Dr. Bidyut Kumar Ghosh
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Dr. Bidyut Kumar Ghosh

Assistant Professor
Dr. P.C. Mahalanabish School of Management, India

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Economics from University of Burdwan, India

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Dr. Bidyut Kumar Ghosh is currently working as Assistant Professor at the Dr. P.C.Mahalanabish School of Management, Mankundu, Hooghly, West Bengal. He has completed his Ph.D. in Economics from The University of Burdwan, India. Previously he was appointed as part-time Lecturer in Economics at Burdwan Raj College, four years research experience at the Economics Department of Burdwan University, and Assistant Professor at the Supreme Knowledge Foundation Group of Institutions. He has 19 publications in journals, 2 books and 1 chapter in book as author/co-author. His main area of interest focuses on Managerial Economics, Quantitative Economics, Econometrics and Statistics, and Operation Research. He is member of Agricultural Economics Research Association, New Delhi.

Area of Interest:

Operation Research
Financial Economics
Agricultural Economics

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Ghosh, B., 2014. Customer satisfaction for mobile telecom industry in Kolkata: A survey research. Parikalpana: Kiit J. Manage., 10: 13-20.
  2. Laha, A., B.K. Ghosh and P.K. Kuri, 2013. Agricultural Growth and Agrarian Relations. Serials Publications Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, ISBN-13: 9788183875967, Pages: 358.
  3. Ghosh, B.K., 2013. The Dynamics of Crop Diversification: A Study of West Bengal. Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany., ISBN: 978-3-659-43940-7, Pages: 132..
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  4. Ghosh, B.K., 2012. Marketing efficiency of tea auction markets in India: An application of error correction methods. Indian J. Econ. Bus., Vol. 11. .
  5. Ghosh, B.K., 2012. Law of one price arbitrage: A study on wholesale potato market in Hooghly district of west Bengal, India. Res. J. Econ. Bus. Stud., 1: 1-12.
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  6. Ghosh, B.K., 2012. Immoral trafficking and exploitation of children in India: A legal aspect. Indian J. Appl. Res., 2: 116-119.
  7. Batabyal, D. and B.K. Ghosh, 2012. A study of foreign tourist arrivals to India: A descriptive study through empirical evidences. South Asian J. Tourism Heritage, 5: 91-102.
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  8. Ghosh, B.K., 2011. Determinants of the changes in cropping pattern in India: 1970-71 to 2006-07. Bangladesh Dev. Stud., 34: 109-120.
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  9. Chakrabarty, A. and B.K. Ghosh, 2011. Long run financial market cointegration and its effect on international portfolio diversification. Indian J. Finance, 5: 27-37.
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  10. Ghosh, B.K., 2010. Growth and variability in the production of crops in west bengal agriculture. Trends Agric. Econ., 3: 135-146.
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  11. Ghosh, B.K., 2010. Fading glory of west bengal agriculture in the context of globalization: Need for a change in cropping pattern. Trends Agric. Econ., 3: 185-189.
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  12. Ghosh, B.K., 2010. Essence of crop diversification: A study of west Bengal agriculture during 1970-1971 to 2004-2005. J. Dev. Agric. Econ., 2: 368-381.
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  13. Ghosh, B.K., 2010. Determinants of farm mechanization in modern agriculture: A case study of Burdwan districts of west Bengal. Int. J. Agric. Res., 5: 1107-1115.
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  14. Ghosh, B.K., 2009. Identification of backward districts in West Bengal: Implications to balanced agricultural development. ICFAI Univ. J. Rural Manage., 2: 64-72.
  15. Ghosh, B.K., 2009. Factors affecting farmers decision to cultivate high-valued crops: A case study of Burdwan district of west Bengal. Iassi Q., 28: 148-159.
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  16. Sen, S.S., B.K. Ghosh and S. Ghosh, 2007. Stock market liquidity and exchange rate: A case study of BSE and NSE. Manage. Accountant, 42: 820-821.
  17. Ghosh, B.K. and P.K. Kuri, 2007. Agricultural growth in West Bengal from 1970-71 to 2003-04: A decomposition analysis. ICFAI J. Agric. Econ., 4: 30-46.
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  18. Ghosh, B.K. and P.K. Kuri, 2005. Changes in cropping pattern in West Bengal during 1970-71 to 2000-01. IASSI Q., 24: 39-56.