Dr. Filiz Acun Kaya

Dr. Filiz Acun Kaya

Associate Professor
Dicle University, Turkey

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Periodontology from Dicle University, Turkey

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Area of Interest:

Oral Health
Dental Implantology

Selected Publications

  1. Talo, T. and F.A. Kaya, 2009. The effects of ectodermal dysplasia on periodontal tissue. J. Int. Dental Med. Res., 2: 53-57.
  2. Kaya, S., M.Z. Akdag, I. Yavuz, M.S. Celik and O. Adiguzel et al., 2009. ELF electromagnetic field and strontium ranilate influences on the trace element content of rat teeth. J. Anim. Vet. Adv., 8: 322-327.
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  3. Kaya, F.A., E. Sarıbas, A.G. Dogru, A. Dag and A. Gunay, 2009. The oral findings of the gigantic patient with gingival enlargement-(one case). J. Int. Dental Med. Res., 2: 6-18.
  4. Yavuz, I., S.Z. Ulku, G. Unlu, J. D. Kama and S. Kaya et al., 2008. Ectodermal dysplasia: Clinical diagnosis. Int. Dental Med. Disorders, 1: 1-10.
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  5. Tumen, E.C., N. Hamamci, F.A. Kaya, D.S. Tumen and S. Celenk, 2008. Bilateral twinned teeth and multiple supernumerary teeth: A case report. Quintessence Int., 39: 567-572.
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  6. Kaya, F.A., Z.S. Polat, E.A. Baran and G.G. Tekin, 2008. Papillon-lefevre syndrome-3 Years follow up: A case report. Int. Dental Med. Disorders, 1: 24-28.
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  7. Kaya, C.A., E. Uysal, F.A. Kaya, I. Yavuz and M.Z. Akdag et al., 2008. Effects of radiofrequency radiation by 900 MHz mobile phone on periodontal tissues and teeth in rats. J. Anim. Vet. Adv., 7: 1644-1650.
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  8. Kaya, F.A., F. Caglayan, A. Dag, H. Kaya and C.A. Kaya, 2006. The investigation of gingival crevicular fluid prosthoglandin e2 level of the type ıı diabetes mellitus patients with periodontitis. J. Biotechnol. Biotechnol. Eq., 2: 179-184.
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  9. Kaya, F.A., F. Caglayan, A. Dag, C.A. Kaya and A.G. Dogru, 2006. The ınvestigation of the gingival crevicular fluid prostaglandin E2 level of the pregnant ındividuals with type II diabetes mellitus and peridontitis. J. Biotechnol. Biotechnol. Eq., 3: 162-168.
  10. Dogru, A.G., F. Caglayan, A. Dag, M. Dogru and F.A. Kaya, 2006. Crevicular fluid level of elastase in type I and type II diabetes mellitus patients. J. Biotechnol. Biotechnol. Eq., 3: 169-174.
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  11. Basaran, G., T. Ozer, F.A. Kaya, A. Kaplan and O. Hamamci, 2006. Interleukine-1β and tumor necrosis factor-α levels in the human gingival sulcus during orthodontic treatment. Angle Orthod., 76: 830-836.
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  12. Basaran, G., T. Ozer, F.A. Kaya and O. Hamamci, 2006. Interleukins 2, 6 and 8 levels in human gingival sulcus during orthodontic treatment. Am. J. Orthod. Dentofacial Orthop., 130: 7.e1-7.e6.
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