Dr. Manjunath Katagi
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Dr. Manjunath Katagi

Associate Professor
Bapuji Pharmacy College, Davangere, Karnataka, India

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Nitte University, Mangalore, Karnataka, India

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Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences
Biomolecular Structure
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Drug Design

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Shainyan, B.A., L.V. Zhilitskaya and N.O. Yarosh, 2022. Synthetic approaches to biologically active C-2-substituted benzothiazoles. Molecules, Vol. 27. 10.3390/molecules27082598.
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  2. Bolakatti, G., M. Palkar, M. Katagi, G. Hampannavar, R.V. Karpoormath, S. Ninganagouda and A. Badiger, 2021. Novel series of benzo[d]thiazolyl substituted-2-quinolone hybrids: Design, synthesis, biological evaluation and in-silico insights. J. Mol. Struct., Vol. 1227. 10.1016/j.molstruc.2020.129413.
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  3. Miskin, N.R., M.S. Katagi, G. Bolakatti, V.K. Sunita and M. Suchitra, 2020. In-vitro cytotoxic activity of Persea Americana miller leaves extracts. Int. J. Med. Pharm. Res., 8: 44-57.
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  4. Katagi, M.S., S. Mamledesai, G. Bolakatti, J. Fernandes, M.L. Sujatha and P. Tari, 2020. Design, synthesis, and characterization of novel class of 2-quinolon-3-oxime reactivators for acetylcholinesterase inhibited by organophosphorus compounds. Chem. Data Collect., Vol. 30. 10.1016/j.cdc.2020.100560.
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  5. Manjunatha, S.K., B. Girish, F. Jennifer, M. Shivalingrao, M.L. Sujatha and A. Rekha, 2019. Synthesis of Oxazoloquinolone Derivatives and Evaluation of Their Potency to Reactivate Rat Brain Acetylcholinesterase Inhibited by Chlorpyrifos. In: Conference on Drug Design and Discovery Technologies, Murahari, M., L. Sundar, S. Chaki, V. Poongavanam, P. Bhat and U.Y. Nayak (Eds.), Royal Society of Chemistry, London, United Kingdom, ISBN: 978-1-78801-862-3, pp: 129-131.
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  6. Katagi, M.S., J. Fernandes, S. Mamledesai, M.L. Sujatha, A. Rekha and G. Bolakatti, 2019. Schiff base oxime derivatives reactivate chlorpyrifos-induced acetylcholinesterase inhibition. INNOCS Theranos. Pharm. Sci., 2: 14-18.
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  7. Lolienkar, M.K., S.N.M. Desai, S. Naik and M. Katagi, 2017. Synthesis of Isoxazoloquinoli-2-ones and evaluation for their reactivation efficacy against diisopropyl fluorophosphate inhibited acetylcholinesterase. Indian J. Heterocycl. Chem., 27: 245-248.
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  8. Katagi, M.S., J. Fernandes, D. Satyanarayana, G. Bolakatti and S.N. Mamledesai, 2014. In vitro reactivation of chlorpyrifos-inhibited rat brain acetylcholinesterase from 2-quinolone substituted thiazole derivatives. RGUHS J. Pharm. Sci., 4: 57-61.
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  9. Bolakatti, G., A. Badiger, M. Katagi, N. Miskin and K.S. Muralikrishna, 2014. Synthesis and antitumor activity of 2-(4-Aminophenyl)-6-fluoro-N-(substituted phenyl) benzo[d]thiazol-7-amine derivatives: A novel class of anticancer agents. RGUHS J. Pharm. Sci., 4: 22-29.
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  10. Katagi, M., G. Bolakatti, A. Badiger, D. Satyanarayana, S. Mamledesai and M. Sujatha, 2013. Synthesis, spectral characterization and antimicrobial activity of substituted thiazolyl derivatives of 2-quinolones. Drug Res., 63: 53-59.
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