Jayendira P Sankar

Jayendira P Sankar

Assistant Professor
AMA International University, Bahrain

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Economics from University of Madras, India

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Dr. Jayendira P.Sankar received his PhD from the University of Madras, India. He worked in various universities in India, and now he is an assistant professor of MBA at AMA International University in the Kingdom of Bahrain. He has fourteen years of academic experience and fellow HEA-UK with over fifty publications in various international journals and conferences in human resource management, retail marketing, and development economics. The current research interests include employee welfare activities, work-family balance, consumer behaviour, retail marketing, corporate social responsibility, economic sustainability, quality of e-learning in higher education, blended learning, employee development, and employee satisfaction.

Area of Interest:

Business Management
Economic and Social Issues
Agriculture Production Economics

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Sankar, J.P., 2020. Effectiveness of employee welfare activities of the hotel industry in the kingdom of bahrain. SSRN Electron. J., 10.2139/ssrn.3709068.
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  2. Sankar, J., 2020. Social responsibility of the corporate: thirukkural perspective. Int. J. Indian Culture Bus. Manage., 10.1504/ijicbm.2020.10032707.
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  3. Elumalai, K.V., J.P. Sankar, K. R, J.A. John, N. Menon, M.S.M. Alqahtani and M.A. Abumelha, 2020. Factors affecting the quality of e-learning during the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of higher education students. J. Inform. Technol. Educ.: Res., 19: 731-753.
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  4. Hasan, M.F.M.N.K., J.P. Sankar and P. D, 2019. Employee empowerment on employee performance of selected islamic banks in the kingdom of bahrain. Int. J. Bus. Appl. Social Sci., 5: 22-30.
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  5. Albaqqali, N.A. and J. Sankar, 2019. Empowerment and its relation with the job performance among the bank employees in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Int. J. Eng. Manage. Res., 9: 27-31.
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  6. Alaradi, F.M. and J. Sankar, 2019. Relationship of human resource management practices and perception of performance among the employees of selected small and medium enterprises in the kingdom of bahrain. Int. J. Eng. Manage. Res., 9: 47-53.
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