Dr. Abdul-Wali  Ajlouni

Dr. Abdul-Wali Ajlouni

Assistant Professor
Technical University, Jordan

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Radiation Physics from Technical University, Jordan

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Area of Interest:

Nuclear Physics
Atomic and Molecular Physics
Biological Physics
Physical Sciecnes

Selected Publications

  1. Salameh, B., O. Abu-Haija, A.W. Ajlouni and M. Abdelsalam, 2011. Radiation Doses due to radon concentration in Tafila District, Jordan. Res. J. Environ. Texicol., 5: 71-75.
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  2. Ajlouni, A.W., 2011. Fractional calculus tools in physics. Appl. Math, Info. Sci., 5: 253-262.
  3. Ajlouni, A.W., O. Abu-Haija, M. Abdelsalam and Y.S. Almasaefah, 2010. Radiation doses due to natural radioactivity in afra hot Spring, Jordan. Int. J. Low Radiation, 7: 48-52.
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  4. Ajlouni, A.W., A. Al-Okour, B. Salameh and H. Al-Smadi, 2010. Schrodinger equation of dissipated finite potential barrier, using fractional calculus. Res. J. Phy., 4: 152-159.
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  5. Ajlouni, A.W., 2010. Radiotherapy by neutron irradiated nanoparticles. J. Mat. Sci. Eng., Vol. 4. .
  6. Ajlouni, A.W. and H.A. Al-Rabaiah 2010. Fractional-Calculus diffusion equation. Nonlinear Biomed. Phys., 4: 3-3.
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  7. Abu-Haija, O., B. Salameh, A.W. Ajlouni, M. Abdelsalam and H. Al-Ebaisat, 2010. Measurement of radon concentration inside houses in Tafila Province, Jordan. Int. J. Phys. Sci., 5: 696-699.
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  8. Ajlouni, A.W., Y.S. Almasa' Efah and M. Abdelsalam, 2010. Nuclear fission products: From source to environment. J. Environ. Sci. Technol., 4: 182-194.
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  9. Ajlouni, A.W., M. Abdelsalam, O. Abu-Hayja and B. Joudeh, 2009. New findings: A very high natural radiation area in Afra hot springs. Radiat. Protection Dosimetry, 133: 115-118.
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  10. Ajlouni, A.W., M. Abdelsalam, H. Al-Rabaiah and A.M.S. Ajlouni, 2009. Diffusion of radioactive materials in the atmosphere. Am. J. Environ. Sci., 5: 53-57.
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  11. Ajlouni, A.W., O. Abu-Haija, M. Abdelsalam and.H. Rabaiah, 2008. Nuclear fission products behavior in the environment. J. Appl. Sci. Environ. Sanitat., 3: 109-116.
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  12. Mahasneh, A.A., A.W. Ajlouni and O. Abu-Haija, 2007. Distribution of 0.125-0.50 mev/amu 4he ions backskattered from metallic surface. J. Appl. Sci., 7: 1497-1503.
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  13. Ajlouni, A.W., B. Joudeh and B. Salameh, 2007. Particle in a Box, with Dissipation. J. Applied Sci., 7: 1314-1320.
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  14. Ajlouni, A.W., 2007. Health consequences of nuclear fission products. J. Appl. Sci. Environ. Manage., 11: 11-14.
  15. Ajlouni, A.W. and A.A. Mahasneh, 2007. Atom behavior during nucleus fission process (Highly Ionized Atoms (HIA) Hypothesis). J. Applied Sci., 7: 1664-1668.
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  16. Ajlouni, A.W. and A. Al-Okour, 2007. Fission product health effects on human body. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 10: 3405-3409.
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  17. Abu-Haija, O., A. Mahasneh, A. Taani and A.W. Ajlouni, 2007. Particle in a finite potential well with dissipation. J. Applied Sci., 7: 1669-1673.
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  18. Rabei, E., A.W. Ajlouni and H. Ghassib, 2006. Quantization of nonconservative systems using fractional calculus. Wseas Transact. Math., 5: 853-864.
  19. Rabei, E., A.W. Ajlouni and H. Ghassib, 2006. Quantization of brownian motion. Int. J. Theor. Phys., 45: 1613-1623.
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