Dr. Saumya Das
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Dr. Saumya Das

Associate Professor
Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology, India

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India

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Area of Interest:

Pharmacology and Toxicology
Anti Cancer Agents
Clinical Research

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Reehal, R., S. Das, Nashra, A. Atri and M.M. Shahid, 2021. A global human threat: Dengue viral infection and its management by carica papaya, a current perspective. Turk. J. Physiother. Rehabil., 32: 30740-30752.
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  2. Nashra, S. Das, R. Reehal, A. Kumar, A. Saxena and G. Singh, 2021. Functional gastrointestinal disorders (Fgids)-A systemic review on the association between brain-gut disorders. Turk. J. Physiother. Rehabil., 32: 23457-23479.
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  3. Das, S., S. Srivastava, A. Tripathi and S. Das, 2021. Meta-analysis of EMF-induced pollution by COVID-19 in virtual teaching and learning with an artificial intelligence perspective. Int. J. Web-Based Learn. Teach. Technol., Vol. 17. 10.4018/IJWLTT.285566.
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  4. Das, S., A. Goyal, A. Chauhan, D. Sharma, A. Haque and M.K. Das, 2021. Artificial intelligence transforming pharma industry-Improving healthcare. Int. J. Pharm. Res., Vol. 13. 10.31838/ijpr/2021.13.03.035.
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  5. Chand, S., A. Mazumder, S. Das, A. Sharma, A. Sharma, L. Kumar and R. Rathour, 2021. Herbal approach and its molecular hypothesis for the management of convulsant induced depression as comorbidity: A critical review. Int. J. Pharm. Res., Vol. 13. 10.31838/ijpr/2021.13.02.049.
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  6. Bind, A., S. Das, V.D. Singh, R. Kumar, A. Chourasia and P. Saha, 2021. Natural bioactives for the potential management of gastric ulceration. Turk. J. Physiother. Rehabil., 32: 15633-15640.
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  7. Anamika, S., D. Saumya, M. Avijit, S. Ankit and C. Suniti, 2021. Ethnopharmacological survey of rhododendron arboreum used by the Himalayan Ethnic Community in Uttarakhand, India. Int. J. Pharm. Res., Vol. 13. 10.31838/ijpr/2021.13.02.025.
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  8. Anamika, G., D. Saumya and M. Avijit, 2021. Updated review on ethnomedicinal plant Caryota urens. Int. J. Pharm. Res., Vol. 13. .
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  9. Das, S., M.K. Das, R. Das, V. Gehlot and S. Mahant et al., 2020. Isolation, characterization of Berberine from Berberis aristata DC for eradication of resistant Helicobacter pylori. Biocatal. Agric. Biotechnol., Vol. 26. 10.1016/j.bcab.2020.101622.
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  10. Tabassum, M. Avijit and D. Saumya, 2017. Study of oral hypoglycemic activity of rhizomes of Hemidesmus indicus R. Br. in albino Wistar rats. Int. J. Pharm. Sci. Res., 7: 4602-4607.
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  11. Tabassum, D. Saumya and M. Avijit, 2015. Ethnobotanical review of Hemidesmus indicus R.Br. Int. J. Curr. Res., 7: 24251-24256.
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  12. Das, S., S. Das, M.K. Das and S.P. Basu, 2009. Evaluation of anti-inflammatory effect of Calotropis gigantean and Tridax procumbens on wistar albino rats. J. Pharmac. Sci. Res., 1: 123-126.
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  13. Das, S., M.K. Das, P.M. Mazumder, S. Das and S.P. Basu, 2009. Cytotoxic activity of methanolic extract of Berberis aristata DC on colon cancer. Global J. Pharmacol., 3: 137-140.
  14. Awasthi, S., M. Irshad, M.K. Das, S.S. Ganti and M.A. Rizvi, 2009. Supraadditive effect of Calotropis gigantean and Tridax procumbens on Anti-inflammatory activity in rats. Ethnobotanical Leaflets, 13: 568-577.
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