Dr. Irfan Ahmad
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Dr. Irfan Ahmad

Associate Professor
Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, India

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Zoology from University of Kashmir, India

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Area of Interest:

Pharmacology and Toxicology
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Infectious Diseases
Medicinal Plants

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Qayoom, U., S.U. Bhat and I. Ahmad, 2020. Efficiency evaluation of sewage treatment technologies: implications on aquatic ecosystem health. J. Water Health, 10.2166/wh.2020.115.
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  2. Hafeez, M., I. Ahmad, S. Qureshi, Z. Kashoo and S. Farooq et al., 2020. Bacterial load of clostridium perfringens in the aquatic environment of Dal Lake, kashmir. Acta Sci. Microbiol., 3: 1-6.
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  3. Razak, N. and I. Ahmad, 2019. Diversity of Insects Infesting Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Kashmir Himalaya with Observations on their Biocontrol Agents. In: Biodiversity of Jammu & Kashmir State, Northwest and Trans-Himalaya (India), Dar, G.H. (Ed.)., Springer, New York, pp: 1-20.
  4. Asimi, O.A., I.A. Khan, T.H. Bhat and N. Hussain, 2018. Proximate analysis of some of the commonly available fish feed ingredients of Kashmir. Int. J. Fish. Aquatic Stud., 6: 9-12.
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  5. Asimi, O.A., I.A. Khan, T.A. Bhat and N. Husain, 2018. Duckweed (Lemna minor) as a plant protein source in the diet of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) fingerlings. J. Pharm. Phytochem., 7: 42-45.
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  6. Asimi, O. and I. Ahmad, 2018. Alternative source of protein “Silkworm pupae” (Bombyx Mori) in coldwater aquaculture. Int. J. Poul. Fish. Sci., 1: 1-4.
  7. Ahmed, I., T.H. Shah, S. Qadri, A. Abubakr and G. Qadir, 2017. Biometric study of snow trout, Schizothorax curvifrons Heckel, 1838 (Pisces: Cyprinidae) in Dal Lake, Kashmir. SKUAST J. Res., 19: 181-186.
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  8. Ahmad, I., S. Zafurullah and A. Afshan, 2016. Molecular characterization of group A rota viral diarrhea complicated by enteropathogenic E. coli-Study of dual infections in children from Kashmir-Himalaya. Int. J. Infect. Dis., Vol. 45. 10.1016/j.ijid.2016.02.641.
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  9. Shah, F.A., S.A. Bhat, F.A. Bhat, A. Abubakr, M.H. Balkhi and I. Ahmad, 2015. Impairment in haemato-biochemical proiles of rainbow trout Onchorhynchus mykiss affected by Saprolegnia spp.: A potential constraint for culture of trout in Kashmir Himalaya. Iran. J. Fish. Sci., 14: 970-984.
  10. Shah, F.A., F.A. Bhat, M.H. Balkhi, A. Abubakar, I. Khan and I. Khan, 2013. Effect of some physicochemical parameters on helminth parasitic prevalence in coldwater fishes of Dal lake Kashmir, India. SKUAST J. Res., 15: 65-69.
  11. Razak, N., M.S. Saini, I. Ahmad and I. Rashid, 2013. Report of Bruchidius tuberculatus (Hochhut 1847)(Chrysomelidae: Bruchinae) from biodiversity hotspot region of Kashmir Himalaya: A promising biocontrol agent against invasive alien weed Centurea iberica Trev. ex Spreng. J. Med. Plants Res., 7: 1670-1674.
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  12. Muddasir, B., J.K. Dhar, A. Shafiqa, Q. Sabia and I. Ahmad, 2012. Contamination of freshwater fish "Schizothorax niger" with chlorpyrifos from "Dal Lake" basins, India. Int. J. Pharma. Sci. Res., 3: 535-542.
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  13. Macgowan, I., R. Nakeer, G.E. Rotheray and A. Irfan, 2012. A new species of fig-feeding Lonchaeidae (Diptera: Schizophora) from India and a checklist for the family in the Indian sub-continent. Zootaxa, 3242: 47-52.
  14. Saini, M.S., N. Razak and I. Ahmad, 2011. Poophilus costalis walker (Hemiptera: Cercopoidea: Aphrophoridae): A possible constraint to commercial exploitation of Lavendula angustifolia mill in kashmir himalaya with affinity for c3 photosynthetic plants. J. Med. Plants Res., 5: 2278-2282.
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  15. Razak, N., M.S. Saini and I. Ahmad, 2011. Report of the genus Chrysoesthia (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) from the biodiversity hotspot region of Kashmir Himalaya, India: A supplement to Palaearctic elements in the insect fauna of Kashmir Himalaya. Phegea, 39: 28-31.
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  16. Qadir, G., A.R. Yousuf, N. Razak, I. Ahmad, 2009. Study of body length in relationship to other morphometric measurements in Botia birdi: A deviation from cubes law. Oriental Sci., 14: 63-66.
  17. Qadir, G., A.R. Yousuf, N. Razak and I. Ahmad, 2009. Breeding biology of Botia birdi (Cypriniformes: Cobitidae): Fish that demands conservation. Oriental Sci., 14: 67-72.
  18. Wani, S.A., A. Nabi, I. Fayaz, I. Ahmad and Y. Nishikawa et al., 2006. Investigation of diarrhoeic faecal samples for enterotoxigenic, Shiga toxin‐producing and typical or atypical enteropathogenic Escherichia coli in Kashmir, India. FEMS Microbiol. Lett., 261: 238-244.
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  19. Ahmad, I. and S.A. Ahad, 2002. Prevalence of Ear Diseases with Special Reference to Conduction Ear Loss and Sensorineural Loss in Kashmir Valley. Bioresources: Concerns and Conservation. In: Proc. Natl. Semr. Recent Research trends in Life Sciences, Yousuf, A.R. and A. Kamili (Eds.)., Kashmir University, Srinagar, pp: 202-210.