visual characteristics of native plant compositions in mountain forests. Fresenius Environ. Bull., 27: 2160-2172.
  4. Eroglu, E. and C. Acar, 2018. A visual assessment of roadside poplar plantings in Turkey. J. Agric. Sci., 24: 185-198.
  5. Basaran, N. and E. Eroglu, 2017. The using plant species in ınterrior vertical gardens; A case study of Istanbul/Turkey. Biol. Diversity Conserv., 10: 67-74.
  6. Eroglu, E. and Z. Demir, 2016. Phenological and visual evaluations of some roadside deciduous trees in urban area. Biol. Divers. Conserv., 9: 143-153.
  7. Eroglu, E. and M.K. Ak, 2016. Ecological and visual planting design analysis: A case study of two parks in Amsterdam. Oxid. Commun., 39: 599-612.
  8. Kalin, A., E. Eroglu, C. Acar, G. Cakir, N. Guneroglu, H. Kahveci and A. Gel, 2014. Visual quality in landscape character: Example of mountain-road corridor in Turkey. J. Balkan Ecol., 17: 161-180.
  9. Ak, M.K., E. Eroglu, S. Ozdede and S. Kaya, 2014. Comparing urban parks between Turkey and Netherlands: A case study of segmenler park frankendael Park and Goksu park bijlmerpark. Global J. Adv. Pure Appl. Sci., 3: 73-83.
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  10. Muderrisoglu, H., S.O. Aydin, K. Ak and E. Eroglu, 2013. Effects of user density levels on recreational walking experiences. Indoor Built Environ., 22: 640-649.
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  11. Eroglu, E., C. Acar and I. Turna, 2013. Homegardens in Landscape Architecture: A Case Study of Hazelnut Plantations. In: Advences in Landscape Architecture. Ozyavuz, M. (Ed.). Intech, Corotia., ISBN: 978-953-51-1167-2, Pages: 761-772..
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  12. Acar, H., E. Eroglu and C. Acar, 2013. Landscape values of rocky habitats in urban and semi-urban context of Turkey: A study of Tokat city. J. Food Agric. Environ., 11: 1200-1211.
  13. Eroglu, E., H. Muderrisoglu and G.A. Kesim, 2012. The effect of seasonal change of plants compositions on visual perception. J. Environ. Eng. Landscape Manage., 20: 196-205.
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  14. Eroglu, E. and C. Acar, 2011. Visual landscape character of oriental spruce (Picea orientalis (L.) link.) mountain forests in Turkey. J. Environ. Eng. Landscape Manage., 19: 189-197.
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  15. Acar, C., H. Acar and E. Eroglu, 2007. Evaluation of ornamental plant resources to urban biodiversity and cultural changing: A case study of residential landscapes in Trabzon city (Turkey). Build. Environ., 42: 218-229.
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  16. Muderrisoglu, H., K. Ak, S.O. Aydin and E. Eroglu, 2006. Visitor satisfaction in the example of abant nature park. J. Balkan Ecol., 9: 55-62.
  17. Muderrisoglu, H., E. Eroglu, S. Ozkan and K. Ak, 2006. Visual perception of tree forms. Building Environ., 41: 796-806.
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  18. Guniz, A.k., H. Muderrisoglu, O. Uzun, H. Karaca and S. Ozkan at el ., 2006. Residents satisfaction on re-urbanization after earthquake disaster in düzce, Turkey. J. Applied Sci., 6: 303-310.
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