Dr. Huda  Omer  Basaleem

Dr. Huda Omer Basaleem

Associate Professor
University of Aden, Yemen

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Community Health from National University of Malaysia, Malaysia

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Huda BaSaleem, M.B.Ch.B (Yemen), MPH (Public Health-Egypt), PhD (Family Health-Malaysia), Diploma in International Child & Youth Care for Development, (Victoria University, Canada). Public health and community medicine consultant. Currently, she is the Head, and Associate Prof, Dept. of Community Medicine, and Director of Aden Cancer Registry and Research Center, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Aden University and Coordinator of Arab Board in Community Medicine, Yemeni Council of Medical Specialization.
- UNISCO Country Focal Point and Advisory Board Member of the Bioethics Network on Women`s Issues in the Arab Region (BiNWIAR).
- WHO expert for Advising Eastern Mediterranean Countries on Non Communicable Diseases Surveillance and a member of Network of Regional Experts.
- A member of the Scientific Board of the Center for Ethics of Science and Technology, Aden University (Funded by CRDF Global, USA).
- Member in a project for the Development of Certificate Program in Bioethics for Yemeni Clinicians, Researchers and Policy Makers (Funded by Georgetown University, USA).
- OWSD Executive Board Member (Organization for Women in Science for the Development).
- Secretary General of the Yemeni Women Association for Science and Technology (OWSD National Chapter in Yemen).
- A member of the Administrative Board of Women Center for Research and Training, Aden University.
- Committee Member and facilitators in the international educational activities of the National Academies of Science (NAS)-USA, titled "Educational Institute on Responsible Science.
- Editorial board member of the Saudi Medical Journal, International Reviewer Panel of Medical Science Monitor (USA), American Journal of Food and Nutrition (USA), Journal of Infectious Diseases and Therapeutics (Pakistan), Hadramout Medical Journal.
- Received number of awards and distinction one of them is the 2013 Elsevier-TWAS-OWSD Award in Life Silences for early career Women Scientists in the Developing world as representative of Arab region and 2014 Award of Best Doctor for their Fight for Better World in the Arab World”.
- Areas of research interest: Public health, nutrition, women and child health, women empowerment, cancer control particularly reproductive cancer. She is taking part in a regional research network in the MENA region called GRACE (Gender research for empowering women in information, communication, technology for development-ICT4D) and contributed in writing chapter No. 1 titled “Healthy women, healthy society: ICT and the need for women’s empowerment in Yemen in the book “Women and ICT in Africa and the Middle East”.
- -Performed several consultancies (principal investigator) for the UNICEF, World Bank, EU, and Foundation for Future and the United Nation Higher Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
- Has many articles published in regional and international peer reviewed journals.
- A trainer in community medicine in the Arab Board of Medical Specialization. Bioethics, Research Methodology, Biostatistics, cancer control/prevention, health curricula designing and evaluation, early childhood development (ECD), women health and health/nutrition education.
- Member in important scientific and professional organizations including:
• International Epidemiological Association (IEA), USA.
• Organization for Women in Science for the Development (OWSD), Italy.
• Asian Cancer Registries Network, Japan
• Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network (EMPHNET), Jordan.
• Arab Union for Specialized Women, Egypt
• Yemeni Society for Cancer Control.
• Board of Trustees in the National Cancer Control Foundation.
• Yemeni Society for Consumer Protection
• Yemeni Society of Public Health.
• National Scientific Committee to develop Nutrition Curricula in the Yemeni Universities.

Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences
Non Communicable Diseases
Prevention and Control
Reproductive Health

Selected Publications

  1. Bassaleem, H., 2016. Community development through women empowerment and utilization of literacy and vocational skills services of an educational project, Khammer, Amran, Yemen. Int. Educ. Res. J., 1: 127-134.
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  3. Alshakka, M., H. Bassaleem, K. Alsakkaf, M. Mokhtar and M. Alshagga et al., 2016. Knowledge and perception towards pharmacovigilance among healthcare professionals in tertiary care teaching hospital in Aden, Yemen. J. Pharm. Pract. Commun. Med., 2: 20-27.
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