Prof. Dr. Faten Abdul Rahman Fuad Khorshid
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Prof. Dr. Faten Abdul Rahman Fuad Khorshid

Department of Biological Science, King Abdul-Aziz University, Saudi Arabia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Cell Engineering from Glasgow University, UK

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Area of Interest:

Pharmacology and Toxicology
Cell Biology
Cancer Research
Drug Discovery

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Romli, F., N. Abu, F.A. Khorshid, S.U.F. Syed Najmuddin and Y.S. Keong et al., 2017. The growth inhibitory potential and antimetastatic effect of camel urine on breast cancer cells in vitro and in vivo. Integr. Cancer Ther., 16: 540-555.
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  2. Khedr, A. and F. Khorshid, 2017. Characterization and determination of major bioactive acids in camel urine using gas chromatography mass-spectrometry. Indian J. Pharm. Sci., 78: 680-687.
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  3. Khorshid, F.A.R., S.G. Al-Attas, Y.A. Elsourojy, S.O. Noor, N. Tawfik and R.M. Alshehri, 2016. Evaluation of anticancer, antiviral and hepatic protective activities of PMF derived from camel urine. Int. J. Drug Discovery Dev. Peer Rev., 1: 10-22.
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  4. Mahboub, F.A., F.A. Khorshid and A.H.M. Emwas, 2015. The cytotoxic effect of small and large molecules of PMF fraction extracted from camel urine on cancer cells. Br. J. Med. Med. Res., 6: 384-396.
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  5. Khorshid, F.A., S.O. Rabah, H.A. Abuaraki, A.S. Ali, S.O. Noor and H. Alkabkaby, 2015. Safety of oral administration of PMF a fraction derived from camel urine: Acute study on mice. Int. J. Emerg. Technol. Adv. Eng., 5: 365-370.
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  6. Ahmed, G.A.R., F.A. Khorshid, A. Khedr, S.M. El-Hamidy and N.A. Salah, 2015. The effect of PMF camel urine nanoparticles on A549 cells: The mechanism of action and drug delivery. Life Sci. J., 12: 63-75.
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  7. Jannah, H., A.S. Ali, M.M. Efat and F. Khorshid, 2013. An ointment contains PMF showed promising results for treatment of PSORIASIS in human. Int. J. Med. Applied Sci., 2: 15-20.
  8. Alghamdi, Z. and F. Khorshid, 2012. Cytotoxicity of the urine of different camel breeds on the proliferation of lung cancer cells, A549. J. Nat. Sci. Res., 2: 9-16.
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  9. Qusti, S., N. Elsawi, A. Abo-Khatwa, W. Aldajadani and F. Khorshid, 2011. Assessment of roridin a mycotoxin on serum protein and genotoxicity of male mice liver. J. Int. Environ. Appl. Sci., 6: 106-115.
  10. Khorshid, F.A., S.A. Rahimaldeen and J.S. Al-Amri, 2011. Apoptosis study on the effect of PMF on different cancer cells. Int. J. Biol. Chem., 5: 150-155.
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  11. Khorshid, F.A., 2011. The cytotoxic effect of PM 701 and its fractions on cell proliferation of breast cancer cells, MCF7. Am. J. Drug Discovery Dev., 1: 200-208.
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  12. Mahboub, F.A. and F.A. Khorshid, 2010. The role of green tea extract on the proliferation of human ovarian cancer cells (in vitro) study. Int. J. Cancer Res., 6: 78-88.
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  13. Khorshid, F., S.S. Ali, T. Alsofyani and H. Albar, 2010. Plectranthus tenuiflorus (Shara) promotes wound healing: In vitro and in vivo studies. Int. J. Bot., 6: 69-80.
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  14. Khorshid, F., H. Alshazly, A. Al Jefery and A.M.M. Osman, 2010. Dose escalation phase I study in healthy volunteers to evaluate the safety of a natural product PM701. J. Pharmacol. Toxicol., 5: 91-97.
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  15. El-Shahawy, A., N.M. Elsawi, W.S. Baker, F. Khorshid and N.S. Geweely, 2010. Spectral analysis, molecular orbital calculations and antimicrobial activity of PMF-G fraction extracted from PM-701. Int. J. Pharma Biosci., 1: 1-19.
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  16. Ahmed, G.A., F.A. Khorshid and T.A. Kumosani, 2010. FT-IR spectroscopy of A549 cells treated with PMF: Structural changes in DNA and cell membrane. J. Thoracic Oncol., 5: 46S-46S.
  17. Khorshid, F.A., A.A.M. Osman and E. Abdul-Sattar, 2009. Cytotoxicity of bioactive fractions from PM 701. EJEAFChe, 8: 1091-1098.
  18. Khorshid, F.A., 2009. Potential anticancer natural product against human lung cancer cells. Trends Med. Res., 4: 8-15.
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  19. AbdelKader, W.M., M.M. Hagras, F.A. Khorshid, S.H. Gayed and E.A. Nakshabandi, 2009. Study of therapeutic effect of chenopodium ambrosioides on chemotherapy include stomatitis: Experimental and applied study. Alexandria J. Pediatrics, 23: 177-185.
  20. Raouf, G.A., F.A. Khorshid and T. Kumosani, 2008. FT-IR spectroscopy as a tool for identification of apoptosis-induced structural changes in A549 cells dry samples treated with PM 701. Int. J. Nano Biomater., 2: 396-408.
  21. Khorshid, F.A., 2008. Preclinical evaluation of PM 701 in experimental animals. Int. J. Pharmacol., 4: 443-451.
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  22. Khorsid, F.A., 2007. Morphometery and tissue engineering studies of Keloidal cells. Asian J. Cell Biol., 2: 54-64.
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  23. Moshref, S.S., F.A. Khorshid and Y. Jamal, 2006. The effect of PM 701 on mice leukemic cells: I-tissue culture study of L1210 (in vitro) II-in vivo study on mice. JKAU: Med. Sci., 13: 3-19.
  24. Khorshid, F.A. and S.S. Moshref, 2006. In vitro anticancer agent, I-tissue culture study of human lung cancer cells A549 II-tissue culture study of mice leukemia cells L1210. Int. J. Cancer Res., 2: 330-344.
  25. Khoorshid, F.A., 2006. Tissue culture and histological study of abnormal wound healing in human (Keloid) preliminary study in Saudi Region. KASR EI Aini Med. J., 12: 123-135.
  26. Khorshid, F.A., S.S. Mosherf and N.M. Tawfiq, 2005. An ideal selective anticancer agent in vitro, I-tissue culture study of human lung cancer cells A549. JKAU- Med. Sci., 12: 3-19.
  27. Khorshid, F.A., 2005. Comparative study of keloid formation in humans and laboratory animals. Med. Sci. Monit., 11: 212-219.
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  28. Khorshid, F.A., 2004. The role of zinc in normal structure of heatocytes. Al-Azhar Med. J., 25: 1211-1233.