Dr. Fouad Attia Majeed
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Dr. Fouad Attia Majeed

Department of Physics, University of Babylon, Al Ḩillah, Babylon, Iraq

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Physics from Al-Nahrain University, Baghdad, Iraq

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Social Sciences

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Majeed, F.A., K.H.H. Alteah and M.S. Mehemed, 2018. The effect of breakup channel on the fusion reactions of some light and medium nuclei. J. Eng. Applied Sci., 13: 23-24.
  2. Majeed, F.A., R.S. Hamodi and F.M. Hussian, 2017. Semiclassical coupled channels calculations in Heavy-ion fusion reaction. Adv. Stud. Theor. Phys., 11: 415-427.
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  3. Majeed, F.A., R.S. Hamodi and F.M. Hussian, 2017. Effect of coupled channels on semiclassical and quantum mechanical calculations for heavy ion fusion reactions. J. Comput. Theor. Nanosci., 14: 2242-2247.
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  4. Majeed, F.A., K.H.H. Alteah and M.S. Mehemed, 2017. Coupled channel calculations using semi-classical and quantum mechanical approaches for light and medium mass systems. Int. J. Nucl. Eng. Sci. Tech., 11: 291-308.
  5. Majeed, F.A., 2017. The role of the breakup channel on the fusion reaction of light and weakly bound nuclei. Int. J. Nuclear Energy Sci. Technol., 11: 218-228.
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  6. Majeed, F.A., 2017. Shell model calculations of some nuclei near 208pb region. J. Phys. Stud., 21: 3201-3206.
  7. Majeed, F.A. and S.M. Obaid, 2017. Shell model calculations of some exotic nuclei near doubly magic 132Sn. J. Adv. Phys., 6: 308-312.
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  8. Majeed, F.A. and S.M. Obaid, 2017. Level excitation spectra and binding energies of some nuclei around doubly-magic 56Ni. J. Adv. Phys., 6: 308-311.
  9. Shakir, A.A., I.H. Kadhim, A.O.M. Almayyali and F.A. Majeed, 2016. Measurement of radon concentration in some of cosmetics by using Nuclear Track Detector (CR-39). Int. J. PharmTech Res., 9: 231-235.
  10. Majeed, F.A. and S.M. Obaid, 2016. Large-scale shell model calculations of 134;136Sn, 134;136Te around doubly-magic 132Sn. Int. J. Sci. Technol. Res., 5: 106-110.
  11. Majeed, F.A., I.H. Kadhim, A.O. Muhsen and K.H. Abass, 2015. Determination of alpha particles concentration in toothpaste using CR-39 track detector. Detection, 3: 9-13.
  12. Majeed, F.A. and Y.A. Abdul-Hussien, 2015. Fusion and breakup reactions of 17S + 208Pb and 15C + 232 Th Halo Nuclei systems. J. Adv. Phys., 11: 2972-2978.
  13. Majeed, F.A. and S.S. Ahmed, 2015. No-core shell model calculations for 6;8He, 8;10;12B. Int. J. Phys., 3: 155-158.
  14. Majeed, F.A. and L.A. Najim, 2015. Contribution of high energy configurations to longitudinal and transverse form factors in p- and sd-shell nuclei. Indian J. Phys., 3: 611-618.
  15. Hussain, F.M., A.O.M. Almayyali and F.A. Majeed, 2015. Large-basis shell model calculations of odd-A 63-73Ni isotopes. Albahir J., 1: 27-33.
  16. Majeed, F.A., K.S. Jassim and N.H. Abbas, 2014. Role of coupled-channels in heavy ions reactions at the coulomb barrier. Int. J. Sci. Res., 3: 315-319.
  17. Majeed, F.A., F.M. Hussain, M. Khudhur and A.O. Muhsen, 2014. Shell model calculations of some titanium isotopes. J. Kerbala Univ., 12: 162-169.
  18. Majeed, F.A., F.M. Hussain and A.O. Almayyali, 2014. Large-scale shell model investigation of even-even 66-76Ni isotopes. Int. J. Sci. Res., 3: 2842-2845.
  19. Majeed, F.A. and F.M. Hussain, 2014. The role of the core polarization on C2 and C4 form factors of fp-Shell nuclei. Rom. J. Phys., 59: 95-105.
  20. Majeed, F.A. and A.J. Ejam, 2014. Large-scale shell model calculation of neutron rich even-Even 54-66Fe isotopes. Int. J. Adv. Res., 2: 757-762.
  21. Majeed, F.A., 2013. Systematic study of even-even 20-32Mg isotopes. J. Univ. Babylon Pure Applied Sci., 21: 2575-2581.
  22. Al-Attiah, K.H.H., F.A. Majeed and T.J. Al-Kawwaz, 2013. Shell model calculations of even- even 102-108Sn isotopes in the vicinity of 100Sn. J. Univ. Babylon Pure Applied Sci., 21: 2831-2831.
  23. Majeed, F.A., 2012. The effect of core polarization on longitudinal form factors in 10B. Phys. Scr., Vol. 85. .
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  24. Majeed, F.A., 2007. Longitudinal and transverse form factors from 12C. Phys. Scr., 76: 332-335.
  25. Majeed, F.A. and R.A. Radhi, 2006. Dipole and quadrupole electroexcitations of the isovector T=1 particle-hole states in 12C. Chin. Phys. Lett., 23: 2699-2702.
  26. Majeed, F.A., R.A. Radhi and L.A. Al-Ani, 2001. Eigen values and eigen vectors of the isovector T=1 particle- hole states in 12C. J. Saddam Univ., 5: 145-157.
  27. Radhi, R.A., F.A. Majeed and L.A. Al-Ani, 2000. Inelastic electron scattering form factors for the positive and negative parity states of 12C in the framework of particle-hole congurations. J. Saddam Univ., 4: 131-137.