Prof. Dr. K.V.  Jayachandran

Prof. Dr. K.V. Jayachandran

Research Director
Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies, India

Highest Degree
PostDoc Fellow in Aquatic Biology and Fisheries from University of Kerala, India

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Prof. Dr. K. V. Jayachandran is currently Director of Research of Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies. Previously served as Dean and also as Director School of Fisheries Resource Management. Dr. Jayachandran possesses 35 years of research and teaching experience. Dr. Jayachandran is currently Governing Council Member of Higher Education Council, Government of Kerala, Governing Council member FIRMA, Government of Kerala, Academic Council Member - Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies and also Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University. Held position of Academic Council member of Kerala Agricultural University, Cochin University of Science and Technology. He was Board of Studies Chairman - Fisheries Resource Management and Harvest Technology and also Fishery Hydrography. Board of Directors - Freshwater working group, Society for Conservation Biology, USA.

Area of Interest:

Environmental Sciences
Environmental Monitoring
Aquatic Biology

Selected Publications

  1. Jayachandran, K.V., K. Dinesh and T. Tessa, 2013. Rediscovery of caridina carli j. roux, 1931 (decapoda : atyidae) after a time gap of 80 years from kerala waters. J. Aquat. Bio.Fish., 1: 117-122.
  2. Jayachandran, K.V and T. Tessa, 2012. Caridina vithuraensis sp. nov. (decapoda, atyidae) from vamanapuram river, kerala region of western ghats, India. Zootaxa, 3301: 61-68.
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  3. Unnikrishnan, V., P.M. Pillai and K.V. Jayachandran, 2010. On a new species of Macrobrachium (Decapoda, Palaemonidae) from ithikkara river, south-west coast of India. Crustaceana, 83: 1115-1123.
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  4. Jayachandran, K.V and S. Anitta, 2010. Morphometric and meristic studies of the spotted estuarine prawn, macrobrachium equidens (Dana) of vembanad lake, kerala state. J. Indian Fish. Assoc., 37: 1-6.
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  5. Jayachandran, K.V and B. Indira, 2010. Sustainable exploitation of freshwater prawn diversity of India for food and livelihood security with emphasis on planning. Indian J. Sci. Res., 1: 127-132.
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  6. Jayachandran, K.V., 2008. Biodiversity of marine prawns of the family Penaeidae Rafinesqu, 1815 of Indian Waters. Glimpses Biodivers.: Rajiv Gandhi Chair Spec. Publ., 7: 207-220.
  7. Thomas, T., and K.V. Jayachandran, 2007. New locality record of caridina jalihali mariappan & richard (outside the type locality) with notes on diagnostic characters and sexual dimorphism. Rec. Zool. Soc. India, 107: 95-99.
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  8. Jayachandran, K.V., R.S.L. Mohan and A.V. Raji, 2007. A new species of macrobrachium bate, 1868 from dolphin trenches of kulsi river, brahmaputra, India. Zool. Anz. A J. Comp. Zool. Germany, 246: 43-48.
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  9. Jayachandran, K.V. and A. Sebastian, 2007. Growth pattern and meristic studies of the banded estuarine prawn, Macrobrachium sulcatus (Henderson and Matthai) of Vembanad Lake, Kerala State. Proc.-Indian Natl. Sci. Acad., 73: 227-229.
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  10. Jayachandran, K.V. and A.V. Raji, 2004. An ornate new species of Macrobrachium Bate, 1868 (Palaemonidae) from Kerala, India. J. Inland Fish. Soc. India, 36: 41-44.
  11. Jayachandran, K.V and A.V. Raji, 2004. Three new species of macrobrachium bate, 1868 (palaemonidae) from the western ghats of kerala state, India. Crustaceana, 77: 1179-1192.
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  12. Jayachandran, K.V., 2001. Palaemonid Prawns: Biodiversity, Taxonomy, Biology and Management. Science Publishers Inc., Enfield, NH., USA., ISBN-13: 9781578081820, Pages: 624.
  13. Indira, B and K.V. Jayachandran, 2000. Hydrographical features and prawn fauna of veli lake, trivandrum, kerala, India. Ecol. Env. Cons., 6: 459-465.
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  14. Jayachandran, K.V., 1998. The taxonomic status of Macrobrachium birmanicum (Schenkel) and M. choprai (Tiwari) with a note on closely related species. Indian J. Fish., 45: 345-348.