Mr. Muswar Ali Gadhi
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Mr. Muswar Ali Gadhi

Food Security Officer
PINS ER-3 Program, District Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan

Highest Degree
M.Sc. (Hons.) in Plant Pathology from Sindh Agriculture University, Tando Jam, Sindh, Pakistan

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Area of Interest:

Agricultural Sciences
Plant Pathology
Plant Sciences
Biological Activities

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Reki, M.A., M.A. Abro, G.H. Jatoi, M.A. Gadhi, S. Muhammad and A. Ali, 2021. Evaluation of different fungicides, botanical extracts and biocon-trol agents against penicillium expansum the causal agent of blue mold of apple. Pak J. Biotechnol., 17: 25-31.
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  2. Jarwar, U., Z.A. Nizamani, M.A. Gadhi, S.A. Abro, T.A. Bhatti, A.H. Soomro and S. Muhammad, 2021. In-vitro efficacy of different botanical extract against leaf spot of marry gold caused by Alternaria alternat. Mehrgarh J. Sci. Technol., 1: 5-8.
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  3. Jarwar, U., M.A. Gadhi, Z.A. Nizamani, S.A. Abro and R. Kumar et al., 2021. In-vitro efficacy of different fungicides against leaf spot of marigold caused by Alternaria alternata. Mehrgarh J. Sci. Technol., 1: 1-4.
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  4. Bhatti, T.A., Z.A. Nizamani, M.A. Gadhi, F. Soomro and R. Kumar, 2021. Management of downy mildew of onion through selective fungicides in the field condition. J. Appl. Res. Plant Sci., 2: 92-107.
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  5. Nizamani, M.H., M.A. Abro, M.A. Gadhi, A.U. Keerio, M.S.A. Talpur, Sajawal and S. Qazi, 2020. Evaluation of different essential oils and bio control agents against Alternaria alternata the causal agent of fruit rot of jujube. J. Appl. Res. Plant Sci., 1: 1-8.
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  6. Keerio, A.U., T. Nazir, Y.A. Abdulle, G.H. Jatoi and M.A. Gadhi et al., 2020. In vitro pathogenicity of the fungi Beauveria bassiana and Lecanicillium lecanii at different temperatures against the whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (Genn.) (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae). Egypt. J. Biol. Pest Control, Vol. 30. 10.1186/s41938-020-00247-8.
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  7. Keerio, A.U., T. Nazir, T. Anwar, M.Z. Majeed and Y.A. Abdulle et al., 2020. Sub-lethal effects of partially purified protein extracted from Beauveria bassiana (Balsamo) and its presumptive role in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.) defense against whitefly (Bemisia tabaci Genn.). Insects, Vol. 11. 10.3390/insects11090574.
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  8. Jatoi, G.H., S. Muhammad, W.A. Metlo, L.K.T. Al-Ani and Haseenullah et al., 2020. Efficacy of different essential oils, fungicides and biocontrol agents against Aspergillus niger the causal agent of fruit rot in pomegranate. Int. J. Biosci., 16: 51-65.
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  9. Jatoi, G.H., G. Lihua, Y. Xiufen, M.A. Gadhi, A.U. Keerio, Y.A. Abdulle and D. Qiu, 2019. A novel protein elicitor PeBL2, from Brevibacillus laterosporus A60, induces systemic resistance against Botrytis cinerea in tobacco plant. Plant Pathol. J., 35: 208-218.
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  10. Gadhi, M.A., Z.A. Nizamani, G.H. Jatoi, M.A. Abro, A.U. Keerio, G.B. Poussio and D. Qiu, 2018. In-vitro efficacy of bio-control agent and essential oils against leaf blight of chickpea caused by Alternaria alternata. Acta Ecol. Sin., 40: 166-171.
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  11. Jatoi, G.H., M.A. Abro1, J.A. Tariq, S. Memon and N. Mangi et al., 2016. Screening of potential bacterial bio-control agents against the Helminthosporium oryzae in-vitro conditions caused by brown spot of rice. Pak. J. Biotechnol., 13: 95-100.
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