Dr. Dharam  Singh

Dr. Dharam Singh

Post-doctoral Fellow
Institute of Molecular Biology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Biotechnology from Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology, Palampur, India

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Area of Interest:

Molecular Sciences
Molecular Markers
Molecular Genetics

Selected Publications

  1. Singh, D., S.J. Chang, P.H. Lin, O.V. Averina, V.R. Kaberdin and S. Lin-Chao, 2009. Regulation of ribonuclease E activity by the L4 ribosomal protein of Escherichia coli. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA., 106: 864-869.
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  2. Lin, P.H., D. Singh, J.A. Bernstein and S. Lin-Chao, 2008. Genomic analysis of mRNA decay in E. coli with DNA microarrays. Methods Enzymol., 447: 47-64.
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  3. Kharkwal, A., D. Singh, S. Rajkumar and P.S. Ahuja, 2008. Genetic variation within and among the populations of Podophyllum hexandrum Royle (Podophyllaceae) in Western Himalaya. Plant Genet. Resour. Newslett., 156: 67-71.
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  4. Singh, D. and P.S. Ahuja, 2006. 5S rDNA gene diversity in tea (Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze) and its use for variety identification. Genome, 49: 91-96.
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  5. Singh, M., C. Sharma, B. Dhiman, D. Singh and J. Raizada, 2004. Cloning and characterization of repetitive sequence elements from Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kunzte. Physiol. Mol. Biol. Plants, 10: 209-215.
  6. Singh, D. and M. Singh, 2001. Organization of 5S ribosomal RNA genes in tea (Camellia sinensis). Genome, 44: 143-146.
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