Dr. K. Martin Sagayam
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Dr. K. Martin Sagayam

Assistant Professor
Department of ECE, Karunya Institute of Technology & Sciences, India

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Electrical Communications Engineering from Karunya University, India

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Dr. K. Martin Sagayam, has completed his Ph.D. in the field of image processing, pattern recognition and machine learning. He has authored/ co-authored more number of referred International Journals. He has also presented more number of papers in reputed international and national conferences. He has authored 3 edited book, 3 authored book, book series and more than 15 book chapters with reputed international publishers like Elsevier, Springer, IGI Global and CRC press. He has three Indian patents and three Australian patents for his innovations and intellectual property right. He has appreciated as best reviewer in the journal of Signal, Image and Video Processing, Intelligent Decision Technologies, International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology, Pattern analysis and its applications and Informing Science Institute. He is an active member of professional bodies such as IEEE, Engineering and Scientific Research Groups, International Society of Promising Computer Engineers, Copernicus, Scientific Engineering Research Corporation, International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology, International Association of Engineers, Indian Society of Electronics and Communication Engineering and Orcid. His area of interest includes Communication systems, signal and image processing, machine learning and virtual reality.

Area of Interest:

Electronics and Communication Engineering
Augmented Reality
Artificial Intelligence
Signal and Image Processing
Pattern Recognition

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Sagayam, K.M., A.D. Andrushia, A. Ghosh, O. Deperlioglu and A.A. Elngar, 2021. Recognition of hand gesture image using deep convolutional neural network. Int. J. Image Graphics, Vol. 2021. 10.1142/s0219467821400088.
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  2. Onesimu, J.A., A. Kadam, K.M. Sagayam and A.A. Elngar, 2021. Internet of things based intelligent accident avoidance system for adverse weather and road conditions. J. Reliable Intell. Environ., 7: 299-313.
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  3. Bhushan, B., P. Sinha, K.M. Sagayam and J. Andrew, 2021. Untangling blockchain technology: a survey on state of the art, security threats, privacy services, applications and future research directions. Comput. Electr. Eng., Vol. 90. 10.1016/j.compeleceng.2020.106897.
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  4. Sagayam, K.M., S. D, H. Dang, M.H.A. Wahab and R. Ambar, 2020. IoT based virtual reality game for physio-therapeutic patients. Ann. Emerging Technol. Comput., 4: 39-51.
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  5. Sagayam, K.M., A.J. Timothy, C.C. Ho, L.E. Henesey and R. Bestak, 2020. Augmented reality-based solar system for e-magazine with 3-D audio effect. Int. J. Simul. Process Modell., Vol. 15. 10.1504/ijspm.2020.112460.
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  6. Rajesh,L. , G. Rajesh, X.M. Raajini, K.M. Sagayam, M.H.A. Wahab and N. Ahmad, 2020. Analysis and synthesis of energy efficient techniques in cloud computing. Int. J. Emerging Trends Eng. Res., 8: 4671-4680.
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  7. Rajesh, G., X.M. Raajini, K.M. Sagayam, B. Bhushan and U. Köse, 2020. Fuzzy genetic based dynamic spectrum allocation approach for cognitive radio sensor networks. Turk. J. Elect. Engineering Comput. Sci., 28: 2416-2432.
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  8. Rajesh, G., X.M. Raajini, K.M. Sagayam and H. Dang, 2020. A statistical approach for high order epistasis interaction detection for prediction of diabetic macular edema. Inf. Med. Unlocked, Vol. 20. 10.1016/j.imu.2020.100362.
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  9. Kadam, A., 2020. Vehicle automation and car-following models for accident avoidance. Przeglad Elektrotech., 1: 120-125.
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  10. Bhushan, B., A. Khamparia, K.M. Sagayam, S.K. Sharma, M.A. Ahad and N.C. Debnath, 2020. Blockchain for smart cities: a review of architectures, integration trends and future research directions. Sustainable Cities Soc., Vol. 61. 10.1016/j.scs.2020.102360.
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  11. Jone, A.A.A., T.A.J.M. Pushpa, N.M. George, K.M. Sagayam, S. Subramanian and P.E. Jebarani, 2019. Method for early detection of breast cancer: a technical review. Indian J. Public Health Res. Dev., Vol. 10. 10.5958/0976-5506.2019.02846.8.
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  12. Jone, A.A.A., S. Prince, J.S. Immanuel, K.M. Sagayam and E. Jebarani, 2019. Portable UWB based monopole antenna for wearable applications. Int. J. Recent Technol. Eng., 8: 71-75.
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  13. Jone, A.A.A., P.E. Jebarani, N.M. George, S. Subramanian and K.M. Sagayam, 2019. Design and performance of UWB wide slot antenna to detect the breast cancer in women. Int. J. Eng. Adv. Technol., 8: 3956-3963.
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  14. Jone, A.A.A. J.J. Paul, S. Prince, K.M. Sagayam and J.S. Immanuel, 2019. Folded shorted patch antenna with slots for wireless applications. Int. J. Eng. Adv. Technol., 9: 1437-1441.
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  15. Dhanasekar, S., P.M. Bruntha, C.A. Madhuvappan and K.M. Sagayam, 2019. An improved area efficient 16-QAM transceiver design using vedic multiplier for wireless applications. Int. J. Recent Technol. Eng., 8: 4419-4425.
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  16. Sagayam, K.M. and D.J. Hemanth, 2018. ABC algorithm based optimization of 1-D hidden markov model for hand gesture recognition applications. Comput. Ind., 99: 313-323.
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  17. Sagayam, K.M. and D.J. Hemanth, 2018. A probabilistic model for state sequence analysis in hidden markov model for hand gesture recognition. Comput. Intell., 35: 59-81.
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  18. Sagayam, K.M. and D.J. Hemanth, 2016. Hand posture and gesture recognition techniques for virtual reality applications: a survey. Virtual Reality, 21: 91-107.
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