Dr. S.  Shanthakumar
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Dr. S. Shanthakumar

Associate Professor
VIT University, India

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from VIT University, India

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Dr. S. Shanthakumar is currently working as Associate Professor at VIT University, India. He obtained his Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from same University. His main area of interest related to Environmental Engineering and Management. His area of expertise includes Adsorption, Industrial, Waste Treatment, Wastewater treatment, Industrial waste characterization, Biosorption, Dye removal, Heavy Metal removal, Environmental Geotechnology, Application of Geomaterials, and Waste Minimization. He has published 34 research articles in journals contributed as author/co-author.

Area of Interest:

Environmental Sciences
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Management
Wastewater Treatment

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Vijayaraghavan, G. and S. Shanthakumar, 2015. Performance study on algal alginate as natural coagulant for the removal of Congo red dye. Desalination Water Treat., (In Press). 10.1080/19443994.2015.1008578.
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  2. Premkumar, M., S. Abinandan, V. Sowmya and S. Shanthakumar, 2015. Efficacy of Eleusine coracana (L.) Gaertn (Ragi) husk for adsorption of chromium(VI): A study using response surface methodology. Environ. Prog. Sustain. Energy, 34: 139-145.
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  3. Premkumar, M. and S. Shanthakumar, 2015. Process optimization for Cr(VI) removal by Mangifera indica seed powder: A response surface methodology approach. Desalination Water Treat., 53: 1653-1663.
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  4. Abinandan, S., R. Bhattacharya and S. Shanthakumar, 2015. Efficacy of Chlorella pyrenoidosa and Scenedesmus abundans for nutrient removal in rice mill effluent (paddy soaked water). Int. J. Phytoremediation, 17: 377-381.
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  5. Vilvanathan, S. and S. Shanthakumar, 2014. Removal of Ni(II) and Co(II) ions from aqueous solution using teak (Tectona grandis) leaves powder: Adsorption kinetics, equilibrium and thermodynamics study. Desalination Water Treat., (In Press). 10.1080/19443994.2014.989913.
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  6. Manimegalai, G., S. Shanthakumar and C. Sharma, 2014. Silver nanoparticles: Synthesis and application in mineralization of pesticides using membrane support. Int. Nano Lett., Vol. 4. 10.1007/s40089-014-0105-8.
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  7. Kumar, R., S. Abinandan and S. Shanthakumar, 2014. Assessment of noise quality: A study in Patna (Bihar), India. Indian J. Environ. Protect., 34: 653-659.
  8. Judith, J.V., R. Revathy, V. Habeeba, M. Poddar and A.N. Brijesh Nair et al., 2014. Mapping drinking water quality in water distribution system to health effects: A case study. Pollut. Res., 33: 681-687.
  9. Abinandan, S., B.A. Anand and S. Shanthakumar, 2014. Assessment of physico-chemical characteristics of groundwater: A case study. Int. J. Environ. Health Eng., Vol. 3. 10.4103/2277-9183.131809.
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  10. Vijayarghavan, G., R. Rajasekaran and S. Shanthakumar, 2013. Removal of reactive yellow dye using natural coagulants in synthetic textile waste water. Int. J. Chem. Sci., 11: 1824-1830.
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  11. Unnithan, A., S. Shanthakumar and A.N. Brijesh Nair, 2013. Determination of flow pattern and depository rate of contaminants in a pipe network: A laboratory scale study. Int. J. ChemTech Res., 5: 2436-2442.
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  12. Poddar, M. and S. Shanthakumar, 2013. Colour removal from aqueous dye solution using magnesium chloride and gulmohar plant (Delorix regia) leaf powder. Pollut. Res., 32: 365-370.
  13. Abinandan, S., M. Premkumar, K. Praveen and S. Shanthakumar, 2013. Nutrient removal from sewage: An experimental study at laboratory scale using microalgae. Int. J. ChemTech Res., 5: 2090-2095.
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  14. Sudarshan, K., K. Praveen and S. Shanthakumar, 2012. Assessment of noise levels in Vellore city in Tamil Nadu. Indian J. Air Pollut. Control, 12: 67-80.
  15. Sherly, R. and S. Shanthakumar, 2011. Valuable products from fly ash: A review. J. Ind. Pollut. Control, 27: 113-120.
  16. Shanthakumar, S., D.N. Singh and R.C. Phadke, 2011. Determining residual ammonia in flue gas conditioned fly ashes and its influence on the pozzolanic activity. J. Testing Eval., Vol. 39, No. 1. 10.1520/JTE103001.
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  17. Manimegalai, G., S. Shanthakumar and C. Sharma, 2011. Pesticide mineralization in water using silver nanoparticles. Int. J. Chem. Sci., 9: 1463-1471.
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  18. Shanthakumar, S., D.N. Singh and R.C. Phadke, 2010. Methodology for determining particle-size distribution characteristics of fly ashes. J. Mater. Civil Eng., 22: 435-442.
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  19. Arnepalli, D.N., B. Hanumantha Rao, S. Shanthakumar and D.N. Singh, 2010. Determination of distribution coefficient of geomaterials and immobilizing agents. Can. Geotech. J., 47: 1139-1148.
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  20. Shanthakumar, S., D.N. Singh and R.C. Phadke, 2009. The effect of dual flue gas conditioning on fly ash characteristics. J. Testing Eval., Vol. 37, No. 6. 10.1520/JTE102267.
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  21. Shanthakumar, S., D.N. Singh and R.C. Phadke, 2008. Influence of flue gas conditioning on fly ash characteristics. Fuel, 87: 3216-3222.
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  22. Shanthakumar, S., D.N. Singh and R.C. Phadke, 2008. Flue gas conditioning for reducing suspended particulate matter from thermal power stations. Prog. Energy Combust. Sci., 34: 685-695.
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  23. Arnepalli, D.N., S. Shanthakumar, B.H. Rao and D.N. Singh, 2008. Comparison of methods for determining specific-surface area of fine-grained soils. Geotech. Geol. Eng., 26: 121-132.
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  24. Shanthakumar, S. and K. Joseph, 2006. Waste minimization in hosiery textile dyeing: A case study. J. Ind. Pollut. Control, 22: 345-352.
  25. Shanthakumar, S. and K. Akil, 2006. A novel eco-friendly approach for textile sludge. J. Environ. Sci. Eng., 48: 9-14.
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  26. Shanthakumar, S. and K. Joseph, 2005. Evaluation of waste minimization options in hosiery dyeing units. J. Indian Assoc. Environ. Manage., 32: 121-128.