Dr. Anamika Singh
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Dr. Anamika Singh

Assistant Professor
University of Delhi, India

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Bioinformatic and Applied Science from Indian Institute of Information Technology, India

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Area of Interest:

Plant and Soil Sciences
Plant Pathology
Plant Growth
Plant Ecology

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Singh, S., D.B. Singh, A. Singh, B. Gautam, G. Ram, S. Dwivedi and P.W. Ramteke, 2016. An approach for identification of novel drug targets in streptococcus pyogenes SF370 through pathway analysis. Interdisciplinary Sci.: Comput. Life Sci., 8: 388-394.
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  2. Singh, S., S.K. Yadav, P. Mishra, R. Maurya and V. Rana et al., 2015. Comparative Analysis of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate (ACC) Deaminase in selected plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR). J. Pure Applied Microbiol., 9: 1587-1596.
  3. Singh, A. and R. Singh, 2013. QSAR and its role in target-ligand interaction. Open Bioinform. J., 7: 63-67.
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  4. Singh, A. and R. Singh, 2013. New Concept of using Genetically Engineered Microbial Biosensor. In: Chemistry and Physics of Complex Materials, Rajkiewicz, M., W. Tyskiewicz and A. Pourahashemi (Eds.). Apple Academic Press, USA., pp: 45-66.
  5. Singh, A. and R. Singh, 2013. Nanotherapeutics: A Novel Approach of Target Based Drug Delivery. In: Chemical Process in Liquid and Solid Phase Properties, Performance and Application, Jimenez, A. and A. Pourhashemi (Eds.). Apple Academic Press, USA., pp: 17-26.
  6. Singh, A. and C.V.S. Siva Prasad, 2013. Insilico comparative analysis of functional residues in Aminopeptidase-N. Int. J. Sci. Res., 2: 38-41.
  7. Singh, A. and C. Sivaprasad, 2009. Functional interpretation of APN receptor from M. sexta using a molecular model. Bioinformation, 3: 321-325.
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  8. Singh, A. and C.V.S. Siva Prasad, 2008. Structural changes in Cadherins of insects and human. Bioinformatics Trends, 2: 83-90.