Prof. Deepshikha Pande Katare
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Prof. Deepshikha Pande Katare

Amity Institute of Biotechnology, India

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Biotechnology from Jamia Hamdard University, India

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Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences
Medical Biotechnology
Pharmaceutical Science

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Nagpal, D., N. Agarwal and D.P. Katare, 2016. Evaluation of liposomal gossypin in animal models of epilepsy. Int. J. Pharm. Pharmaceut. Sci., 8: 247-251.
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  2. Mittal, K., R.J. Mani and D.P. Katare, 2016. Type 3 diabetes: Cross talk between differentially regulated proteins of type 2 diabetes mellitus and Alzheimer's disease. Scient. Rep., Vol. 6. 10.1038/srep25589.
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  3. Mittal, K. and D.P. Katare, 2016. Shared links between type 2 diabetes mellitus and Alzheimer's disease: A review. Diabetes Metabolic Syndr.: Clin. Res. Rev., 10: S144-S149.
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  4. Mishra, S. and D.P. Katare, 2016. Synergistic combination for chemoprevention of hepatocellular carcinoma: An in-silico and in-vitro approach. Basic Clin. Pharmacol. Toxicol., (In Press). 10.1111/bcpt.12730.
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  5. Kalueff, A.V., D.J. Echevarria, S. Homechaudhuri, A.M. Stewart and A.D. Collier et al., 2016. Zebrafish neurobehavioral phenomics for aquatic neuropharmacology and toxicology research. Aquat. Toxicol., 170: 297-309.
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  6. Mathur, N., V. Aeri and D.P. Katare, 2015. Effect of Cichorium intybus leaves on N-nitrosodiethylamine induced hepatotoxicity in Wistar rats. Int. J. Pharmaceut. Sci. Res., 6: 3861-3871.
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  7. Katare, D.P., R.J. Mani, K. Mittal, H. Kharkwal and S. Ahmad, 2015. In silico approach to evaluate the efficacy of dietary flavonoids and their role in Alzheimer's disease. Int. J. Pharmaceut. Sci. Rev. Res., 34: 94-102.
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  8. Katare, D.P. and V. Aeri, 2015. Densitometric validation and optimisation of polyphenols in Ocimum sanctum Linn by high performance thin-layer chromatography. Phytochem. Anal., 26: 237-246.
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  9. Ilyas, U.K., D.P. Katare and V. Aeri, 2015. Comparative evaluation of standardized alcoholic, hydroalcoholic and aqueous extracts of Phyllanthus maderaspatensis Linn. against galactosamine-induced hepatopathy in albino rats. Pharmacogn. Mag., 11: 277-282.
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  10. Tiwari, P., P. Panthari, D.P. Katare and H. Kharkwal, 2014. Natural polymers in drug delivery. World J. Pharm. Pharmaceut. Sci., 3: 1395-1409.
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  11. Mishra, S., V. Aeri and D.P. Katare, 2014. Hepatoprotective medication for liver injury. World J. Pharm. Pharmaceut. Sci., 3: 891-932.
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  12. Mathur, N., V. Aeri and D.P. Katare, 2014. Determination of antioxidant and hepatoprotective ability of flavanoids of Cichorium intybus. Int. J. Toxicol. Pharmacol. Res., 6: 107-112.
  13. Mathur, N., V. Aeri and D.P. Katare, 2014. Cichorium intybus Linn. its role in hepatoprotection. Int. J. Pharmacogn. Phytochem. Res., 6: 499-505.
  14. Katare, D.P., A.C. Kharakwal and P. Sharma, 2014. Effect of ZnSO4 and CuSO4 on regeneration and xanthotoxin content in Ammi majus and Agrobacterium-mediated transformation. World J. Pharm. Pharmaceut. Sci., 3: 542-556.
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  15. Dheeraj, N., K.P. Deepshikha and A. Nidhi, 2014. Development and characterization of liposomal drug delivery system for gossypin. Int. J. Pharmaceut. Sci. Rev. Res., 27: 11-15.
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  16. Ahmad, S., N.M. Elsherbiny, R. Haque, M.B. Khan and T. Ishrat et al., 2014. Sesamin attenuates neurotoxicity in mouse model of ischemic brain stroke. Neurotoxicology, 45: 100-110.
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  17. Malik, S., S. Bhatnagar, N. Chaudhary, D.P. Katare and S.K. Jain, 2013. Elevated expression of complement C3 protein in chemically induced hepatotumorogenesis in Wistar rats: A correlative proteomics and histopathological study. Exp. Toxicol. Pathol., 65: 767-773.
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  18. Malik, S., D.P. Katare and S. Jain, 2013. Proteomic profiling of hepatocellular carcinoma: Elevated circulating complement C3 protein level displays role for potential early cancer biomarker. Mol. Immunol., 3: 284-284.
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  19. Katare, D.P., H. Malik and Z. Abdin, 2013. Neuroproteomics: Progress in biomarker discovery for neurodegenerative diseases. Int. J. Pharm. Pharm. Sci., 5: 14-22.
  20. Chaudhary, N., S. Bhatnagar, S. Malik, D.P. Katare and S.K. Jain, 2013. Proteomic analysis of differentially expressed proteins in lung cancer in Wistar rats using NNK as an inducer. Chemico-Biol. Interactions, 204: 125-134.
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  21. Bhatnagar, S., N. Chaudhary, D.P. Katare and S.K. Jain, 2013. A non-surgical method for induction of lung cancer in Wistar rats using a combination of NNK and high dietary fats. Protoplasma, 250: 919-929.
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  22. Bala, H.K. and D.P. Katare, 2013. Biodegradable capsules: A review. World J. Pharm. Pharm. Sci., 2: 4474-4484.
  23. Ahamd, I., D.P. Katare and V. Aeri, 2013. Phytochemical investigations of B. Diffusa. Int. J. Phytopharmacol., 4: 184-189.
  24. Mathur, N., A. Mahendru, N. Brar and D.P. Katare, 2012. Dna based biosensors in disease diagnosis. World J. Pharmacy Pharm. Sci., 2: 407-428.
  25. Malik, S., S. Bhatnagar, N. Chaudhary, D.P. Katare and S.K. Jain, 2012. Modified model of multistep hepatotumorigenesis in wistar rats: Supportive evidences insights. Protoplasma, 250: 175-183.
  26. Kharkwal, H., K. Bala, D.D. Joshi and D.P. Katare, 2012. Bioavailability enhancement of curcuminoids using natural polymer. Der Pharmacia Lettre, 4: 1698-1711.
  27. Kharkwal, H., K. Bala and D.P. Katare, 2012. Biodegradable polymers, role in enhancing bioavailability of drug. Asian J. Biomed. Pharm. Sci., 1: 1-11.
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  28. Katare, D.P., S. Ahmad and S.K. Jain, 2012. Parkinson's Disease: Progress and Prospects. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken, Germany, ISBN: 978-3-659-20550-7, Pages: 116.
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  32. Ahmad, S., M.B. Khan, M.N. Hoda, K. Bhatia and R. Haque et al., 2012. Neuroprotective effect of sesame seed oil in 6-hydroxydopamine induced neurotoxicity in mice model: Cellular, biochemical and neurochemical evidence. Neurochemical Res., 37: 516-526.
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  33. Sikander, M., S. Malik, D. Yadav, S. Biswas, D.P. Katare and S.K. Jain, 2011. Cytoprotective activity of a trans-chalcone against hydrogen peroxide induced toxicity in hepatocellular carcinoma (HepG2) cells. Asian Pacific J. Cancer Prevention, 12: 2513-2516.
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