Dr. Sampangi Gokula Krishnan
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Dr. Sampangi Gokula Krishnan

Associate Professor - Analytics & HR
Department of Management Studies, Global Academy of Technology, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Management from Karunya University, Tamil Nadu, India

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Dr. S. Gokula Krishnan presently working as an Associate Professor and Research Supervisor (PhD) with Global Academy of Technology, Bengaluru – 560 098 in the Department of MBA. His area of interest in management field are Human Resources, Analytics & Entrepreneurship.

Area of Interest:

Business Management and Accounting
Data Analysis
Human Resource

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Satheeshkumar, R., S.G. Krishan, S. Rawath, S.J.A. Kumar and M. Rakshith, 2022. A study on distribution channel strategy: Retailers’ perspective. Int. J. Innovative Eng. Manage. Res., 11: 240-252.
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  2. Rangasamy, S., V. Thiyagarajan, S.G. Krishnan, S. Rawath and Madhumitha, 2022. A study on customers perspective on opportunities and challenges of e-commerce in India. Int. J. Econ., Finance Manage. Sci., 10: 229-236.
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  3. Krishnan, S.G., N.R. Khan, C. Raja and P. Nanjundan, 2022. Analysis of manufacturing companies by weight sum method. REST J. Data Anal. Artif. Intell., 1: 8-14.
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  4. Rangasamy, S., S. Rawath, S.G. Krishnan and D.R. Gopal, 2021. Gender based mood analysis on purchase of wrist watches in Bangalore, Karnataka. Asian J. Social Sci. Manage. Stud., 8: 61-68.
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  5. Kumar, R.S., S.S. Rawath, S.G. Krishnan and J. Niveditha, 2021. An analysis on the measures taken by finance ministry to uplift the Indian economy during covid-19. Int. J. Res. Granthaalayah, 9: 302-315.
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  6. Krishnan, S.G., 2020. Gender diversity in the workplace and its effects on employees’ performance. J. Social Sci., 48: 1888-1898.
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  7. Krishnan, S.G. and M. Monica, 2020. Inclination towards entrepreneurship amongst management students - An empirical study. Strad Res., 7: 422-429.
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  8. Kokila, M.S. and S.G. Krishnan, 2019. An empirical study on the awareness and usage of payment banks among college students in Bangalore city. Int. J. Res., 8: 1004-1024.
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  9. Krishnan, S.G. and J.R. Wesley, 2018. Perceived organization support, learning & development, job characteristics and P-O fit: The contribution of employee communication. Asian J. Res. Social Sci. Humanit., 8: 97-109.
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  10. Krishnan, S.G., J.R. Wesley and R. Bhaskar, 2017. Perceived person-environment fit and employees’ turnover intention. Int. J. Curr. Adv. Res., 6: 5218-5224.
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