Dr. Muhammad   Kamran Taj
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Dr. Muhammad Kamran Taj

Assistant Professor
University of Balochistan, Pakistan

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Environmental Biology from Kunming University of Science and Technology, China

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Area of Interest:

Environmental Sciences
Environment Development
Innovative Technologies
Resource Management

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Li, H., M.K. Taj, X. Ji, Q. Zhang, L. Lin, Z. Zhou and Y. Wei, 2017. Bacterial communities in soil samples from the Mingyong Glacier of southwestern China. Pak. J. Pharm. Sci., 30: 689-696.
  2. Taj, M.K., X. Ji, L. Lin, Q. Zhang and Y. Wei et al., 2016. Diversity and phylogenetic analysis of pseudomonas strains isolated from Mingyong glacier, China. J. Biodiversity Environ. Sci., 9: 232-236.
  3. Mustafa, M.Z., M.K. Taj, N. Rashid, A. Raziq and G.H. Talpur et al., 2016. Health issues associated with carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in baloch and hazara populations of Balochistan province of Pakistan. J. Chem. Biol. Phys. Sci., 6: 476-490.
  4. Khan, M.A., M.M. Tariq, Z. Ahmed, M. Din and N. Rashid et al., 2016. Molecular characterizations of harnai sheep breed in Balochistan. Jokull J., 66: 89-105.
  5. Hameed, T., M.Z. Mustafa, M.K. Taj, M.A. Bajwa, F.A. Bukhar, M.M.T. Kiani and A. Ahmed, 2016. Hatchability and fertility in broiler breeder stock. J. Chem. Biol. Phys. Sci., 6: 266-274.
  6. Ajaz-ul-Haq, M.K.T., I. Taj, S. Arif, A. Ahmed and G. Muhammad et al., 2016. Isolation of clostridium perfringens from goats and sheep of the Khuzdar district of Balochistan, Pakistan. Int. J. Biosci., 9: 156-162.
  7. Ahmed, Z., M. Aurangzaib, A. Barech, A. Ahmed and I. Taj et al., 2016. Microbiological quality of cattle milk obtained from dairy farms around quetta valley. J. Applied Emerging Sci., 6: 28-30.
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  8. Taj, M.K., I. Taj, M.Z. Mustafa, T.M. Hassani and A. Samad et al., 2015. Stray dogs life in Quetta city of Balochistan. HFSP J., 9: 36-40.
  9. Samad, A., M.K. Taj, F. Abbas, I. Taj, M. Alam, Z.A. Mangel and T.M. Hassani, 2015. Use of antimicrobial susceptibility pattern as an identification marker of Gram positive, aerobic spore forming bacilli, isolated during vaccine manufacturing process. J. Environ. Sci. Comput. Sci. Eng. Technol., 44: 97-103.
  10. Li, H., X. Ji, C. Sun, M.K. Taj, Q. Zhang, L. Lin and Y. Wei, 2015. Identification of psychrophiles by fatty acid analysis with gas chromatography in mingyong glacier. Basic Clin. Pharmacol. Toxicol., Vol. 117. .
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  11. Kanwal, S., M.K. Taj, S. Saddozai, I. Taj and F. Abbas et al., 2015. Water pollution in Balochistan province of Pakistan. Int. J. Eng. Applied Sci., 2: 89-90.
  12. Hassani, T.M., M.K. Taj, I. Taj, Z. Samreen and M.A. Mangel, 2015. Frequent rangeland grazing mistakes in Balochistan. J. Environ. Sci. Comput. Sci. Eng. Technol., 4: 72-74.
  13. Ahmed, A., M.K. Taj, Z. Yongliang, I. Taj and T.M. Hassani et al., 2015. Preparation of Dietary Fiber from Rice Milled by-products by fermentation of edible fungi. HFSP J., 9: 81-95.
  14. Ahmed, A., M.K. Taj, Z. Yongliang, I. Taj and T.M. Hassani et al., 2015. Chemical composition and antioxidant properties of eight Wild edible Boletaceae mushrooms growing in Yunnan Province of China. Jokull J., 65: 146-167.
  15. Taj, M.K., Z. Samreen, T.M. Hassani, I. Taj and W. Yunlin, 2014. Quorum sensing effect the lysis mechanism of t4 bacteriophage. Int. J. Innov. Sci. Res., 10: 421-424.
  16. Taj, M.K., Z. Samreen, J.X. Ling, I. Taj, T.M. Hassani and W. Yunlin, 2014. Escherichia coli as a model organism. Int. J. Eng. Res. Sci. Technol., 3: 1-8.
  17. Taj, M.K., Z. Samreen, I. Taj, T.M. Hassani, J.X. Ling and W. Yunlin, 2014. T4 bacteriophage as a model organism. Int. J. Res. Applied Nat. Soc. Sci., 2: 19-24.
  18. Taj, M.K., Y.L. Wei, Z. Samreen, I. Taj, T.M. Hassani and X.L. Ji, 2014. Quorum sensing and its different signals systems in bacteria. Impact Int. J. Res. Applied Nat. Soc. Sci., 2: 117-124.
  19. Taj, M.K., L.L. Bing, Z. Qi, J.X. Ling and I. Taj et al., 2014. Quorum sensing molecules acyl-homoserine lactones and indole effect on T4 bacteriophage production and lysis activity. Pak. Vet. J., 34: 397-399.
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  20. Taj, M.K., J.X. Ling, L.L. Bing, Z. Qi and I. Taj et al., 2014. Effect of dilution, temperature and pH on the lysis activity of T4 phage against E. coli bl21. J. Anim. Plant Sci., 24: 1252-1255.
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  21. Taj, I., M.K. Taj, M.A. Bajwa, F. Abbas, S. Babar and T.M. Hassani, 2014. The effect of livestock production system on the natural environment of district Barkhan Balochistan, Pakistan. Int. J. Innov. Sci. Res., 10: 425-429.
  22. Mengal, M.H., F. Tanver, M. Azam, M.A. Mengal, M.A. Mengal and M.K. Taj, 2014. Cross sectional assessment of knowledge, attitude and practice towards Hepatitis C among adolescents in Quetta, Pakistan. Dentistry, Vol. 4. 10.4172/2161-1122.1000263.
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  23. Ji, X.L., M.K. Taj, X.B. Lu, L.B. Lin, Q. Zhang and Y.L. Wei, 2014. Purification and characterization of an extracellular cold-active protease produced by the psychrotrophic Bacterium serratia Sp. WJ39. Applied Mech. Mater., 618: 330-334.
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  24. Hassani, T.M., M.K. Taj, I. Taj and Z. Samreen, 2014. Backyard poultry in Balochistan. Int. J. Innov. Sci. Res., 10: 364-366.
  25. Hassani, T.M., M.K. Taj and I. Taj, 2014. Breeding ram selection and its role in improvement of Balochistan sheep breeds. Int. J. Innov. Sci. Res., 9: 255-257.
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  29. Taj, M.K., W. Yunlin, I. Taj, T.M. Hassani and Z. Samreen, 2013. Lysis inhibition effect T4 bacteriophage burst size. Int. J. Applied Nat. Sci., 2: 91-94.
  30. Taj, M.K., A.M. Cheema, I.T. Hassani and T.M. Hassani, 2010. Lipid profile in supplementation walnut and almond in hypertension subjects. Pak. J. Med. Health Sci., 4: 172-174.
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  31. Abbas, F., F.A. Khan, A. Hussain, F. Ahmed and M. Ahmed et al., 2010. Production of goat pox virus vaccine from a live attenuated goat pox virus strain. J. Anim. Plant Sci., 20: 315-317.
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  32. Rafeeq, M., N. Rashid, M.M. Tariq, R.B. Tareen, F. Bukhari, I.S. Sheikh and K. Taj, 2006. The effect of aqueous herbal infusion in drinking water on broiler performance and intestinal microflora status. ARPN J. Agric. Biol. Sci., 11: 448-453.
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