Dr. C. Bharatiraja
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Dr. C. Bharatiraja

Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, India

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from SRM University, India

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Area of Interest:

Electronics Applications
Electrical Engineering
Power Components
Control Theory

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Suresh, S., R. Gnanadass, N.P. Subramaniam and C.Bharatiraja, 2017. Electric power quality recognition for distribution feeders: A real time study. J. Elect. Eng. (In Press). .
  2. Santhakumar, C., R. Shivakumar, C. Bharatiraja and P. Sanjeevikumar, 2017. Circulating current in diode clamped MLI fed induction motor drive. Int. J. Power Elect. Drive Sys. (In Press). .
  3. Chokkalingam, B., S. Padmanaban, P. Siano, R. Krishnamoorthy and R. Selvaraj, 2017. Real-time forecasting of EV charging station scheduling for smart energy systems. Energies, Vol. 10. 10.3390/en10030377.
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  4. Bindu, A., M.C. Mabel and C. Bharatiraja, 2017. A real-time energy management approach and its power converter for PV powered plug-in electric vehicle. J. Elect. Eng. (In Press). .
  5. Bharatiraja, C., S. Raghu, J.L. Munda and P. Sanjeevikumar, 2017. Analysis, design and investigation on a new single-phase switched quasi Z-source inverter for photovoltaic application. Int. J. Power Electr. Drive Syst. (In Press). .
  6. Bharatiraja, C., S. Jeevananthan and J.L. Munda, 2017. Timing correction algorithm for SVPWM based diode- clamped MLI operated in overmodulation region. IEEE Power Electron. Applic. (In Press). .
  7. Bharatiraja, C., P. Sanjeevikumar and F. Blaabjerg, 2017. Critical investigation and comparative analysis of advanced PWM techniques for three-phase three-level NPC-MLI drives. Elect. Power Compon. Syst. (In Press). .
  8. Bharatiraja, C., H. Shri, J.L Munda, P. Sanjeevikumar, M. Sriram Kumar, and B. Vivek, 2017. A PWM Strategies for Diode Assisted NPC-MLI to Obtain Maximum Voltage Gain for EV Application Int. J., Power Electr. Drive Sys., .
  9. Bharatiraja, C., B. Shyam, V. Krishnakumar, P. Sanjeevikumar and G. Nixon, 2017. Investigation of slim type BLDC motor drive with torque ripple minimization using abridged space - vector PWM control method. Int. J. Power Electr. Drive Syst. (In Press). .
  10. Thavaselvi, P., C. Vimala, C. Bharathiraja, C. Bharatiraja and P. Aruna Priya et al ., 2016. Signal, digital and image processing application in different fields. Int. J. Control Theory Appl. 9: 6653-6657.
  11. Sathayanarayanan, T.K.S., M. Ramasamy, C. Bharatiraja and J.L. Munda, 2016. Modelling, impedance design and efficiency analysis of battery assists PV tied Quasi-Z source inverter. Int. J. Power Elect. Drive Syst., 3: 816-825.
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  12. Prakash, C., G. Subramani, C. Bharatiraja and M. Shabin, 2016. A low cost single phase grid connected reduced switch PV inverter based on time frame switching scheme. Int. J. Elect. Power Energy Syst., 77: 100-111.
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  13. Bharatiraja, C., and H. Chowdary, 2016. Real time power quality phenomenon for various distribution feeders. Indonesian J. Elect. Eng., 3: 10-16.
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  14. Bharatiraja, C., S. Raghu and A. Prabathkumar, 2016. Analysis and simulation of magnetically coupled Y shape impedance source inverter Indian J. Sci. Technol., 9: 1-7.
  15. Bharatiraja, C., J.L. Munda, N. Sriramsai and T.S. Navaneesh, 2016. Investigation of the common mode voltage for a neutral-point-clamped multilevel inverter drive and its innovative elimination through SVPWM switching-state redundancy. Int. J. Power Electr. Drive Syst., 3: 892-900.
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  16. Bharatiraja, C., H. Reddy, S.N. Ramsai and S.S. Saisuma, 2016. FPGA based design and validation of asymmetrical reduced switch multilevel inverter, Int. J. Power Electr. Drive Sys., 7: 340-348.
  17. Bharatiraja, C., S. Jeevananthan, J.L. Munda and R. Latha, 2016. Improved SVPWM vector selection approaches in OVM region to reduce common-mode voltage for three-level neutral point clamped inverter, Int. J. Electr. Power, Energy, Sys. Elsevier, 79: 285-297.
  18. Bharatiraja, C. and N. Sriramsai, 2016. Investigation of the common mode voltage for a neutral-point-clamped multilevel inverter drive and its innovative elimination through SVPWM switching-state redundancy. Int. J. Power Elect. Drive Syst., 3: 816-825.
  19. Bharatiraja, C., S. Jeevananthan, S. R.Latha and V.Mohan, 2016. Vector selection approach-based hexagonal hysteresis space vector current controller for a three phase diode clamped MLI with capacitor voltage balancing, IET Power Electron., 9: 1350-1361.
  20. Bharatiraja, C., S. Jeevananthan and R. Latha, 2015. A new asymmetrical single phase 15 level reduced switch multilevel voltage source inverter. J. Elect. Eng., 15: 1-9.
  21. Bharatiraja, C. and R. Latha, 2015. A 3-dimensional SVPWM algorithm, its FPGA-implementation for multilevel minverters, J. Elect. Eng., 15: 61-71.
  22. Bharatiraja, C., S.Jeevananthan and R. Latha, 2014. FPGA based practical implementation of NPC-MLI with SVPWM for an autonomous operation PV system with capacitor balancing, Int. J. Elect. Power, Energy Sys. Elsevier, 61: 489-509.
  23. Bharatiraja, C., and M. Shabin, 2013. A Novel reduced switch single source MLI topology with variable input overvoltage control, Procedia Eng. / Elsevier, 64: 205-214.
  24. Bharatiraja, C., R.Palanisamy, K.V.R.S. PrakasaRao, R. latha and S.S. Dash, 2013. Embraced algorithm design and its FPGA IP-core implementation of an 3D -SVPWM for MLIs operating over a wide modulation range. Int. Rev. Elect. Eng., 4: 39-43.
  25. Bharatiraja, C., R. Palanisamy, S. Sadagopan, R. Latha and S.S. Dash, 2013. Modelling and simulation of 3-phase transformerless split inductor multilevel inverter for grid connected photovoltaic system. Adv. Mater. Res., 768: 75-79.
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  26. Bharatiraja, C., R. Palanisamy and S.S. Dash, 2013. Hysteresis current controller based transformerless split inductor-NPC-MLI for grid connected PV-system. Procedia Eng., 64: 224-233.
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  27. Bharatiraja, C., R. Latha, S.S. Dash, R.R. Gulati and P.V. Sharma, 2013. A 3D-SVPWM algorithm design and its FPGA IP-core implementation for MLIS operating over a wide modulation range. Int. Review Electr. Eng., 8: 947-961.
  28. Bharatiraja, C., R. Latha, S. Jeevananthan, S. Raghu and S.S. Dash, 2013. Design And Validation Of Simple Space Vector PWM Scheme For Three-Level NPC– MLI With Investigation Of DC Link Imbalance Using FPGA - IP Core, J. Elect. Eng., 13: 54-63.
  29. Bharatiraja, C., S.Jeevananthan, S.Raghu, V.Arvind and A.Sameer, 2013. Common mode voltage reductions for three phase coupled inductor inverter using multi-carrier interleaved PWM strategies. Int. Review Modell. Simul., 6: 1416-1425.
  30. Bharatiraja, C., S. Raghu and K.R.S. Rao, 2013. Comparative analysis of different PWM techniques to reduce the common mode voltage in three-level neutral-point- clamped inverters for variable speed induction drives, Int. J. Power Elect. Drive Sys. 3: 105-116.
  31. Bharatiraja, C., S. Jeevananthan and S.S. Dash, 2013. A vector selection approach based on control degree of freedom to provide dc-link voltage balancing in diode clamped multilevel inverter. Int. Review Electr.ical Eng., 8: 39-51.
  32. Bharatiraja, C., S. Jeevananthan, R. Latham and S.S.Dash, 2012. A space vector pulse width modulation approach for DC link voltage balancing in diode-clamped multilevel inverter. AASRI Procedia, 3: 133-140.
  33. Rahmani, L., N. Belhaouchet and S. Begag, 2009. A novel adaptive hysteresis current controller for three phase shunt active power filter with constant switching frequency. Int. J. Electrical Power Eng., 2: 127-133.
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