Dr. Muthukumaran Pakkirisamy
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Dr. Muthukumaran Pakkirisamy

Associate Professor
American University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Tamil University, India

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Dr. Muthukumaran, earned his PhD in Biochemistry from Tamil University , India in 2014. He has 9 years experience in Teaching and Research for students in Biological science and Handling of student Research Projects, Quality assurance (Chemical ), Operation of Hi-tech Analytical Instrumentation (HPLC, GC-MS, ICP-OES,FTIR , NMR, Electrophoresis Techniques). Phytochemical Analysis, Microbial Techniques, Water quality Testing, Food and Dairy Product analysis , Anti-Ulcer Study (both acute and chronic models), Anti-inflammatory study (both acute and chronic models), Anti-Diabetic studies in Alloxan induced Diabetic rats, Anti-Diarrhoeal Study (both acute and chronic models) ,Various Toxicological Study and Nano particles Synthesis from medicinal plants . Before joining AUPP, He had served as an Assistant Professor at DMI-St Eugene University, Zambia-Africa.

He has published more than 36research articles (H index 10) in reputed journals , 3 Books and is a presenter at national seminars and international conferences.

He is serving as an editor- in-chief, associate editor, reviewer and editorial board member in various National and International journals of concerned Specialization and subjects.

He is a member of various National and International professional bodies like HKCBEES, IAENG, Senior Member in Asia Society of Researchers, and Life Member in Scientific Planet Society etc.

Area of Interest:

Pharmacology and Toxicology
Analytical Chemistry
Anti Oxidant Activity
Functional Food
Herbal Pharmacology

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Muthukumaran, P., R. Karthikeyan and K.R. Nirmal, 2021. A review of microbial contamination in processed and street foods. Int. J. Agric. Life Sci., 7: 338-341.
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  2. Muthukumaran, P., R. Karthikeyan and K.R. Nirmal, 2020. GC-MS analysis of bio-active compounds in the ethanolic extract of Amorphophallus sylvaticus. Int. J. Agric. Life Sci., 6: 284-287.
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  3. Muthukumaran, P. and V.H. Begum, 2020. Effect of poorna chandrodayam chendooram (PCM-metallic drug) on lipid profile, liver function and kidney function parameters of rats. Asian J. Pharm. Anal., 10: 27-31.
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  4. Kumaravel, S., P. Muthukumaran and Nimia, 2019. Phytochemical, GC-MS and FT-IR analysis of Papaver somniferum L. J. Pharm. Biol. Sci., 7: 1-8.
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  5. Ramakrishnan, P., S. Kalakandan and M. Pakkirisamy, 2018. Studies on Positive and Negative ionization mode of ESI-LC-MS/ MS for screening of phytochemicals on cassia auriculata (Aavaram Poo). Pharm. J., 10: 457-462.
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  6. Muthukumaran P., 2018. Application of Nanobiosensor in food-A comprehensive review. J. Pharm. Biol. Sci., 6: 39-46.
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  7. Kumar, R.N., P. Muthukumaran, K.S. Kumar and R. Karthikeyen, 2018. Phytochemical characterization of bioactive compound from the Ensete superbum seed powder. Int. J. Pure App. Biosci., 6: 635-643.
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  8. Bathini, V., S.K. Kalakandan,. M. Pakkirisamy and K. Ravichandran, 2018. Structural elucidation of peanut, sunflower and gingelly oils by using ftir and 1h nmr spectroscopy. Pharm. J., 10: 753-757.
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  9. Pattabiraman, K., P. Muthukumaran and V. Hazeenabegum, 2017. In-vitro antioxidant and GC-MS analysis ethanolic extract of poly herbal drug. Int. J. Agric. Life Sci., 3: 106-114.
  10. Pakkirisamy, M., S.K. Kalakandan and K. Ravichandran, 2017. Phytochemical screening, GC-MS, FT-IR analysis of methanolic extract of Curcuma caesia roxb (black turmeric). Pharm. J., 9: 952-956.
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  11. Kumaravel, S., P. Muthukumaran and K. Shanmugapriya, 2017. Chemical composition of Trigonella foenumgraecum through gas chromatography mass spectrometry analysis. J. Med. Plants Stud., 5: 1-3.
  12. Muthukumaran, P., K. Pattabiraman and H. Begum, 2016. In effect of poorna chandrodayam chendooram (metallic drug) on liver function, kidney function and lipid profile parameters of rats. Int. J. Agric. Life Sci., 2: 67-72.
  13. Muthukumaran, P. and S. Kumaravel, 2016. Phytochemical screening, free radical scavenging and antioxidant activity of Azadirachta indica Resin. Trends Biosci., 9: 450-455.
  14. Begum, V.H., P. Muthukumaran and K. Suganthi, 2016. Evaluation of anti-diarrhoeal activity of Lippia nodiflorai leaves extracts in experimental rats. Int. J. Pharm. Pharm. Res., 6: 141-149.
  15. Anitha, S., V. Hema and P. Muthukumaran, 2016. Effect of different extraction techniques of grape juice on their physico-chemical parameters. Trends Biosci., 9: 772-775.
  16. Muthukumaran, P. and V.H. Begum, 2014. Effect of poorna chandrothaya chendooram (Metallic drug) on liver detoxificative enzymes and serum met hemoglobin levels in young male rats. Int. J. Pharm. Drug Anal., 2: 700-704.
  17. Begum, V.H. and P. Muthukumaran, 2014. Phytochemical and free radical scavenging activity of Poorna chandrodayam chendooram (metallic herbal based drug). J. Phytopharmacol., 3: 418-422.
  18. Muthukumaran, P. and C. Abirami, 2013. Antioxidant and free radical scavenging activity Azima tetracantha lam. Res. J. Pharm. Dosage Forms Technol., 5: 315-319.
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  19. Begum, V.H., M. Dhanalakshmi and P. Muthukumaran, 2013. In vivo evaluation of antidiarrhoeal activity of the leaves of Azima tetracantha Linn. Int. J. Nutr. Metab., 5: 140-144.
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  20. Salomi, S., P. Muthukumaran and R. Umamaheshwari, 2012. In-vitro antioxidant activity of Azima tetracantha leaves. Res. J. Sci. Technol., 4: 148-151.
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  21. Shanmuganathan, P. and P. Muthukumaran, 2011. Antibacterial properties of the methanol extract from the flower of Cassia auriculata L. Res. J. Pharmacognosy Phytochem., 3: 137-139.
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  22. Selvan, S.A. and P. Muthukumaran, 2011. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of leaf extract of Pithecellobium dulce Benth. Int. J. Chem. Technol. Res., 3: 337-341.
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  23. Pattabiraman, K. and P. Muthukumaran, 2011. Antidiabetic and antioxidant activity of Morinda tinctoria roxb fruits extract in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Asian J. Pharm. Technol., 1: 34-39.
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  24. Muthukumran, P., V.H. Begum and K. Pattabiraman, 2011. Antioxidant status of ginger against mercury induced toxicity in the brain of rat. BioChem.: Indian J., 5: 29-34.
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  25. Muthukumran, P. and V.H. Begumand, 2011. Anti-diabetic activity of Dodonaea viscose (L.) leaf extracts. Int. J. Pharm. Technol. Res., 3: 136-139.
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  26. Muthukumaran, P., P. Shanmuganathan and C. Malathi, 2011. Antioxidative and antimicrobial study of aerva lanata. Asian J. Biochem. Pharmaceut. Res., 1: 265-271.
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  29. Muthukumaran, P., M. Elayarani, P. Shanmuganathan and A. Cholarajan, 2011. Antimicrobial activities of Cassia auriculata L and Morinda tinctoria roxb. Int. J. Res. Pure Applied Microbiol., 1: 9-12.
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  30. Malathi, R., A. Cholarajan, K. Karpagam, K.R. Jaya and P. Muthukumaran, 2011. Antimicrobial studies on selected medicinal plant Coleus amboinious, Phyla nodiflora and Vitex negundo. Asian J. Pharma Technol., 1: 53-55.
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  35. Muthukumaran, P. and K. Pattabiraman, 2010. Hepatoprotective activity of Premna serratifolia Linn. on experimental liver Damage in rats. Asian J. Sci. Technol., 6: 105-107.
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  36. Muthukumaran, P. and K. Pattabiraman, 2010. Anti-ulcer effects of Ipomoea aquatica forsk leaves against gastric ulcers in rats. Res. J. Pharm. Phytochem., 2: 471-474.
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