Dr. Rajkumar  Garg

Dr. Rajkumar Garg

Senior Scientist
M.P. Council of Science and Technology, India

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Zoology from Jiwaji University, India

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Area of Interest:

Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Aquatic Biology
Fish Molecular Biology
Aquatic Toxicology
Fish Taxonomy

Selected Publications

  1. Vijay, N., P. Sairkar, N. Silawat, R.K. Garg and N.N. Mehrotra, 2009. Genetic variability in Asparagus racemosus (Willd.) from Madhya Pradsh, India by random amplified polymorphic DNA. Afr. J. Biotechnol., 8: 3135-3140.
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  2. Saksena, D.N., R.K. Garg and R.J. Rao, 2008. Water quality and pollution status of chambal river in national chambal sanctuary, madhya pradesh. J. Environ. Biol., 29: 701-710.
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  3. Garg, R.K., R.J. Rao and D.N. Saksena, 2006. Check list of fishes of ramsagar reservoir, district datia, madhya pradesh. J. Zoos Print, 22: 2801-2803.
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  4. Garg, R.K., R.J. Rao and D.N. Saksena, 2006.. Nutrients and trophic status of ramsagar reservoir, datia, madhya pradesh. Nat. Environ. Poll. Tech., 5: 545-551.
  5. Garg, R.K., D.N. Saksena and R.J. Rao, 2006. Assessment of physico-chemical water quality of Harsi Reservoir, District Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. J. Ecophysiol. Occup. Hlth., 6: 33-40.
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  6. Garg, R.K., R.J. Rao and D.N. Saksena, 2005. Assessment of water quality of ramsagar reservoir, district datia, madhya pradesh with special reference to fisheries. J. Tissue Cult., 5: 54-54.