Dr. Anil Panghal
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Dr. Anil Panghal

Associate Professor
Lovely Professional University, India

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Food Technology from Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology, Hisar, Haryana, India

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Area of Interest:

Food Science and Technology
Food Safety Management
Food Chemistry
Food Science
Food Technology

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Sardana, R.K., N. Chhikara, B. Tanwar and A. Panghal, 2018. Dietary impact on esophageal cancer in humans: A review. Food Funct., 9: 1967-1977.
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  2. Sangma, C., V. Kumar, Y. Gat, M. Kaushal, S. Suri and A. Panghal, 2018. Optimization of preparation process for a blended beverage developed from chayote, sugarcane, and mint and coriander extract. Int. J. Veg. Sci., 10.1080/19315260.2018.1434262.
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  3. Panghal, A., S. Janghu, K. Virkar, Y. Gat, V. Kumar and N. Chhikara, 2018. Potential non-dairy probiotic products-A healthy approach. Food Biosci., 21: 80-89.
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  4. Panghal, A., R. Patidar, S. Jaglan, N. Chhikara, S.K. Khatkar, Y. Gat and N. Sindhu, 2018. Whey valorization: Current options and future scenario-a critical review. Nut. Food Sci., 10.1108/NFS-01-2018-0017.
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  5. Panghal, A., N. Chhikara, N. Sindhu and S. Jaglan, 2018. Role of food safety management systems in safe food production: A review. J. Food Saf., 10.1111/jfs.12464.
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  6. Kumar, V., J. Kaur, A. Panghal, S. Kaur and V. Handa, 2018. "Caffeine: A boon or bane". Nut. Food Sci., 48: 61-75.
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  7. Chhikara, N., R. Kour, S. Jaglan, P. Gupta, Y. Gat and A. Panghal, 2018. Citrus medica: Nutritional, phytochemical composition and health benefits-a review. Food Funct., 9: 1978-1992.
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  8. Ananthanarayan, L., Y. Gat, V. Kumar, A. Panghal and N. Kaur, 2018. Extruded black gram flour: Partial substitute for improving quality characteristics of Indian traditional snack. J. Ethnic Food, 5: 54-59.
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  9. Panghal, A., V. Kumar, S.B. Dhull, Y. Gat and N. Chhikara, 2017. Utilization of dairy industry waste-whey in formulation of papaya RTS beverage. Curr. Res. Nut. Food Sci. J., 5: 168-174.
  10. Panghal, A., N. Chhikara and B.S. Khatkar, 2017. Characterisation of Indian wheat varieties for chapatti (Flat bread) quality. J. Saudi Soc. Agric. Sci., 10.1016/j.jssas.2017.02.005.
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  11. Panghal, A., K. Virkar, V. Kumar, S.B. Dhull, Y. Gat and N. Chhikara, 2017. Development of probiotic beetroot drink. Curr. Res. Nut. Food Sci. J., 5: 257-262.
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  12. Kumar, V., J. Kaur, Y. Gat, A. Chandel, S. Suri and A. Panghal, 2017. Optimization of the different variables for the development of a cucumber-based blended herbal beverage. Beverages, 10.3390/beverages3040050.
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  13. Handa, V., V. Kumar, A. Panghal, S. Suri and J. Kaur, 2017. Effect of soaking and germination on physicochemical and functional attributes of horsegram flour. J. food sci. Technol., 54: 4229-4239.
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  14. Wani, A.A., D.S. Sogi, P. Singh, P. Sharma and A. Pangal, 2012. Dough-handling and cookie-making properties of wheat flour–watermelon protein isolate blends. Food Bioprocess Technol., 5: 1612-1621.
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  15. Navnidhi, A.P., N. Singh and B.S. Khatkar, 2011. Effect of minor ingredients on quality of cookies. Ann. Agri-Bio Res., 16: 79-84.
  16. Navnidhi, A.P., N. Singh and B.S. Khatkar, 2011. Effect of enzymes on cookies quality. Ann. Agri-Bio Res., 16: 75-78.
  17. Panghal, A., N. Dhull and K.B. Navnidhi, 2009. Whey based strawberry ready to serve (RTS) beverage. Beverage Food World, 36: 28-30.
  18. Navnidhi, A.P., S. Namita and B.S. Khatkar, 2009. Quality assessment of Indian wheat varieties for steam leavened flat bread (Chapatti) Ann. Agri. Bio. Res., 14: 195-200.
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  19. Khatkar, B.S., A. Panghal and U. Singh, 2009. Applications of cereal starches in food processing. Indian Food Ind., 28: 37-44.
  20. Narasimhan, B., N. Singh, A. Panghal and A.S. Dhake, 2008. Efficiency Of anacardic acid as preservative in tomato products. J. Food Process. Preservat., 32: 600-609.
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  21. Panghal, A., K. Sharma, S. Setia and A. Ray, 2007. Studies on utilization of whey for preparation of ready to serve (RTS) beverages. Beverage Food World, 34: 77-79.
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