Mr. Seiko  Jose
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Mr. Seiko Jose

Research Scientist
Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute, India

Highest Degree
M.Sc. (Hons.) in Textile Chemistry from Alagappa University, India

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Mr. Seiko Jose is currently working as Scientist at National Institute of Research on Jute and Allied FibreTechnology, India. He has obtained his M.Sc. (Hons.) in Textile Chemistry from Alagappa University, India. His main area of interest focuses on Material Science. His area of expertise includes Textile, Ramie, Jute, Pineapple Leaf Fiber, Blending, Silk/Ramie, Jute/Silk, Jute/Ramie, Dyeing, Industry, IR Dyeing, Finishing, and Functional finishing. He has 10 publications in journals as author/co-author.

Area of Interest:

Physical Science Engineering
Fibre Blending
Wet Processing
Textile Chemistry

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Hazarika, D., N. Gogoi, S. Jose, R. Das and G. Basu, 2017. Exploration of future prospects of Indian pineapple leaf, an agro waste for textile application. J. Cleaner Prod., 141: 580-586.
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  2. Lakshmanan, A., S. Jose and S. Chakraborty, 2016. Luxury Hair Fibers for Fashion Industry. In: Sustainable Fibres for Fashion Industry, Volume 1, Muthu, S.S. and M.A. Gardetti (Ed.). Springer, Singapore., ISBN: 978-981-10-0520-6, pp: 1-38.
  3. Jose, S., S. Rajna and P. Ghosh, 2016. Ramie Fibre Processing and Value Addition. Asian J. Text., .
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  4. Jose, S., R. Salim and L. Ammayappan, 2016. An overview on production, properties and value addition of pineapple leaf fibers (PALF). J. Nat. Fibers, 13: 362-373.
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  5. Jose, S., L. Mishra, G. Basu and A.K. Samanta, 2016. Study on reuse of coconut fiber chemical retting bath. Part 1: Retting efficiency. J. Nat. Fibers, 13: 603-609.
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  6. Jose, S., H.G. Prabu and L. Ammayappan, 2016. Eco-friendly dyeing of silk and cotton textiles using combination of three natural colorants. J. Nat. Fibers, 10.1080/15440478.2015.1137530.
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  7. Ammayappan, L., S. Jose and A.A. Raj, 2016. Sustainable Production Processes in Textile Dyeing. In: Green Fashion. Muthu, S.S. and M.A. Gardetti (Ed.). Springer, Singapore., ISBN: 978-981-10-0109-3, pp: 185-216..
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  8. Basu, G., L. Mishra, S. Jose and A.K. Samanta, 2015. Accelerated retting cum softening of coconut fibre. Ind. Crops Prod., 77: 66-73.
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  9. Jose, S. and R. Salim, 2014. An overview on Ramie fibre. Manmade Textiles India, 42: 60-65.
  10. Ammayappan, L., S. Jose and S. Chakraborty, 2013. Colouration of textiles by natural dyes. Asian Dyer, 10: 30-34.